13 Insanely Easy Yet Effective Tips To Increase Your CTR & Get More Ad Clicks

Get More Ad Clicks

Looking to get more Ad clicks? Or your Ads are not performing well? Or how to get more and more clicks?

There are plenty of questions that infiltrate in the mind of PPC pro strugglers.

And undoubtedly there are millions of reasons why ads don’t perform well. However, most probably it comes down by using the right words in the right places.

Well, this is not an exact key and also there is no any shortcut to growing your PPC campaign with just an eye blink.

But, there are few working tips that help you to boost your ROI (Return on Investment).

So, read the article thoroughly to learn a few clever tips to get more ad clicks effectively.

Let’s get started…!

Easy and Effective Tips to Increase Clicks on Ads

Employ the given tips n tricks to increase the CTR on your ads. These are relatively easy and require very fewer efforts and zero frustration.

1. Add Competitors’ Keywords in Headlines

You might be tired of hearing the keyword’s importance. But keywords do matter and it is a key to success.

Keywords are very effective to rank or boost your traffic.

However, the easiest trick to rank for the keywords is considered going after the keywords your direct competitors are using.

Or include the competitors in your ad copy.

This increases the chances of ranking with the particular competitor keyword. Using the competitor’s name in your headline will invite the key audience favorably.

Well, it is a smart trick, and you can use this powerful word in your Ads headlines for FREE.

This is might seem sneaky but highly effective.

Well, if you don’t want to use the same keyword then try AdSpy, here enter the competitor’s website, this will give a list of keywords.

You can quickly scan the good keywords that fit your business and include them in the headlines of the ads.

2. Use all Ad Blocks & Make them Big

Bigger Is Better, Isn’t it !!!

Utilize the entire ad blocks; this will increase the chances of getting more clicks. Using the entire ad spaces can give you a better RPM (Revolutions per Minute).

On your site, you are allowed to make use of the 3 ad blocks and 3 link units for each page.

Also, make it quite bigger and forget to blend it into your content, try to make them clearly visible so that people can’t miss it.

As the people see them they click on it, if there is something they are interested in.

This randomly increases the chances to get more ad clicks.

3. Ads Should Be Related

This is another most important trick that you need to keep in mind before placing the ads.

The ads should be relevant.

It is very important to choose what ads to display on your site, choosing the right ads for your website is a small and easy way to get more clicks.

So to get more clicks on your ads, make sure to choose the right category of ads you want to display on your website.

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4. Time to Change Color

Appearance does matter!!!

In your ad blocks make sure to use the right color scheme, it is noticed that making use of the red links worked much better than that of the blue.

 In a report, it is clearly motioned that red outperforms than any other color.

So, first make the entire links on the site red and after that use the same red color for the Ads.  However, this doesn’t mean you need to use bright red or a maroon color.

Use the sober reddish color so that your site doesn’t look like built-in 1999.

Don’t Miss to track what your competitors are doing, utilize Anstrex, it help you to spy on other competitors. This monitor affiliate campaigns of competitors in your niche.

5. Employ Images & Text

There are some site holders who prefer to use one type of ad rather than image and text-based ads.

However, you should make use of the Text & Image-based ads for increasing the overall CPC.

Well, this doesn’t mean you can see a direct jump in CPC, but with time it pays more clicks than just the text or image or image ad.

So try to compromise both the text and image in your ads to experience more clicks and engagement in no time.

6. Faces are Effective but Sex Matters

Well, you might be thinking how does that’s matter???

But this is not only TRUE but EFFECTIVE as well.

Well in the early ads, just placing a picture showing a little cleavage to get massive clicks works well. However, this has been cracked down these days.

Although placing the right picture face of cute girls that the men can be just appealing.  Especially the Closeups images that seem to be staring straight at the user from the page increase the engagement.

Well, this is biologically inherited years and years of evolution. So, why not try these tactics to get more clicks on Ads.

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7. Utilize Scrolling Ad Block

Have you ever visit a website and see the ad followed you as your scrolled the page down? Well, this is tactics that dramatically increase the CTR and overall RPM.

