13 Killer Tips To Write Content That Drives Insane Traffic & Engagement in 2018

13 Killer Tips To Write Content

Do you know that writing content in a proper manner can provide you a perfect boost to traffic? As per the research, it has been found that the only key to get traffic to your website free is to write quality content. Yes, believe it or not, there is nothing that can help you boost more traffic except a blog or a content written in a meaningful manner.

Writing quality content is not an easy task. However, you have to look for several tips and tricks to write content that actually drives better traffic and get more visitors and better engagement with your content.  

Well, here, in this blog, you will learn different content writing strategies that will help you get traffic to your website free. Also, you will be able to know how to increase blog traffic with quality content.

So, start reading the below tips and tricks without wasting any time to know how to write quality content and how to increase blog traffic.

Effective Tips To Write Quality Content

Tip #1: Keyword Research Is Very Important

keyword research

Before writing any blog content, it is very important to research the keyword first. To do so, you can use different online tools like Adwords, Moz’s keyword Explorer, Keyword Planner, etc.

With these tools, you will be able to know which terms people search for on Google or other search engines. You can incorporate those specific keywords into your content. So, be very careful while searching a keyword for your content topic.

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Tip #2: Know About Latent Semantic Indexing


Latent Semantic Indexing is just a mathematical method which determines the relationship between terms and concepts in the content. The content present in the webpage are crawled by a search engine and the most common phrases and words are identified as the keyword for the webpage.

The contents of a webpage are crawled by a search engine and the most common words and phrases are collated and identified as the keywords for the page.

After you got a grasp on the basic keyword you have searched, next you can do is to dig into the latent semantic indexing. This is a special process which understands how some related words are related to one another on web pages.

Also, it is very important to use secondary keywords that are related to the primary keyword. This technique can help your content to grab more traffic and rank for a longtail keyword. This results that you will get more traffic to your website free.


Tip #3: Get Into Your Competitor’s Heads

Get Into Your Competitor’s Heads 3

Researching your competitor’s website is quite vital for you. It is important for any content writer to understand. Before writing content on any topic, you should know what is already written over there by your competitors.

Make a note of the subtopics that have already mentioned and look for some more extra subtopics that you can mention in your blog to add some value to your content. This will also help you drive more traffic to your content.

Tip #4: Always Hyperlink To Your Sources

add hyperlinks 4

If you reference content of another website then it is very important to make sure that you hyperlink back to that website. It is a very good internet technique and you would want the same courtesy.

Also, you should always cite your sources even if you are afraid it will send your web traffic to another website. You can choose the open “Open Link In Another Window” if you are much concerned about keeping the traffic of your own website.

You can also add outbound links which makes your webpage unique in Google’s dictionary. But, do not forget to mention rel= “nofollow” if you specify any outbound link.

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Tip #5: Write First, Edit Later

Write First, Edit Later 5

The first draft of every content sucks. It also includes your favorite writers; they too have gone through this. After seeing the draft, if you notice any mistake then you should go back to edit mode and refine your content.

Here, you can take help of Grammarly tool or Pro Writing Aid tool to correct the mistakes you have done while writing a blog. So, refine your content before you post it for your readers. You can also refine your content with the help of Byword tool.

Tip #6: Make The Reader Happy

keep reader happy 6

Do you know that as per the latest updates made in Google, it is found that users’ intent is the key role in making the readers happy? Yes, it is true, you have to now keep in mind the user’s intent so that you can write your content according to the user’s need.

Any content goes viral is something like a writer’s dream come true. The only way your content can go viral if you understand the reader’s emotions and fulfill their requirement. Do you know that social media users are more likely to share those contents that actually make them happy? Yes, this is true.

Generally, when we create or see any image that is useful, we send it to others to give them knowledge. Likewise, content can be sent to other through social media which contains a collection of images and content makes them happy. You can also manage your social media activity with the help of ContentStudio.io tool.

