Hemingway App – Now Editing A Matter Of Minutes


About Hemingway App

Writing is something that writers and editors understand the joy of alongside sometimes the pain. Completion of a manuscript or document involves a thorough check of your content ensuring adherence to proper grammatical rules and structure.  People who are linked to writing can understand what takes to prepare a printable/complete document. The editing part is the most crucial and important which takes much of your knowledge, time and patience. But the result is an accomplishment which has been the goal throughout the process.

Imagine with a flick of your wrist if you could have edited all your documents rescuing you from the pain of editing within minimal time investment. An amazing manuscript or blog is checked without taking away the heck of your time and the most important and time-consuming task is done. But wait there I’m not going to share any magic wand because there isn’t any.  Yes, but there is something that should be shared- Hemingway app.


Hemingway app is an automatic editing tool that is designed to make editing a matter of minutes, but not eliminating the work completely. It’s more of a spellchecker, but for the style which makes your writing clear and bold such that your reader will focus on your message, not your prose. Our words are like thoughts – innumerable and disorganised. To keep them organised either we have to give time and effort to make a perfect writing or use any tool that will do the part on your half. Hemingway app will highlight your errors where your writing is too dense and will remove, replace, split sentences and words wherever required. Your reader will thank you for the deed done.

What does it offer?

  • Readability helper
  • Grade
  • Counter
  • Grammar advice
  • Offline editing
  • Saving/opening Markdown & Text files
  • Live Preview

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Features of Hemingway

Readability helper

Writing evaluator application helps you to input text or write directly on the website, in the desktop version. The editor will mark any sentences that seem too complicated and it will suggest changes that will make it more simplified and accurate.


Hemingway app developers have ensured perfect editing tool within this product. They have created a grading scale in this app which your writing abilities could be graded with categories of all sort.


The counter function of this app is amazing. It will constantly count the number of paragraphs, sentences, words and characters. Though the only important fact is word count but other might give you a complete analysis of your work.

Grammar advice

Hemingway uses frequent tooltips to give your articles correction but even these tooltips have flaws. You must check the flaws because this app isn’t contexted friendly so might happen that your context is not understandable and thus goes wrong.


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Offline editing (Desktop Version)

The main reason for Hemingway app popularity is its offline availability. The desktop allows you to save files locally so you can save your work without the fear of loss. But unlike online version here automatic save isn’t there, so remember to save your work.

Saving/opening Markdown & Text files

Hemingway app by default saves your document as .txt files but with options, you could also save as .md file. This way the markdown formatting is preserved.

Live Preview

Hemingway app provides the ability of line preview for your document which helps you to give a more deep analysis of your document. Though you could keep off this option if it annoys you otherwise fine it is a usable option.

Hemingway Pros and Cons


  • Editor equipped with finely-tuned passive voice detector which can help you every time.
  • Makes your sentences as concise as possible. If you worry about grammar no-no, then this app will be definitely your rescue.
  • It checks hedging and gives your document clear-cut content.
  • Colour coded highlight gives you improvement areas, with hard-to-read sentences, incorrect usage of adverbs, or passive voice.


  • App being an application, can’t tell you the best writing but only errors. If you plug in any academic writing it will still highlight errors.
  • Adverbs are not present in this app. Although too many adverbs might be an issue none also make it dull and sound mechanical.
  • URL code is counted as text which might bring down your grades.
  • Live Preview doesn’t work well and still needs improvement.

Should I use Hemingway App

Good writing is concise and is always recommended to analyse that writing. Sure you’ll do but the accuracy level is what matters. Excessively long sentences are also not advised where not required.

It becomes boring and doesn’t give the perspective of your understanding to the reader. The editor is helpful and there can be something that can be gained from it. Every time editor is also not recommended as it will close your growing abilities.  Hemingway being the cleanest and easiest editing tool, but not completely a proof-reader or grammar checker.

Even though not a grammar checker but when highlights the errors it will attract the highlighted part and correction will be much more effective.

I would suggest using Hemingway app as it increased readability for my writings and identifies problems in sentences, but some effort has to be put on from your side as it doesn’t understand the context of writing and have to supplement your efforts during spell check and grammar.

  I’m Impresed and Want to Use hemingway App

Final Thoughts on Hemingway App

Hemingway app, is one of the popular apps available or evaluating your writing.  Input text, write directly on the tool or download supportable desktop version as suits you. The editor marks complicated sentences and suggests simplified changing words.

Thus the idea of choosing Hemingway app is excellent, though being drawbacks, it provides a readability score and properly analysis with your document. It certainly improves your writing by eliminating the glitches present in your make. Hence, stop committing any more mistakes and learn from them by choosing Hemingway app.