Hiver Review – A Professional Email Management Solution for Teams

Hiver reviewWant a professional Email Management solution for your team? Want to eliminate internal Cc / Bcc / Forwards? Then you should learn about a professional Email Management tool. Here in this blog, we will discuss about an advance email marketing software “Hiver”  

Now you can avoid the chances of missing important emails and can instantly react to emails that matter to your business.

Simply go with the Hiver and fully automate your email management task, but before choosing this tool you should learn more about it, so let’s start;

Hiver is known for their shared inbox collaboration and team email management facilities, this is the software that allows you to manage your shared mailboxes direct from a Gmail account. Via Hiver, you can transform Gmail into a completely functional help desk platform. Once you install this plug-in for your Gmail account then from that time your simple Gmail account will get converted into an advanced Customer Support platform. Nowadays, every business has internal (accounts@, marketing@, reimbursements@) and external website/collaterals (support@, sales@, info@, hello@, contact@) shared inboxes. Hiver will help you to manage all of them from a single inbox.

After adding this tool to your Gmail you can easily do lots of facilities including customer support, sales, task management, HR management and more.

Your simple Gmail account will become a complete business management solution, and you can easily provide support to your customers, keep an eye on your operations, manage and boost your sales, and do a lot more without having to buy an expensive platform for your business.

Hiver allows you to supervise shared mailboxes such as sales@, accounts@, support@, and more, from your Gmail inbox itself. You won’t have to take bother to log into another Gmail account. With the help of Hiver, one can delegate emails to teammates without having to forward them (within two clicks).

If you are running a small or medium company, where complex CRM systems are not necessary then you should try this once. Via this, you can deal with the customer queries within the inbox. This tool is also perfect for the individuals, where they can share a personal online profile is shared by all the users.


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Setting Up Hiver on Gmail

Setting up Hiver on Gmail is very simple, the whole process will not take more than an hour. And you can alter the settings anytime. Have a look on the below-given example;

  1. First, you need to create a shared mailbox – e.g. sales@ support@ accounts@ info@ contact@
  2. Add all the users’ email addresses
  3. And now, create shared labels, e.g. “PC REPAIR” “Complaints” “General ISSUES” and more. You can also create sub-labels under every label such as “Tom” “Michelle’s Tasks”


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All Hiver Features

Shared Mailboxes: Now it is simple to manage a shareable email account like support@ or sales@ from your Gmail. It supports email delegation and also will help you to keep track of your tasks.

Shared Labels: You can easily share your Gmail labels in order to sync email conversations with your team. Hiver tool is able to synchronize all of your replies and read status automatically.

Collision Alerts: This tool will also help you to get rid of duplicate and conflicting response Get notified when someone response to an email.

Email Notes: Your help desk agents can easily communicate with each other via internally using Email Notes with @mentions. Avoid confusing CCs, Forwards, and BCCs.

Auto Response: It allows you to set up your Shared Mailboxes in order to send responses to a new email. This will make your service fully automatic.

Activity Timeline: This timeline contains a full history of all actions applied to an email. Know when the email is marked as open or closed, and see the conversation history.

Shared Drafts: Now, it becomes very simple to collaborate on your email responses by sharing email drafts. Simply write a reply, have a colleague review and send.

Analytics: This software will also offer deep insights about how your team is doing on responding to and dealing with your customer and sales queries.

Automation: You can also setup automate key actions in order to automatically assigning emails based on some rules, or closing and archiving emails.

Email Reminders: Set email reminder to clean your Inbox, and for all other important tasks.

Multiple Shared Mailboxes: This tool allows you to manage numerous Shared Mailboxes like support@, sales@, jobs@ and info@ – from your Gmail account.

Hiver Integrations: This tool integrates with the several business systems and applications such as Zapier, Salesforce, Slack and more.


Hiver Pricing Plans:

Plus: $14/user/month (Annual Billing) OR $18/month (Monthly Billing)

  • 2 Shared Mailbox
  • 100 Shared Labels
  • Collision Detection
  • Email Templates
  • Shared Drafts

PREMIUM PLAN: $22/user/month (Annual Billing) or $27/month (Annual Billing)

  • Everything in Plus and
  • 10 shared mailboxes
  • 250 shared labels
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Email permalinks

ENTERPRISE PLAN: $34/user/month (Annual Billing) or $40/month (Annual Billing)

  • Everything in Premium and
  • 25 shared mailbox
  • 2500 shared labels
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated CSM


Technical details

Devices Supported: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Web-based

Language Support: English

Customer Types: Small Business and Medium Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted


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So, it is clear that Hiver offers all the features that a small and mid business requires to manage their emails. Along with small and mid business, it is also a perfect solution for the enterprise companies. But before buying any Email Management Software, it is necessary to use the tool first. Some of them offer a free trial and some offer their basic feature for free.

That’s why it is suggested to first try hiver 14 days trial offer, because after using this tool you can easily find out the answer of your question – “Is hiver is suitable for my Business or not?

Here you will see the list of all the popular email management and marketing tools/services with their complete details.