Now a day’s implementing this is against the Google Policy if the ad block above the post title covered your content if you scroll down.

But placing this in the sidebar, or away from the content on the site is Completely Allowed, or you are allowed to use the scrolling ad block in the sidebar.

So, without any doubt place the scrolling ads in your sidebar to increase clicks on Ads.

This helps me to improve the Sidebar-ad CTR by 150%.

Note – Google does not allow this in their policies, so if you are using this in your content rather than sidebar than use it at your own risk.

8. Ads Placement is Important

Choosing the right place for ad placement is not a rocket science, but this needs some research and data to know where the ad inventory performs best.

Well, the crucial factor determines the size and placement. The large rectangle or 300×250, 336×280, 728×90 for desktop and 320×50, 320×100 for mobile ad block performs better.

It is seen that a large volume of advertisers uses this formats.

And for the placement, the best is use an ad wrapped around the content for enhanced visibility. Well, this works better than hanging it to the right of the first paragraph or under the tile.

So, to more clicks on ads do some research and determine the best place to position your ads.

Opt for WhatRunsWhere, this allows you to discover where competitors are advertising and what type of ads they are using.

9. Talk to your Customers

This is a key to increase your Ads CTR dramatically.

Knowing what your customers want is really effective, so manage to know your customers and start talking to them.

Try to track them down and know their natural environment or exactly their business place. Make sure to learn as much as you can and afterward generate the ads addressing the needs of the targeted audience.

This is a valuable trick to increase the clicks on ads.

10. Show Offer in Headline

Well, this is a direct way to attract the User Attention and force them to click on the ads.

Displaying the offers right in the headlines rather than the description works better.

You might be thinking – HOW???

There are several reasons, let dig out:

  • The main reason the headline of the ads is the first and in some cases the only things the users read.
  • Additionally, the word Free or Discount lights up the human brain and the headlines numbers always perform well.

11. Put the Main Keyword in the URL

This is an insanely useful tip but is underutilized shockingly.

The URL is a part of the ad text and should be utilized however it is often seen the advertisers leave it blank.

One should take advantage of the keyword placement in the display URL, as this will rank first in a search query and the users are more likely to click first on it.

Also, it is analyzed that the ads with the main keyword in display URL’s have remarkably higher CTR than the ads without it.

Why don’t you try Box Of Ads, this tool is best for the beginners to get more engagement and help you track what your competitors are doing.

12. Create a Sense of Urgency with Timers

Creating a sense of urgency especially with timers can go long way to generate enough Fear of Missing Out and get more audience to click on your ads.

So, don’t forget to add a countdown timer.

It is analyzed that the countdown timers attracts more audience and force them to click without any second thought.

You can add this either in the headline or in the description to create a sense of urgency.

This not only increases the CTR but also the conversions higher on traffic from those ads.

And the best thing is it is easy to implement and have great effect under the right circumstances.

So try it out Now…!!

13. Pause Non-Performing Ads

Well, this is Harsh but Fact..!!

Not all the ads are going to win, in fact as per averages, most won’t be.

Well, every ad is optimized with equal efforts but at the end, if it is not performing, it will not perform at all.

If you are not getting any New Customers, then this is time to let the bad ads Go..!

As in Simple Words if the ad is not getting any Love from the targeted audience then this won’t get any love from Google.

As per a report, Google supposes that the ads should obtain a CTR of at least 0.5%, or they suggest a standard average of 2% CTR.

And if you are unable to meet the goal, Google shows your ads less often. In other words, lesser ads visibility means lesser CTR.

So, if your ads are underperforming, it is better to PAUSE Old One and try out a New One.

Don’t Forget to Test!

So, these are the simple tips that you need to implement right now. But, you need to remember that improving the CTR doesn’t happen overnight.

Well, this takes very less time but a lot of trials is needed. Optimizing ads require some skill; start with the basic from researching keywords to studying the audience.

And after that pay close attention to whether you are getting the right traffic or getting the right conversions.

If not then don’t afraid to go back and try something new and different.

Remember your ads will work but they need to be unique and stand out among the competitors. So, follow the tips given one by one and see the difference on your own.

That’s it…