Content Marketing: 11 Things You’re Doing It Wrong in 2018


When we hear the word “Content Marketing” I bet the very first thing comes in mind is the Blogs, Youtube videos, Twitter, Facebook.

But is it that only…. well No!

Because Content marketing is all about Storytelling, and the one who tells great stories grab user attention automatically.

In simple words, Content marketing is the long-term tactics, and the main aim is to build a strong connection with the target customers by providing high-quality, unique and as well relevant content on regular basis.

And at times the content marketing strategy changed a lot, the old strategies are no longer effective to yield the same results.

However, they can even backfire and harm business’s search rankings and reliability.

And when it comes to Business, It Is Essential to Learn from the Mistakes!!!

So, in this article, I am enlightening the Wrong Content Marketing strategies and the changes that you need to immediately make with your content to improve conversion rates, get more visitors, increase sales and generate remarkable results.

So let’s jump into it…

What is Content Marketing and Why it is Important?

Content Marketing is a marketing technique to build and distribute unique, remarkable, relevant and regular content to attract more visitors, increase sales, stability and boost the conversion rates.  

The main perspective of content marketing is to get valuable results.

There are many ways through which you can attract the targeted audience such as the blogs, ebooks, guides, tutorials, entertaining content and others. 

Well, with the development of internet most of the businesses focus on social media marketing but this is equally important that the content you are sharing is high-quality and informative enough to engage the followers.

The high-quality content is Crucial for managing your Google ranking, reliability and pulling the new leads.  

Moreover, content marketing is the type of marketing and is not easy to leverage.

This is an only way to research the audiences, and by creating the content that directly speaks their needs will help you to hold a remarkable position in Google.

So, to drive more TRAFFIC & GROWTH to your business it is important to practices the proper content marketing ways and positions the Brand as a Thought leader

Here check out some points that you need to keep in mind while creating the content.

  • Creating content is easy but it is really tough to create the content that convinces and engage the audience. So, try making your content informative with specific human voice.
  • Your content must have a singular voice and constant style
  • According to the latest Google Algorithm, the content should clearly define the user intent, not just your Brand, otherwise, that is taken as bad quality content.
  • Give priority to the user while content creation and hold the topic till the end.
  • The content written for own sake results as off-brand, meaningless and disorganized

Nevertheless, as I said above changed Google’s algorithm have bought plenty of changes in the Content marketing campaign and failed the old content marketing strategies.

So, with the changing algorithm, this is time to make changes to failed content marketing strategies and say Good-bye to old content marketing tactics.

And to increase the chances of success in 2018, avoid doing the common content marketing mistakes.

Here we go…

Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid:

#1: Targeting the Wrong Audience

It is highly important to target the right audience to get more visitors.

Well, many great content marketing works worth a penny just because it is not addressed to the right audience.

In older time if the Content Quality is High, this easily holds a remarkable position in Google.

But know, it doesn’t matter how informative your content is, if it is not addressed to the relevant audience your entire effort will go down to drain.

So, it is essential to understand your targeted customers, their interests, what they want and then use the content marketing to add benefits.

For this search, a bit, try engaging with your followers on Social Media platforms, carry out surveys, watch your competitors and then look forward to providing a better user experience

#2: Publishing Thin Content

The old days ranking is Easy, just with 200- 300 words pages goes long and rank high in the search results.

But know the Meta description requires 250 words so, FORGET the old tactics.

Now day’s content marketing needs the high-quality, informative, long content.

The Google’s Panda update, particularly target the websites with short content and beat their search rankings.

Therefore it is important to write the good amount of words for the online content.

As per a report, for ranking in Google’s first page, the roughly average word count should be 1890.

So, focus on writing the high-quality content and longer web pages.

Implementing this will help you rank higher in Google and other search engines also.

Try Ginger, this helps you to analyze all of the content of punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors and provides instant suggestions to correct the errors in your content.

#3: Overlooking Video

Well, writing higher-quality content is equally important but you need to add videos to your content as well.

As per a report of the Information technology and Networking solutions, it is stated that within the next four years videos alone holds the 82 % of the organic traffic.

So, don’t overlook including video in the 2018 content strategy.

#4: Lack Of Content Promotion

Forget to promote your content is the biggest reason behind the failure of content marketing.

