Illustrated aHrefs Review: The Most Accurate Link Checker

aHrefs review

aHrefs: Introduction

aHrefs is the best tool that does an enormous job of showing the social as well as backlinks analysis. It comes with amazing accuracy and provides the freshest and actual backlinks data to the customers.

It offers some best useful tools for easily analyzing your site’s backlinks and the sites of the competitors. aHrefs has its own crawler for indexing pages, which updates every 15 minutes and has an index of 12 trillion known links. Besides this here the user can follow entire latest inclination in the fields of SEM and SEO.

To help you recognize how competitor research can help you find new opportunities, this review will walk you through all of aHrefs features and why you should use this tool. And if you’re serious about marketing, you are going to learn a lot from this review. Enjoy!

aHrefs is a complete suite of social media and SEO tools that assist in understanding your competitors’ and your own content better. This is having many amazing tools that hold their own specification that we discuss later.  It is beneficial in many ways and by adding the domain to the dashboard; one can get various benefits like:

  • The Domain Health Report with detailed crucial and minor issues for a domain. And by fixing the issues user can noticeably improve their SEO;
  • The Crawl Report informs about how user site is performing from a search engine robot’s perception and what one can do to prevent it from ranking well
  • A user can set up regular, weekly or monthly alerts for the latest and lost backlinks, latest keywords, mentions, and also new problems;
  • With the help of aHrefs tool, user can add keywords and also track their position  with time;
  • The user can also upload the list of rejected links to aHrefs and it will conceal those links from the reports.

aHrefs is superlative among several tools and vital for any SEO ever since it gives new facts for link building and analyzing content, social ranking/ratings, charts & graphs for visual representation and much more.

aHrefs: What it Offers?

aHrefs offers great and useful tools, that are beneficial for the user in many ways, here follow the list of the tools:

  1. Site Explorer
  2. Content Explorer
  3. Keywords Explorer
  4. Alerts
  5. Rank Tracker
  6. Domain Comparison
  7. Batch Analysis
  8. Link Intersect
  9. SEO Toolbar

Let Me to the aHrefs’s Official Website

aHrefs: Detailed Features

1.Site Explorer: This handy tool will help the user to easily analyze site’s backlinks profile and competitor’s sites. With the aHrefs’ Site, Explorer user can go deep to look at the backlink profit and search traffic to any website or URL.


aHrefs controls the world’s biggest index of live backlinks (over 15 trillion links) and this makes the Site Explorer the most powerful backlink checker tool in the industry.

The aHrefs’ Site Explorer is combined with three powerful SEO tools in one interface:

  • Backlink Checker tool

  • Organic Traffic Research tool

  • Paid Traffic Research tool

Content Explorer: This is an amazing tool for the copywriters and content marketers. Only the user needs to put any keyword (or website) into this tool and they will get the entire list of most popular articles based on how many social shares and backlinks they have got.

This arranges the links in a number of backlinks, organic traffic and social shares and much more. And as the user find the piece of desired content, they can go deeper into it without leaving the tool by clicking on the “Details” button for quick access to the reports. And can also browse the articles that were published last month and can even see the top posts from last year juts by filtering the search results by date.


The aHrefs’ Content Explorer is combined with five powerful SEO tools in one interface:

  • Charts
  • Backlinks
  • Referring Domain
  • Anchors
  • Organic keywords


Keywords Explorer: This is the latest tool added by aHrefs, so there are not many updates about this tool. Later, this will be updated.


Alerts: This is the best tool aHrefs tool for keeping an eye on the competitor’s link building activities. This will help the user to get notified of new and lost backlinks, web mentions and keyword rankings. So, by setting up this alerts for any URL user start getting the notification whenever they gain or lose any backlinks. The user can also setup “web mentions” alerts for any keywords that are related to their business.


Rank Tracker: This will let the user track desktop and mobile rankings for any location. This aHrefs rank tracking tool permits the user to track your keyword ranking based on any location that is required. As the user adds the latest keyword into Rank Tracker, this will show the entire history of its position in a graph. It also sends the user regular email reports outlining the entire modification in the keyword rankings.

Domain Comparison: With this tool, the user can compare up to 5 different domains. The user can stack the website against the competitors by comparing SEO metrics equally.

And with the shown report user can quickly identify which competitor backlink profile is stronger and where they need to go deeper. This provides the graph that shows you whether user website is attracting new backlinks faster than the competitors or if the user is losing too many of them over time.


Batch Analysis: This tool is the easiest and quickest way to pull aHrefs backlink metrics for more than hundred individual URLs. The user needs to just paste the list of URLs and this bulk backlink checker will produce a report with the given SEO metrics:


  • aHrefs Rank
  • Domain Rating,
  • number of referring domains,
  • number of backlinks,
  • Social metrics, etc.

The user can play the report in the browser window or export the data into a CSV file and plug it into the tool of their preference.

Link Intersect: This aHrefs’ Link Intersect tool allows the user to easily find sites that are linking to their competitors but not linking to them. This is the best tool discover the missing link opportunities and uncover the linking patterns.


SEO Toolbars: This tool provides the quick access to aHrefs SEO metrics during surfing the web. This provides the user most important SEO metrics for any page visited by the user.

seo toolbar

  • aHrefs Rank,
  • Domain Rating,
  • URL Rating,
  • URL Rating,
  • Number of referring domains,
  • Social metrics.

And the SERP overlay helps the user to get an idea of how strong are the pages that rank for a keyword that user is searching for.


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aHrefs Pros & Cons

Well, this is the best tool for backlink analysis and competitors reviews, and apart from its lots of pros, there are still some cons in this amazing aHrefs tool. Let find out:


  • This is the freshest link crawler.
  • Having the recent updates option,
  • Find new outreach opportunities
  • Getting idea of what topics to cover in new articles


  • Quite expensive.
  • No Free Service
  • A number of sites are blocked specifically from robots.txt.

Why Should I Use this Tool?

Let me tell you why you aHrefs is an awesome tool for searching organic search traffic of the competitors.

Reason 1: Remarkable coverage

At the aHrefs user can collect rankings data for 300 MILLION different keyword searches and that is for the United States alone and this is having 14 more countries in its database. This is much more than any other similar tool has to offer.

Reason 2: Daily progress charts

This is amazing as this update the position on many keywords in the database on regular basis, and also builds the accurate graph that represents the search visibility of a given website over time. This not only shows the whole website but also can so it for individual URLs

Reason 3: Rank tracking on steroids

The other rank tracking tools shows:

  1. The list of keywords that user want to rank for;
  2. Put them into a rank tracking tool;
  3. The user starts getting daily/weekly updates of where they rank for these specific keywords.

But, this aHrefs tool is amazing this, as this shows the accurate result in the content marketing this will notifies the user of any new keywords that the competitors or the targeted website or URL are ranking for in search. By making use of the aHrefs Alerts section user can get the exact result. This is really amazing and one can user it easily without any doubt.

I want to Go with the aHrefs Free Trial


Well, there are lots of points that make aHrefs tool amazing and stand at the top of the other backlink research tool. This is having many amazing features and every tool is having its own ability to track the backlink of the competitors.

The best thing about this it provides organic traffic results. This is quite expensive but this is superlative among several tools and very important for any SEO ever since it gives new for link building and analyzing, social ranking/ratings, charts & graphs for visual representation and more.