7 Grammar Rules You Should Ignore Right Away To Be A Better CopyWriter

When it comes to writing, there are few grammar rules that we are taught from the very beginning.

But do they really matter?

In today’s world, the conversational writing style has changed. And the main focus of most of the writers is to grab the reader’s attention.

Well, the language is self-motivated and the way we are using it is continuously developing.

But this doesn’t mean you can avoid using proper grammar in your writings.

Well, the Grammar guidelines are more of a suggestion to be used when in doubt, not a rule.

But if you think it is a RULE, then remember “Rules Are Made to Be Broken” and this is not a CRIME.

And trust me; these small changes will IMPRESS YOUR READERS.

So, today here in this article I am going to describe 7 GRAMMAR RULES that you can ignore to become a better copywriter.

Are you ready to break some Rules?

Let’s start with the first one…

Rule 1— Start a Sentence with a Conjunction

This is the first rule that has been drilled into our heads from the school grades.

Never start s sentence with a Conjunction such as with “AND, BUT, OR”

However, there is no rule of doing so. Even sometimes the sentence sounds much better and flows more freely when this grammar rule is ignored.

You can sound much more relevant and conversational with your readers.

So, this antiquated Grammar rule is ignored to please your Readers.

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Rule 2 – Don’t End a Sentence with a Preposition

Many Experts strictly mentions: not to end a sentence with a preposition such as (on, off, with, about and others).

Well, there is no rule for doing this.

The basis of this rule is ancient and following this will make your writing style old, outdated.

It is okay for you to end a sentence with a preposition, as long as it still makes Sense.

Let define it best with the Example:

If I write as per rule: This is an old-school rule that the Expert insists. Then with what should the sentences end?

Now another way: This is an old-school rule that the Expert insists on. Then what should the sentences end with?

So, which sounds better, I bet the second one isn’t it.

Lastly, in the simple words write the way we speak not the way the hardcore grammarians insist on.

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Rule 3 – Avoid Using Passive Voice

Well, we all know the passive voice is seen as a boring and straightforward.

Many editors and hardcore grammarians commonly insist to use an active voice to recognize who or what is acting in each sentence.

However, this is not a rule set, in fact, can be used as an ADVICE.

Writing anything is all about the mood that is trying to convey or expressed.

Follow the example to know it best:

As per rule: “I hope, everyone had a good time”

The passive voice:  “I hope, a good time was had by all”

So, which one is better conveying the mood of the writer or speaker.

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Rule 4 -Never Turn Nouns into Verbs

While writing we continuously verb our nouns.

And you can’t stop yourself from breaking grammar rule to become a better copywriter.

There are words like text your friend, let’s go fooding, Vacuum the floor and many other words that go on.

These are sentences that don’t form any wrong meaning and it is obvious in many cases we verb our nouns.

Well, there is anything working in it, if you understand what the speaker or writer is trying to say.

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Rule 5 – Must Write in Complete Sentences

Well, this is a good advice only if you are writing an essay or a research paper undoubtedly.

But, this is not possible to write the full sentences, in many places.

Have a look at the marketing slogans, even the email headings or title tags, the product descriptions and many others can’t be written in the complete sentences.

Now in the modern day writing, readers don’t have time to explore a very idea or nor have the time to read a whole story.

So, this grammar rule you should ignore to become a better copywriter.

Try to make your writing style more informative, strong, and vivid to convey perfectly to attract the writer intentions.

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Rule 6 — Never Split Your Infinitives

Splitting your Infinitives simply means when an adverb is inserted between and the verb.

Well, this rule has no foundation and can be prevented to sounds Better.

We, constantly split our infinitives, to become clear, so here follow some of the examples:

  • She agreed to quickly and quietly leave the room
  • We should try to avoid splitting infinitives whenever possible

 I hope through these examples you clearly understand how sometime splitting the infinitives sounds better.

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Rule 7—When To Use “Whom”

Many of the writers might not understand where to use of “Whom”.

There are many chances, commonly in speech to utilize “who” instead.

The word “Whom” sounds arrogant, firm and exaggerated 

There are many sentences in which whom doesn’t fits well.

For Example:

A sentence likes Whom do you hate?” doesn’t make any sense it should be written as “Who do you hate?”  Sounds the correct one isn’t it?

So, it is really important, the sentence should sound much better rather than follow the Grammar rules.


So, here we are, these are some of the Grammar rules you should ignore to become a better copywriter.

Hope after reading the post, you get the ideas which grammar rules you can break and sounds much better in your writing.

So, move forward and make your writing the best one.

And last but not the least I love to hear from you. Please let us know what do you feel about the article, do you found it helpful?

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Good Luck!!!