Promoting your great content is the best way to reach to the targeted audience and attract others as well.

Make use of the various social media platforms and try engaging your social media followers.

You can read this to engage the followers: 5 Infallible Tips to Engage Your Social Media Followers To Boost Conversion Fast

While promoting your content remember to be relevant and consistent.

#5: Ignoring the Evergreen Content

For the effective content marketing strategy try publishing the Evergreen Content.

The Evergreen content is the Long Time Investment; it lives for years and years around.

Users always show interest in reading it and continue related long past the publication.

And as per Moz, evergreen content stands high in search rankings, generates more traffic and conversions as well than that of the topical content.

You Can opt for Scribendiwith this you can get a high-quality editing and proofreading. This also enhances your productivity and specialize in creative writing.

#6: Lack of Research

The key to write successful, high-quality content is doing RESEARCH.

Research means searching the targeted keyword, the long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, content creation research, user intent and many others.

You can also make use of CognitiveSEO, this helps you to analyse the keyword competition and content performance rate.  You can also use it for backlink tracking and analysis and many other things to build a better website in terms of SEO.

So, to rank higher in Google search ranking don’t overlook doing research.

In earlier times it is easy to rank higher just by putting relevant keywords but now this is not ENOUGH.

While writing good quality content you need to put the target keywords, the content should be unique, long and relevant.

The content marketing has become very DIFFICULT.

And for successful content take time, research appropriately and write a killer content to drive insane traffic and engagement in 2018.   

#7: Not Including a Call to Action


The most common mistake made by the businesses is avoiding including the Call-to-Action.

Including the CTA in your content has made difference in the content performance and boosts the content effectiveness as well.

Also don’t just include Call-to-action or CTA on the website homepage, include it on every page of better conversion rates.

Make your CTA striking by using actionable words, buttons and educate the audience what they find here.  

Place the CTA in the prominent location where the visitors can easily notice it.

Stop doing wrong content marketing and include create a perfect CTA to increase conversions and establish yourself as an authority

#8: Overlooking Visual Content

Other than publishing Content and videos, including images also play a vital role in attracting the audience.

The visual content attracts eyes and mind as well.

Just like videos, including attractive images, can attract more visitors and stop at your site.

You can also publish Infographics this is other powerful visual content.

The graphical representation of information, data and statistics are powerful to attract more visitors in this digital era.

In a survey, it is confirmed that 40% of people respond better to visual information than just the plain text.

#9: Lack of Audience Engagement

To successful content marketing, it is important to engage with the audience.

Engaging with your audience will help you strengthen your relationship and build customers loyalty as well.

So, allow visitors to comment and respond them humorously when require.

You can engage with the visitors in the blog posts, social media platforms, YouTube videos and more.

The comments of the visitors put the real value to the new content of your site and even help in ranking higher in search engines.

#10: Not Having an Email Marketing Strategy

Well, if you want your content marketing strategy to Fulfil then you must sync the Email marketing.

Not having an appropriate email marketing strategy provides the monotonous results of your content marketing tactics.

 In a research, it is clearly stated that each $1 spent on email marketing will bring $38 Return of Investment (ROI).

Also, the email marketing performs better for both search and social media when it comes to conversion.

So, if the content marketing strategy is not having an established email marketing plan, then this is the time to work on it to gather more traffic and increase conversion.   

Try Aweber, this helps the businesses to deliver automated professionally designed and personalized emails to their targeted customers and also send up follow-up emails based on a schedule.

#11: Not Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

Lastly, if you are not monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your content, then how you analyze what works and what doesn’t work?

Well, content is Calculable, and it is up to you whether you monitor and measure it.

As the DMI report, there are some content engagements metrics such as page per sessions, average time spent on page, new vs returning visitors and traffic.

And for email marketing, you can monitor the open rates, conversion rates and click-through rates.  

So, to find out what works and what not in content marketing strategy, monitor the KPIs of your content.


Well, content marketing is the best way to drive inbound traffic and boost the conversion rate.

And this is the reason it is one of the most successful marketing strategies.

But unluckily it is not that easy and with time lots of changes have taken place in content marketing.

Also, it is seen there are too many things the marketers are doing wrong in the content marketing.

For a successful content marketing strategies check out the things that you are doing wrong.

Implement the given tactics and drive more leads remarkably.