Grammarly – A Professional Proofreading Tool For Your Writing


About Grammarly

Proofreading – a thorough reading analysis of a document (for publishing) to detect errors of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. To get a writing published, proofreading is essential and some find difficulty at the very mention of proofreading.

People who write for a living or are at a job which involves writing assignments, emails, journals or other professional write-ups can tell you the importance of proofreading your work before making a press send.

In a case of proofreading, every little bit of help that comes is essential to make a perfect writing. Specialised proofreading software is nowadays more in action rather than direct people getting hired.

The autocorrect and spell-check tools that most of the word processors are wonderful but are limited to some features mostly few categories of errors. Other software is out there but sometimes they claim one thing and deliver another.

Most of them are premium ones which comprise with your need and the offers they deliver remains unsatisfied with your requirements. With this, I would like to talk about Grammarly.

Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement platform founded in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. In the year 2013 Best Online Grammar Checker Comparisons and Reviews, Grammarly won the TopTenReviews Gold Award, with a rating of 8.88.  Grammarly not only corrects spelling and grammar errors but is equipped with tools that will elevate your writing.

It can check adherence to more than 250 grammatical rules and in six distinct writing genres. Grammarly provides information flash cards that help to transform your weak areas into strengths.

It Q& A section is a great source of information for writers across the globe and a centre to connect, share knowledge and experiences. Everything about this software is not only about improving written text but also developing the writers themselves.


What does it offer?

  • Contextual Spelling Test
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Sentence Structure, Style, Vocabulary Enhancement
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Genre-Specific Writing Checker
  • British English vs. American English Test
  • An integrated dictionary and thesaurus

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Features Of Grammarly

Contextual Spelling Test

The contextual spelling tool actually checks for misspelled words and corrects them and also checks the words according to the context of the passage. If there are any relating errors it corrects them and then reanalyses for any similar errors.

Grammar and Punctuation

The most common error is among those of grammar and punctuation. Grammarly checks for these types of error and catches common errors of grammar and also check for redundant, missing and misused punctuation.

Sentence Structure, Style, Vocabulary Enhancement

This feature enables to analyze the sentence structure checking for misplaced words, incorrect sentences, and wrong word order. Equipped with style checker which analyses wordiness and redundancies and enhances your writing style as per academic, technical, creative, and other styles of writing. The vocabulary enhancer makes your sentences more captivating and meaningful.


Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker searches the web for the originality of a work. It will give results for a copied article stating its web address where it has been done previously. It is essential to be sure of your copyright so as to avoid plagiarism.

Genre-Specific Writing Checker

It is also equipped with a genre-specific writing checker which help to analyze and give results of your writing according to different genres. It offers six different writing genres so as to choose according to your suitability without any compromise.

British English vs. American English Test

There is too much confusion based on the British English and American English and to avoid that Grammarly has best tools to make it without any mistakes. This check helps to eliminate errors and provide you with the best output.

Integrated dictionary and thesaurus

The integrated dictionary and thesaurus help to provide millions of word which actually gives better results and a good article output.

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Grammarly Pros and Cons

Grammarly Pros

  • Grammarly has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus which scans the document and highlights improvement areas.
  • Grammarly offers suggestions for citing your work and alerts you any cases of plagiarism for your writing.
  • Grammarly Premium scan text and typos and provide suggestion to make the writing better.
  • The text is analyzed contextually and checks according to 250 grammatical rules.

Grammarly Cons

  • There are always some or the other text error that goes unnoticed and that’s obvious for all proofreading software. So once users have to continue to proofread their text after Grammarly has completed an analysis.
  • A suitable genre must be selected by writers before getting an analysis. A wrong genre may
  • Writers must select the proper genre before receiving the best analysis.
  • Users must be aware of grammar rules to know when and what to accept suggestions made by the software.
  • The subscription option for Grammarly are limited to few categories only including; an individual subscription plan, which requires users to commit to monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions; and a volume based option for schools, or businesses, which requires the purchase of an annual subscription.
  • Grammarly’s Microsoft Office integration is not available on Apple platform.

Should I use Grammarly?

Grammarly is endowed with the best editing tools that are looked for in a grammar check software and is also rated the best.  When Grammarly finds a mistake, it provides a detailed flash card with explanations and examples aimed at improvement.

It contextual analysis of text for different genres is amazing along with the plagiarism-detection tool. It compares your document with eight billion documents online. This is a great tool for teachers and editors that will help you through across the globe. For writers or bloggers, Grammarly is not less than a blessing. It promotes the ability to write in them and advances them to analyze their mistakes.

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Grammarly with a full package of tools consisting of grammar, punctuation, spelling etc is a winning vocabulary enhancement software that not only allows users to have an efficient proofreading but also improves your text document.

The different styles suit different genres and plagiarism checker makes your content your own copyright. The 250 available grammar checks make your document to goes through a proper analysis. Thus Grammarly is the best proofreading software that would be worth for.