13 Things You Should Know Before Curating An Evergreen Content

everything about evergreen content

No matter whether you are involved in content or commerce, everyone wants more traffic. Do you know that having long-lasting content on your blog is the only boon to traffic? Yes, it is absolutely true. If you have evergreen content on your blog then it will grab more and more traffic to your blog and as a result, a conversion graph will improve a lot.

Maybe you already have an evergreen content on your site but not with an intention to make them evergreen or not. But some people still have doubt about evergreen green and they also don’t know how to make their content evergreen for content marketing. Here, I am going discuss everything about evergreen content, so, do not miss these things to make your content evergreen.

An evergreen content is a piece of content which has a long life and does not expire for s long. Evergreen contents are made to attract people and get more traffic and receive more social shares for a prolonged period.

In content marketing, evergreen content is a buzzword and is considered as a key success factor for content providers. So, let’s start with learning about some must do things to make your content evergreen.

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Things You Should Know Before You Create An Evergreen Content


There are several people who write content and everyone thinks different from each other; maybe if one is ready to write content with the strategy he/she has in mind. But, sometimes the thinking may be little different or very different from each other but both may not give the desired results. So, here, I am going to share some most possible things that can be taken into consideration to make evergreen content that will definitely help you get more traffic.

#1: Stats And Data Build Great Evergreen Contents


If you include the period you are talking about then they keep relevance even after a period of time has gone. It is completely your choice whether you adapt it to the present status or you keep it like that for people who actually look for a reference in the past.

If you are exposing statistics in an appropriate context then it is very useful in itself because it also helps your audience to know the perspective instead of a situation of relevancy. You should give your readers a complete data or information about any specific things they need to know.

When it comes to statistics, it may be possible that you may think that your figures and numbers are not relevant to the people around you but you may be wrong at this time. The capacity you can show to your audience gives a specific difference. If you think that there are some shared aspects of the content then you should definitely share them.

The effort you give to make content just doesn’t mean professional research that may take days but it also means presenting your information in a particular manner that engages your audience. No matter how boring your content is, the “statistics and data” is the evergreen topic that always allows you to generate content ideas.

#2: The History Of Something


If you contextualize your article in such a way that makes it relevant to your target then it creates exceptional content that will definitely bring more traffic.

Here, the definition of exceptional content lies around the relevant information to make it memorable and remarkable instead of trying to fill out the article or blog with superlatives just to make it fancy.

When you get to know your audience’s niche it is not so hard to keep them engage and interested in the history of something they already like. You can also take help of Scribendi tool to avoid any grammatical mistakes and make your content properly.

#3: Beginner’s Guides – Simple Yet Effective Evergreen Content Idea


Here, you will not get the step by step tutorial on how to create the ultimate guide. The main objective of defining this topic is to help you understand that guides are another tactic to build evergreen content.

Beginner’s guides are generally built with an ease. They will always be relevant in a few years. Yes, the web is as volatile as it gets and any content writing will advise you to never compromise quality over anything before any other lesson.

There is an undeniable advantage of more interest – the more general the topic in question, the higher the interest rate of reading that.

The less specific topics cover a broader audience unlike a specific topic attracts a small but constant flow of readers which also comes in constant flow.

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#4: Pros And Cons Of Something


We used to think that whatever decisions we take is always right but is actually not. It turns out that all our decisions are based on emotional resources which can be exploited easily in listing popular opinions as pros and cons.

Besides helping people to make decisions, this is an important resource for documenting a topic that is on everybody’s mind.

If you explain the pros and cons of anything in your blog then it will help your users to know both the side; good and bad of that specific topic and this makes your content evergreen.

#5: Refresh And Update Old Content – How Old Stays Fresh

refresh old content

Sometimes it is quite hard to let a great article go. When you work so harder on it, you get more feel that it is unfair how no one opens it in last few months. But, if it ever happens to you then do not worry because old content can be recycled and updated.

There is a great advantage of creating a deeper perspective as it is already been documented once. Whenever you update a valuable content, the informational value increases. This is true that you don’t do this because of emotions connected to it but because you ask yourself what should be there in an article that keeps your audience interested in reading.

So, try to document your old content and refresh and update them accordingly and make sure it doesn’t lose its relevancy.

#6: Rethink A Common Viewpoint


Our world is a huge confirmation bias. Whatever you try to say is a lot better received by an audience if it confirms their previous theories.

While stating any fact that all agree with, can go unobserved which also states that the opposite will be seen as an outrageous act that can create buzz.

There is nothing wrong if there is a more powerful approach to state the importance of what you are about to expose.

