6 Simple Strategies to Create Blog Newsletter Email that Drive More Traffic


Email Marketing is the most reasonable and successful technique to constantly employ customers & other prospects.

But is it that SIMPLE???

Well, I guess I can say “NO”…

Because every email marketer I have talked was ultimately dealing with one PROBLEM…

They are STRUGGLING hard to be consistent in sending emails to their subscribers.

Well, this might sound SILLY but is a BIG ISSUE in Email Marketing field.

Sending emails on a consistent level is very ESSENTIAL.

If you are Not Constant in sending valuable emails, your customers will promptly become DETACHED.

And the DETACHMENT simply leads Unsubscribe, Spam Complaints and as well stop customers from Opening Your Emails.

Isn’t it very SCARY!!!

This is the reason why most of the Successful Businesses, knows the importance of Regularity and send numerous emails Every Month.

So, it is Highly Important to be Regular in Sending Emails and as well the Valuable Content to the subscribers.

Therefore to help out our Email Marketers, today in this article I am going to provide the Reliable Solution.

The one Simple email – The Blog Newsletter Email

Here check out the positive Strategies and Tricks, to create amazing blog newsletter, and as well make the people open and read your emails.


Strategy 1: How to Create an Epic Newsletter

Blog newsletter emails is a very powerful marketing strategy to keep the subscribers engaged and push them for reading and sharing your content.

And the Best is that it can be created just by INVESTING 30 MINUTES!

As you can every time follow the same process and utilize same structure while sending this email.

There is no need to spend your Precious Time on a whole NEW CONCEPT.

The email’s content should be SHORT. And the blog newsletter emails must contain recent blog posts links and also the older and popular or significant blog content.

Well, this is a blog newsletter, so feel FREE to share any of your content in the email, such as videos, courses, webinars and podcast episodes.

And for each piece, write a short outline that interest your customers and get them to Click and Read the post.

For your own blog emails newsletter, I suggest you test the included number of content pieces.

You can discover that your audience reacts well to More or fewer posts in email.

For instance: in one week try three posts and try the fourth the next week, and then compare click-through rates for those two different emails and examine which performed better.

You can opt for SendinBluethis helps you to send newsletter emails, manage transactional emails, and  SMS all-in-one platform.

Strategy 2: Right Email Frequency

In this case, NO any MAGIC works for you, but I’ll provide you with a Solution

Make a Schedule and stick to it.

When you send regular emails (like on Monday morning), your customers know the exact time to expect it from you.

And if they found your content valuable they will look their email for your content.

This is why it is recommended to be CONSISTENT…

And this will simply increase the Email Open and Click through Rates

But the question arises here how frequent you should send your own blog newsletter email?

Well, this is all up to you. As your customers and your business are unique to you.

Just like that, the email sending frequency is also unique to you.

Helpful Article: Learn To Run Proper & Successful Email Marketing Campaigns In 4 Easy Steps

However, the best RULE, you can follow is send emails as frequent as you can send the valuable content without disturbing the subscribers.

Here have a look at three things, you need to consider – Time, Content and Customers

  1. Time: This is very important to set timing and a frequency that works best with your schedule. Well, if you condemned for timing every week, then the best is not to execute daily blog newsletter.
  2. Content: Content plays a very important role and I said above there is no need to create much create. Monthly blog newsletter is the best option for you. Create plenty of content and try sending it to a weekly newsletter.
  3. Audience: Very first consider your customer’s feelings and goals whole establishing the blog newsletter regularity. Well, if you are not sure about it then chooses, sending them a survey and here ask them how often you like to receive your newsletter.

Well, after considering the points, you are clear how often you should send your content to the customers.

But remember at least send the blog newsletter at least once in every month.

If you send it less than that, it might happen your subscriber might forget about you and this can adversely hurt your engagement.

Why don’t you try GetResponse, this is best to increase email subscribers. Also, this is the cheapest and easiest way to run your email campaign.

