13 Tips To Increase Email Open Rates – Secrets Behind Email Marketing

13 Tips To Increase Email Open Rates - Secrets Behind Email Marketing

Email is known as one of the most essential method of communicating with businesses. And email marketing is one of the important and effective part that can engage customers easily.

In a research it has been stated that almost 97% of small business go through email marketing to keep in touch with their customers. It works almost similar to other marketing enterprises which uses a strategy to attract audience. And when this method works effectively then it is one of the best cost-effective marketing platform.

Though email content is important but making people open your email is also important and this is not an easy task to do. You might don’t know but for every dollar which is spent on email marketing, in that the brands make $41 in sales.

When your main aim is to make your users open your mail, then this might be the most difficult situation. Among 100 percent, 73 percent of users even don’t open your email. You have to stay tuned on rest 23 percent. You will be shocked to hear that around 55 percent of your customers even don’t read their emails on daily basis.

It completely means that if you have a target to send 1,000 emails to subscribers then assume that 550 of them will not open your email. If this is the fact then it completely means:

  • There will be less signups for your content
  • Less click-through from sales email to sales pages
  • There will less social media sharing for your brand

So if you want to increase your open rates of email then you have to do something unique so that customers can click on your message. Keeping this in mind will open all your emails within first six hours of delivery. But as all emails pile up and shuffle, make sure yours don’t get lost in the middle.

When your email is opened, make sure you have the power to attract your customer by providing valued information such as some image or promotional offers. Have the power to know what your customers want and tell your story in an exceptional way. Remember, first impression is the last impression so do something extra so that your customers don’t go away without reading your each and every mail you send.

What is Open Rate and how it is calculated?


Before going for any method of how to engage customers to your email, you should know about open rate. This is the percentage of number of recipients who have opened your mail. In other words, it will tell you the number of subscribers that actually love your content which you have send them.

This is calculated as:

Open rate = Number of Emails Opened / Number of Emails Sent – Ones that Bounced.

You should know that marketing is a way to get approach towards success. When your emails are not opened then you cannot assume about the conversion blindly. Therefore if you are facing issue in low open rates than you should follow the strategies mentioned here to boost your open rates and also improve your deliverability.

No matter what the size of your email marketing list, just make sure to apply these methods and get a boost to your email marketing.

13 Best Ways to keep your Customers clicking:

1. Make an appealing Subject Line


Have you ever thought what the email recipient look for before opening any email? They look for the subject line, means the title you have made for them. This is the first thing that every customer looks for. And this is the only thing which can engage customers to view your emails otherwise it will simply go to trash. You should always focus on your title which should be casual and personal. Some of the tricks which can help you to make an engaging title are:

  • Make your title in such a way so that it can state what you want to say on your mail. Give clue to your subscribers and make them interested to open it.
  • Can use a joke, conversational or a fun tone in the title
  • Try to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less so that your title can attract users
  • You can insert numbers. This is because numbers has a unique power to grab attention of users

2. Don’t make your list repeated


Do you have such subscribers who always want to hear something new from you?

You should not forget that those subscribers who are engaged with you, they should get email consistently and never go flat. But there sometimes occur where email subscribers go out-of-date. This is because some have changed their email id or maybe they don’t have any interest on your brands now anymore.

Therefore don’t get bored and make your list fresh. To make your list fresh, you can remove those subscribers who are inactive. This can be anyone who is not involved in any email from last 6+ months. But one thing to remind is that before your remove all the inactive subscribers, make one more try to re-engage them.

3. Make use of correct language


Whenever you send your mail to your subscribers, don’t use “Do Not Reply” language. Using this on your email look awkward and there is a chance that no user will engage to your content. Let us assume that you are in a business with a company but it states that “Don’t Contact me if you face any problem”. Would you like to do business with that company?

The same thing can happen if you don’t avoid such message to your subscribers. If your focus is to just sell the product and nothing else then you cannot give a rise and you will fail completely. Furthermore, already subscribed users will also unsubscribe. So keep in mind to send valuable content every time you send to your subscribers. This can make a better response rate and more and more subscribers will engage. Don’t forget to keep a way for your customers to contact you in need. Also make set of replies in advance to a redirected email address so that subscribers can get feedback of their responses.