There is a clear point between not taking any common misconception for doubting and granted everything that is common sense. So, before adding anything new to your content, make sure that your arguments have to be significantly more powerful because you are trying to change an opinion instead of confirming.

#7: Lists – A Classic Evergreen Content Idea


Lists don’t have to be so long but they have to be exhaustive. If you have decided to hit enter 20 times then it would be informative to include everything your audience needs to know.

The most important idea of reading is to answer all the possible questions of the audiences. If you are doing a very good job for your content then people will not only read the blogs once but also they will come again remembering what a good source of information you have mentioned. In the listing, you can also give complete exhaustive information and gather more traffic.

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#8: Curate Content Without Using Content Creation

curate content

While trying to better understand a domain, people often get lost in the uproar of information. There is no wonder why curating content is the most solid sources of evergreen content.

It is quite easy to access and it is already systematized that gives a general sense of direction to the audiences who lands on your page. But the most outstanding quality of this type of article is that it is quite easy to follow.

This perspective of content writing ways makes really an illustrative example for content marketers. Also, while curating content, you can take help of Grammarly tool to avoid any grammatical mistakes.

#9: Reference Books In Your Content

reference a book

No one starts writing a blog or article without seeing somewhere. So, don’t be shy to share what remarkable reads gave you perspective. Book recommendations don’t have to be exhaustive, unlike lists.

There is neither universal recipe for this nor are there sets of books that guarantee performance. So, don’t feel shy to share with your audience what you have gained and helped you so much along the way.

Also, you can focus on outlining what those reads had done in completing your content or fixing a point of development that will give you details about.

#10: Strategies For Common Problems


Let us assume that your strategies refer to a large area rather than a niche. This approach of yours would work best when you provide well documented and detailed problems.

Practical and effective strategies attract people regardless of the time frame but you should be very specific about the execution of each and every step you are suggesting.

If you give a solution to general issues based on your industry establishes a more manageable connection between you and your public.

Embedding the core values in the execution of the content makes your whole approach recognizable and specific and thus makes it evergreen content.

#11: Optimize For SEO


Effective content marketing is a key to modern SEO. Once you have decided your keyword then do not forget to use SEO best practices for on-page optimization.

  • Do not forget to put your keyword in your title tag. The headline you see on the page is H1 HTML content. You can see at the very top of the browser and is populated by your page’s source code in a meta tag.
  • Add alt text to images because both image naming convention and alt tags help give your page a ranking boost.
  • A site is crawled through a search engine and it is very important to interlink your content to associate it with keywords using anchor texts. Also, you can add external links because it provides trust and relevancy.
  • Google is now moving towards a ranking algorithm that relies more on social media shares than on links. It gives users the ability to share your content with the click of just a button.

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#12: Product Reviews – Long Lasting Content


Generally, reviews are based on any of the two ideas; what an expert in the field believes of certain or what the masses think.

The first idea is always trustworthy just because credibility is built around competence. It tells you a complete story that people will be willing to hear and if among your audience there are some who share your opinion.

The insight of a review of anything; including tools, product or services helps you to build credibility. It is always suggested not to lose touch with the product after the blog or article is published.

So, try to update your reviews from time to time depending on what major changes have been made since your analysis. This not only helps your audience to understand the review better and rank it in a higher position but it also boosts your images. You can also take help of Editorr tool to avoid any grammatical mistakes.

#13: Create A How-To Guides


Do you know that how to guides is so great because people can always use a little bit of guidance even if they don’t know it? If you break then answers into easy steps more than halves our problem-solving jobs and as a result, it becomes a great source of evergreen content.

As for example, if you ‘how to’ blog refers to some specific set of any operating system’s version then that may be outdated in a few months. In this case, your how-to guide will be helpful for the audience for hardly one year. So, your blog should contain some more content that addresses another issue then it may be followed by the audience all the time.

So, you should get started with the advanced remarketing which is an evergreen idea that points towards the general direction instead of a how-to guide that may get old. Also, you can repurpose content by creating a mini-series from the ‘how-to guides’ content idea. Doing so is a smart idea as it takes less time and it can be applied to content that is already generating traffic a lot.

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Wrap Up

Success in content writing is everything about getting the greatest value for the initial investment and content that used to earn value indefinitely the way of investment.

Having evergreen content not only generates traffic but also it serves as a starting point to drive more value to your audience.

However, there is no any content strategy recipe that universally applies but you can try some ways to make your content evergreen for your audience. You can try these thirteen ways to make your content evergreen and drive more and more traffic.

I hope all these things will really help you make evergreen content and get double your traffic by putting little effort into your content.