HotJar – Tool That Can Analyze Traffic of a Website Very Well!!!

hotjar tool

What is HotJar and What it Offers? 

HotJar is a powerful tool which is specifically designed for webmasters to analyze their traffic in a better way. It is a complete mobile and website analytics tool that enables analysts, UI developers, digital marketers and web developers to optimize the conversion and usability rate of their websites.

HotJar is a tool that combines both analysis and feedback tools so that it can give you complete information on how visitors interact with their website. Also, it can help increase the conversion rates.

This tool will help you gather “qualitative data”. Before this tool, you used to get these features from other several services. As for example, for finding participants for research, Crazyegg for heatmaps, Clicktale for mouse and click tracking, Qualaroo for surveys, etc.

HotJar is an online service especially for those who have online business or have involved in Web Developing. HotJar provides useful tools to manage your Online Business. One can run free Polls, Surveys, Put useful forms on their website or blog. They offer basic plans for free.

How to Start Using HotJar?

The only thing you have to do is to add a bit of script to your site. It is quite easy to use. If you have ever added Google Analytics to your site then it would be quite possible for you to know what it takes to add HotJar.


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Features of HotJar:

You can experience the following features while using HotJar:

  1. Visitor recordings: Visitor recording is the best features that HotJar provides. HotJar is the one who provides full visitor recordings.


It records user’s behavior on your website as if the complete screen of the users was recorded and then transferred to you. However, it does not record a video but tracks the mouse movements and then click using a javascript code.

With the use of this data, it used to recreate a video recording sort of playback that can be easily used. Looking at this data will get a better idea about how the user is behaving on the website and then you can then improve the usability of the website if you ever find that the user is not finding what he or she is looking for.

  1. Conversation Funnels: It becomes very important to monitor which pages receive the most traffic and also the ones after which visitors leave your site. One of the main reasons for monitoring traffic is to reduce the bounce rate on your website.

Conversation Funnels

Using this feature of HotJar, you will be able to act wisely and make better your web pages, after getting to know where visitors leave your website.

  1. Create Polls: This takes just a minute to create an amazing survey with HotJar. All you need to do is to visit your dashboard and then go to the polls under feedback section, now click on the “+NEW POLL” button. Also, apart from the theme and position, you can select your background color.

Create Polls

However, you can also choose between options present and response box. You can switch in to activate mode and enter all the web pages where you want this to appear once you are done creating the poll.

  1. Heatmaps: Know Where Visitors Click: Heatmap is a kind of analytic feature that is responsible for keeping track of the web pages where users most scroll past or click. This feature makes it so easier for webmasters to know which sections and parts of the web pages get the least attention and which are clicked the most.


Also, you can get the complete information on how far visitors scroll on your web pages and this can also be quite useful when you are writing quality blogs. With this features, you can get to know which web pages are clicked the most and least. You can then place ads in the spots that receive most clicks after knowing the number of users visiting your web pages. It will help you increase Click Through Rate (CTR) and therefore it will increase your earning as well.

  1. Form Analytics: With the help of HotJar Forms features, you can have in-depth form analytics. You can also observe where people are dropping off and why they are not filling up the forms.


If you find that users are dropping off in a specific field. You can then look into it and improve the questions or can also remove the questions so that you can improve the form conversions.

form 2

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Benefits of Using HotJar:

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of using HotJar tool:

  • You can understand exactly how users interact with your site by recording the real visitor behavior. The visitor recording with HotJar will enable analysts to identify any usability issues.
  • You can identify opportunities for improvement and get some new ideas for A/B Testing by discovering at which stage visitors are leaving your website.
  • The form analytics of HotJar allow users to improve form completion rates. Form designs can be altered easily after observing which form fields are left vacant and which take too long to complete.
  • The Heatmap feature of HotJar provides a visual representation of visitor movements on a site that enables developers to understand what users do and want to see on their website.
  • You can build and distribute surveys with the use of survey editor of HotJar. You can also invite visitors to complete a survey before they leave your website to understand more about their experience.

Hotjar Pros and Cons:


  • Ease of Use
  • Economical
  • All in a single tool


  • No cons found yet


Should I Use HotJar Tool?

I really believe that HotJar is affordable and this technology could easily set you back hundreds of dollars. It is quite simple to use. One can easily set up a heatmap in about 30 seconds flat.

This offers incredible customer support. If any user comes across any issue then finding the solution would be so easy by getting in contact with its customer support executives. It is the best mode of a survey. Nothing is better than this tool as it offers you best way to track your visitors’ opinion.


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There is a lot more at HotJar where most of the best features it offers are the Form analytics, Video Recordings, and the Heatmaps. I would give a 4 out 5 rating because of its range of amazing features that have proven to be among the best today.

With this efficient tool, you can easily increase your traffic, audience conversations and a lot of other exciting things that directly impact on your website’s revenue.