Tip #7: Keep The Action In Your Content Writing

keep-the-action-in-your-writing 7

If you want to get more traffic to your content, then it is very important to avoid passive voice written in your content. You must know what passive voice is and if you don’t know then look at the example below:

  • Active Voice: The lion attacks the village.
  • Passive Voice: The village is attacked by a lion.

So, try to avoid writing content in the second sentence format. This is less exciting for the readers. Moreover, you should try filling your content with some exciting and unique verbs. These small changes can make your content little unique and so will grab the best traffic stats.

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Tip #8: Give Your Headlines Some Feeling

Give Your Headlines Some Feeling 8

It has been noticed that emotional headlines get more and more shares. You can also hard work on that to go viral if you want better blog traffic to your website.

You have to feel what the audience actually wants and so based on that, you have to give your content an emotional headline that inspired a reader to click on that headline only. So, start working on that if you want to get more web traffic.

Tip #9: Update Your Links

Update Your Links 9

Have you ever heard about interlinking? Yes, interlinking. This is a process to link your single page to other pages of your website. This will not only help you boost the rankings of the linked webpages but also get users stay connected with your website and spend more time there.

This will help you improve your bounce rate. Baking an internal link building will help you visit your another related web pages they have never been through.

Generally, when you create new content on your website, you forget to revisit older posts and webpages to update them with new interlinking. So, do not forget that and update new links all the time as you write any informative content on your website.

Tip #10: Write Introductions That Hook Your Readers

Write Introductions That Hook Your Readers 10

After a visitor lands on your webpage, you do not have a lot of time to hook their interest. If you want those visitors to stay then you have to make your introduction very attractive and exciting to read. You can add these to your introductions:

  • Try to start your content with an interesting fact, most probably, something like that is true but very hard to believe.
  • You may also ask a question that makes your reader stick around to learn the answer.
  • Try to start with the end of the story and then make suspense by working your way and arrived at the conclusion.

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Tip #11: Write Better Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Write Better Title Tags and Meta Descriptions 11

Do not forget to write better title tags and add meta description. Title tags are the blue links that appear on the search result pages and the meta description are the snippets of text that appear beneath those links. You can add only 70 characters for title tags and 156 characters for meta descriptions. You can learn the tips below to write better title tags and descriptions.

  • Try to include your primary keyword in your title tag.
  • Your meta description should be compelling.
  • Do not overcross the recommended character count.

Tip #12: Always Answer The Questions

Answer The Questions12

While writing any content, try to first ask questions, so the user wants to get the answer. And then try to give the answer to that particular question you have asked before from the user. This should be the integral part of the content you write.  Try to make them understand why you have written a specific blog and what can one achieve from that specific blog. Keeping the intent of the users, try to ask questions from the users and then add the answer to it. You can also add questions you see on search result “People Ask For

Below, you can look at the example. In the below example, I was looking for how to write content for a blog. I got the list of top pages but along with that, I also found that there is a section called People Ask For. After I researched on that, I found that now in the era of 2018, Google prefer the content as best one where writers have mentioned that specific questions along with the answers. So, try to make use of this technique as well to get better traffic.

content idea

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Tip #13: Avoid Keyword Stuffing

keyword-stuffing 13

Last, but not the least, keep avoiding keyword stuffing. Yes, it is very important to take proper care of primary keywords not to be used in the content for so many times.

Adding a keyword to your blog for so many times will not help you get more website traffic because it will not rank in

As for example, if you are writing a content of 1000 words then you should only use your primary keyword for five to six times in your complete content. And rest, use other secondary keywords to make your content rank and get more traffic.



You can look at these best content writing strategies to know how to write quality content. Try all these content writing tips and tricks and know how to increase blog traffic. After you apply all these tips, you will notice that your web traffic has been increased so well.

You will lose an opportunity to get more traffic to your website if you avoid all the beneficial tips for better website traffic. So, at the end, I wish you all the very best and I hope you will soon reach the visitors you are expecting to visit your website.