Learn How B2B Marketers Can Improve Conversion with Heatmaps!

Improve Conversion with Heatmaps

Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing is really tough as this presents unique challenges.

Well, this is something that is not faced when you are marketing to consumers.

Businesses take time for careful evaluation of each and every product or service for a possible return on investment.

Therefore to make out most of your company’s inbound marketing challenges and assure B2B marketing campaigns successfully,

This is important to fully optimize each page on your website to maximize lead conversion and increase revenue.

Because every single lead COUNTS!

Here check out the differences between B2B and B2C landing page and website optimization.

B2B VS B2C Landing Page and Website Optimization:

Many B2B marketers are inclined to utilize the same marketing strategies for the website optimization just like the B2C marketers.

Though the main aim of both the marketing is to convert leads, there are some prime differences between both that should be taken into account:

  • Traffic Volume – Several B2B companies generally have low traffic as compared to B2C. This makes each possible lead much more valuable. And as a result, B2B conversion funnels need to be more specific and accurate. Must take into account consumers every move makes within the funnel.
  • Purchase Cycles – B2B purchasing series tend to be long as compared to B2C. As the B2B customers commonly have to deal with the long list of command, and they might delay the process whereas B2C customers make the fast decision for purchasing a product as per their requirement to satisfy the needs.
  • Content Details –  In a recent study it is stated that nearly 85 % of B2B landing page content is fixed on the brand story and thought leadership while the B2C content prime focus is on social sharing, generating more traffic and create engaging user content forgathering the attention of the customers.
  • Customer Motivation – The B2B consumers often haunt for value in the form of proficiency and as well look for the services/products that provide profit to their business. And on the other hand, B2C consumers search for discounts and deals.

Well, this is how B2B marketing tactic is different from the B2C marketing efforts.

Many B2B marketers make their marketing efforts just same as the one used in the B2C marketing. And make use of the methods like CTA, A/B testing and forms to improve their activities.

And, this is meant as the long testing periods, low traffic and searches are because they can’t collect the right information and perfect conclusions.

This not only lowers the traffic but also client behaves different, so the B2B optimization process should be different from B2C.

Fortunately, there are many tools that help the B2B clients to find out a particular approach.

 And for website optimization, there is nothing best than heatmaps.

Some of the best tracking tools that you can try to optimize conversion easily are Crazy Egg, ClickTale, Inspectlet, Hoverowl, and Smartlook.

Heatmap Optimization: How this Helps in Conversions?

Heatmaps are remarkable features and proved best for the B2B conversion funnels.

This is very useful for the B2B marketers to get exact information and form definitive conclusions about the conversion rates and performance of the landing page.

The heatmap optimization could be utilized for providing useful data to make the website design better. And as well develop other elements of the landing page for better conversions.

Types of heatmaps:

Well, depending on what you are trying to track, you can utilize certain types of heatmaps on your website. Here check out few popular ones:

  • Mouse-movement heatmap – This heatmap keeps a check on the user’s mouse movement and then represent visual data over the page. This discloses the pattern behind how the users read and find out the page.
  • Scroll heatmap – the Scroll maps just like its name disclose the scrolling pattern of the users (such as where the users scroll to your page and where they leave it.) This works by dividing the web page into various folds. And by making use of this heatmap, you can see what fold the user was concerned in your content.
  • Click heatmap – Click maps reveals where your users are clicking or not clicking on a particular page. With the help of this, you can remove the interruptions on the page to streamline the user experience.

Well, these are some of the popular heatmaps that you can utilize to increase your B2B marketing leads.

Try HotJarthis is a powerful tool that helps the webmasters to analyze the traffic of a website in a perfect manner.

Utilize Heatmap Optimization for Improve B2B Landing Page

Heatmaps are an incredible way to understand the user behaviour on landing pages. This helps the supply marketers with the quality as well quantitative data.

You can also get the visual representation of the B2B conversion funnels. With the help of this, you can understand importantly the metrics about the audience and most probably page performance.

So, here I have discussed some of the effective optimization processes for improving B2B landing page.

Here comes the first one…

1. Know How Visitors Interact with Content

Very firstly it is important to know how visitors interact with your content.

So, this is the time to answer the question – Is your landing page content performing?

Mouse-movement and click heatmaps are principally used to offer strong data on how the visitors move through your landing page.

You can opt for MouseStats,  with the help of this you can track which part of your webpage distracts visitors, which picture attracts more attention of your visitors, what link not working, in which part you need to focus upon and much more.

Well, you can also go for the scroll heatmaps to discover how involved your readers are in your content.

If your visitors are not going to the page bottom, then this is the time to make some changes.

Just go back to the subject matter, page structure or add media for keep them scrolling till the bottom.

2. Optimize CTA Efficiency

Every call-to-action organized on the webpage commonly has its own conversion goal.

And it is important to assure each one is receiving the deserved attention from the user.

So to accomplish this effectively you can utilize the click heatmaps.

This will help you to assess the success of your CTAs and whether your visitors are clicking on them.

You can also merge then with the A/b testing, to achieve the customer’s insight for maximizing different user’s elements (such as button placements and designs) and increasing conversion rates.

3. Make your Design Decisions Smart

The layout and landing page look also plays an important role in grabbing the attention of the users.

The overall look of the landing page also has the significant effect on the conversions.

So, these days the main challenge is to create conversion-optimized landing pages for happier users and higher profits.

Heatmap optimization helps you to recognize various design elements on the pages that might not convert well.

And you can then consider if you need to replace them or delete them from the page completely.

4. Reduce Rejection of the Form

Is there any form on your landing page?

And if the users won’t appear to be relating to them or taking more time to complete them, or are not engaging anymore?

Then utilize the heatmaps to check out the problematic areas on the online forms.

And implement them, to get remarkable conversion

5. Last but Not the Least: Implement

I guess by now you all must have understood very well how important it is to use Heatmaps.

And there are many fantastic tools that help the marketers to understand the user’s behaviour in a better way.

You can also analyze data and get the valuable landing page optimization insight as well establish conversion tactic.


Well, I tried my best to put together the complete information about heatmaps and how it can be utilized for website optimization.

The B2B marketers can utilize it and bet remarkably improved conversions

So, what are you waiting for, turn your heatmap optimization metrics into dominant business intelligence and get conversions like never before!

Good Luck!!!