4. Just forget Spam Filters


Though the spam filters are in use from many years but still they are not able to give their best. This is seen when one of your email get caught in spam folder without any reason. Therefore if you really want to make your email marketing reach the high level, you have to do all those things which can stop your mail from being flagged as spam.

Some of the tips are given which will help you to avoid your mail from falling into spam folders:

  • Always send your content from good IP address, means that IP address which is not been used in past by other to send spam
  • Personalize them by using merge tags “To” on your campaign
  • Ensure every recipients have selected to receive your emails
  • Don’t use “salesy” language too much like “clearance”, “cash”, “buy” etc.
  • Don’t make your email seems like a brochure
  • Give subscribers an easy method to opt-out of your emails

5. Find your Best Time


Timing can have a high effect on your email marketing and you can know whether or not subscribers open your email. So before sending any email to your subscribers, just think about the time and day. Timing is not a difficult task but it requires common sense.

If you are sending emails early in the morning then it can be risky as your mail will get lost with other emails. Sending in the late afternoon may also put you in doubt because at this time, users may see it but don’t read it. Again it will go to the morning where your mail will get lost.

Therefore you should try to match up with your subscriber’s time. May be they see it at lunch or break hours. This will be helpful for those who are running their campaign on B2C method. For B2B campaign, better to send emails in the morning hours around 7 or 8 or in the afternoon. Even you can try some A and B testing only when your email marketing allows different time frames to test.

6. Always give good content to subscribers


When your mail is opened by any subscriber, it means what you have expected is finally done. But what subscriber will look in the mail? They will look for good and quality content. If they get some interesting, informative and engaging emails then its sure your open rates will high. This will affect your future response as those subscribers will come again for some interesting content.

On the other hand if your content is not good and what information you are providing, they are getting the same somewhere else then this may displeased them and probably a chance to send your email in trash bin. Moreover, subscribers may unsubscribe and nothing will go on your way.

So without wasting any time, make your content simple and attractive. Whatever you send to your subscribers every time, make sure to deliver something new. Remember, if you will give valuable content then it’s obvious your subscribers will become more loyal and this will increase your open rates.

7. Make mobile responsive emails


If you are sending emails to your subscribers and they are not compatible with mobile devices then you can be in trouble. It is estimated that almost 74-75 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices and if the mail you have sent does not open then it can go directly to trash bin.

So you need to be sure your emails load immediately on mobile devices and users can easily read it. Keep in mind that when your email opens well in mobile devices that means your open rates will improve. So create mobile friendly emails and also don’t forget to test on different devices before you send them to your subscribers.

You will be amazed to hear that over two-thirds emails are opened on mobile. To increase your open rates, optimize it properly. You should know that:

  • About 75 percent of user use their mobile devices to check Gmail
  • Emails are opened about 16.81 percent on tablet
  • 48 percent of all emails are opened on smartphones

8. Show message from a person but not from company


You should have clear focus on why your subscribers should click on your email. But more importantly, you should also know that whom you are sending email, they should know you properly. If your email is marked as from company then make sure it will be deleted immediately. If your recipient is getting an email from an actual individual then that email becomes more personal and also have a high chance to get opened.

Note– Everyone wants to ignore any message that comes on their email by giving any unknown reason. They don’t get any reason to read them. But this can completely change if you plea your recipient on personal level. This will give you better result and chance of opening an email will increase.

9. Check YOU’RE content properly (Proofread)


This is one of the important part of how to improve your email open rate. Never forget to do proofreading before sending email to your recipient. This should repeated several times because there are many emails which contains poor grammar, spelling mistakes and some other kind of issues. Such problems can stop your mail to open or even goes on “Trash” folder.

So it is very important to properly check your content before sending to anyone. This can put a great impact on them which will better judge you whenever you try to send mail next time. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes both can put you in trouble and can cost a big deal.