Strategy 3: What to Do If Not Having the Enough Content

It is survey; it is found that nearly 44% Companies say their biggest challenge is producing enough content

Well, nothing to SURPRISE, Producing worthy content on consistency takes time.

But as it is said – Where There Is Will There Is Way!!!

Implement two simple Tricks and Fix the biggest challenge easily.

  1. Repurpose the content
  2. And Curate the content

Let’s talk about repurposing the content

But before moving further REMEMBER the content you are having on hand is repurposing your earlier content

You can take the past content and repurpose it in a different format. For example, you can turn the blog post into a video, or even repurpose the long blog post into shorter posts.

Also, select the older posts for emails, and make sure you haven’t recently shared it with your customers.

Well, repurposing and resending the content is GREAT Technique, for the new subscribers and even the old one who might have missed the valuable information.

You can try ConvertKit, this email marketing tool is a perfect tool to grow your online business with ease

Now, know about the second trick – Content Curation

Well, content curation is collecting and sharing the appropriate content shared by other people with your customers.

Doing this will make you a trustworthy source of useful information and as well you can position yourself as a Leader.

You can build trust with your customers by sending them beneficial and right stuff content.

This is very helpful if you don’t have time to create content by yourself

Many newsletters are completely curated and even some newsletter merge their brand’s content and curated content written by others.

Well, these are the best tactics if you are not having enough content to send to your audience.

Try this and drive more TRAFFIC to your content.

Strategy 4:  Add Attractive and Free Images to your Newsletter

The visuals are more beneficial in grabbing the attention of the audiences.

And images are the best way to make your blog newsletter Eye-Catching and more Reflective than that of text.

But finding them, good quality images are quite tricks or might be expensive as well.

There are few sites that will help you find HD, free images, try Pexels, Unsplash and StockSnap.io. for using images in your blog newsletter

While selecting the images, use the content related and eye-catching images and get more people click your content.

Try Campaigner is a best suited for beginner, intermediate and professional. It helps small, medium and large businesses strengthen customer relationships and drive sales.

Strategy 5: Select Right Newsletter Email Template

Selecting the right email template is the KEY.

So, it is essential to choose the Right Template that grabs the attention of the users to read and engage with your content.

In your newsletter, the email template you build will impact how people engage with the newsletter.

Selecting the right template make it easy for the people to read and engage with email.

Here check out few things that you need to look for in blog template:

Whitespace: It is important to select a template with whitespace that divides sections of content. Well, breaking the content in this method make your email visually less attractive.

Headlines: Headlines plays a very important role in a blog newsletter template. This attracts the users with the valuable and striking words. So headlines are the important part of a good blog newsletter template.

Call-to-action buttons: Your blog newsletter must contain the call-to-action buttons or hyperlinked text to link off. It is essential because it is found this provides the higher click-through rates.

Try Aweber, this provides the automated professionally designed and personalized emails to the customers and also sends up follow-up emails based on a schedule.

This template is very helpful and here you can add new sections with few clicks and modify the CTA button copy, images, headlines, description and as add your own logo.

Strategy 6: Get Creative with Email Subject Lines.

This is equally important to become Creative with Email Subject Lines.

The attractive, creative subject line raises the chances of the subscriber to sign up for your emails.

Well, many email marketers keep the subject line same each data, week and even month to increase the subscriber’s familiarity.

But this tactic has become OLDER just like your SUBJECT LINES.

So, the BEST approach is, try to have a DIFFERENT, INNOVATIVE, ENGAGING subject line for every newsletter you are sending.

Well, this won’t provide 100% guarantee that your email is opened but raises the chances subscriber will open your email.

The Art to Get More Traffic

So, this is it, the Blog Newsletter Email is the best and simple solution to drive more traffic.

Hope after reading the article, you can now create the blog newsletter more easily.

Try this simple solution and get more people Click Your Content.

Utilize the strategies to grow your email list and increase the open rates and click-through rates.

Also to help you out here I’ve listed some tools, try utilizing them make your work more easily and simply.

Good Luck!!!