10. Do segmentation of your list properly


There is one way by which you can keep your recipient open your email or stay on it and that is by segmenting a list. When your recipient think whether or not to open an email, they also look whether the email is relevant to them or not. So keeping this in mind, do a list of segmentation which differs by purchase, industry or time from last interaction.

Some of the best ways by which you can segment your subscribers are:

  • Industry
  • Purchase
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Age
  • interest

If you are not doing any segmentation for your subscribers then you cannot propose any relevant topic to your audience. So properly segment your list, offer them some exceptional content which fulfills their wish. If this is done properly then you can send quality content with highly focused topics and easily improve open rates of your email.

11. Use some humor on your mail


You might don’t know but humor can make a strong connection with your subscribers. If you put humor on your content then it can make your work easier as it’s all about entertainment as well as personal and not easily forgettable.

For this, it is not necessary for you to be a funny person. And not always this trick goes right because in a small email, you have to look for many things. So it is easy for you to put some funniness on your email and this will completely make a picture on your mind about your subscribers actually what they like. Knowing their like and dislikes can be a huge benefit as you can catch them with some interesting topic they want from you.

12. Can attach a video


Many of you might don’t know that video can also play an important role on your open rate. If you add video on your email relevant to the subject line then it can really have a blast. Inserting video showed 28 percent increase in click-through. In fact nowadays, video email marketing is on growth and it has 280 percent high chance to return compared to normal emails. So try this option and attract your audience to click on it.

13. Do split testing


What do you expect from your subscribers? It’s obvious that the first priority is to make recipient open your email. For that don’t send the same format email every time, rather do some variations on subject line, call to action, body text and also on the design of email. Do these changes and send the same message of different variations from your list.

This process can give you an approx. how your subscribers react with it. You can clearly see the difference and if there is no such changes then you can get some other variations on your email. All required is the conversion. If mail is opened then they will look for what they wanted. So try to make quality subject line and this will help you to judge overall campaign and if required then how to improve it. If not getting enough result then there is nothing to experiment with different styles of emails.

Therefore, in order to increase the open rates and your customers open your email, you are provided with the best tips mentioned above. But in order to do that, you need some tool which can help you in the process. Good news is that here you are also provided with some of the best tools that will help you to better engage with your customers and also increase your email open rates. They includes:


AWeber is known as one of the best email marketing tool that provide users with lots of benefits. It helps to deliver personalized email to all the targeted customers in an easy way.

With the use of this tool, user can build a strong relationship with their existing clients. Simply, it makes communication and commitment better than before. To know more about Aweber, Read Here.


MailChimp is an email marketing service that provides marketing automation for ecommerce. It provide users with perfect plans to execute.

This is beneficial in creating email marketing. It helps to build email marketing campaign for small business and also provides easy way to contact with clients.

This is one of the best way to get started with email marketing. For more information on MailChimp, Click Here.


ActiveCampaign is known for its simple and powerful email marketing. This is good for small and mid-sized business as it helps to create professional emails along with building a good relationship and tracking the entire campaign of email marketing.

It has a user-friendly interface and can help users to grow constantly. Read More about ActiveCampaign Here.


Ontraport is also one of the marketing platform which provides sufficient advantage to all small business and entrepreneurs.

This proves great while building a business that is completely based on online programs. So it is also known as one of the best secrets of marketing automation. Get more about Ontraport Here.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is known for its best marketing platform that is easily suitable for small size businesses. It creates content which is another benefit to bring new contacts to your business.

This is easy to use and helps by separating all emails which is already sent and make a list which can be used later on. Find more about Constant Contact Here.

Final words


Email marketing requires continuous optimization if you want to improve it. For that you have to try several latest techniques and approaches so that you can completely know how to deal with it. Always try to give your subscribers some unique and new content. Many times you will fail to attract your subscribers and your mail will go to trash. But no need to get depressed about all those, try to put variations on your email so that recipient can get something new and according to their wish.

Regularly test your subscribers with email, know what actually they like and what they want from you. Be more creative and always make your subject line eye-catching. This will help you to engage more recipients in cost effective manner and at the same time your bottom line will increase, hence your email open rates will improve.