8 Things You Need to Follow & Avoid to Become An Excellent Blogger


Writing a Great Content is an art, and is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, when it comes to writing a content, anyone can write it ignoring the quality as a metrics.

But is it really worth – ‘NO’, you need to stand out from your competitors and a normal written content can never take you to the next level.

A Good content is really essential to engage your visitors so that they stay on your blog.  And if you don’t know how to take the step from Good to Great, then you will get stuck at one place.

Well, to write a good engaging content and become an excellent blogger, correct grammar and quality matters. Good content draws the attention of the readers and keeps them reading, sharing and as well as recommending to others.

However, we often do the common grammar mistakes in the text-based universe.

And grammatical errors can make your reader think whether it is worth their time to read your posts. In short, this directly affects your brands, credibility as well as accessibility.

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Anyways here check the common mistake that we need to fix to improve the quality of our content and become an excellent blogger.

# Mistake 1: Using “They”

This is the first mistake commonly seen both on blogs and even in book manuscripts.

Many writers often use “they” for ‘he’ or ‘she’ and “their” for ‘his’ or ‘her’.

This is generally used to be politically correct and gender neutral in the writing – but this needed to change when it results as a grammar error.

Most of us want to be politically correct and gender neutral in our writing—but not when it results in a grammar error.

Well, the other option that might be more elegant than the clunky “his or her,” you can alternate use male pronoun with the female- utilize “his” in one paragraph and “her” in the next.

“Every blogger should implement this in his writings.”

# Mistake 2: Puzzling Me and I

It is seen that the writers are often confused between “Me” and “I”. ‘Me’ is used randomly in place of I, which is grammatically wrong.

You need to use correct grammar on your blog.

Well, if you say “Rosy and me went to market” then this is wrong.

You would not say, “Me went to market”, in fact, it should be like “Rosy and I went to market.”

# Mistake 3: It’s vs. Its

This is really important to know the difference between “it’s” and “its”. In many blogs, this is commonly seen and this can be a big blunder of your entire content.

 The former – it’s means “it is” and ‘its’ simply means “it”.

# Mistake 4: Less and Fewer Confusion

Well, this is absolutely simple if you understand the main base behind using less and fewer.

You should make use of less when the amount is not measurable and fewer when it is possible to measure or calculate the item.

For Example: I request my honorable guest to come on stage and say less words.”

Here the number of words can be calculated.

So it should be written as “I request my honorable guest to come on stage and say fewer words.”

# Mistake 5: The Dangling Modifier

The Dangling Modifier means that the descriptive phrase does not apply to the noun that immediately comes after it.

For Example “Being an Actor, the best movie he ever did was Titanic.”

The noun that follows “being an actor” is “post.” However, “being an actor” refers to “he.”

Correction: The best movie he ever did as an actor was Titanic

Bonus Points: Punctuation Mistakes like Misplaced Commas and Quotation Marks

Mistakenly using commas and quotation marks is a punctuation mistake rather than grammar.

However, this is common and we need to mention it.

In the US English, the commas or periods should go inside the quotation marks.

So, be careful while using commas and punctuation marks. The comma should appear before closing the quotation mark.

Well, after discussing the common mistakes that most of us commonly make while writing blogs, articles. Now know about some of the best tips to write a great engaging content and become an excellent blogger.

Tips to Write Good Engaging Content

Good content is the powerful weapon to keep your readers reading, sharing and recommending others. Here check out some best secret tips of compelling writing:

Tip 1: Recommend Opportunities that Support Your Goals

This is the best thing that you can do as a writer and a blogger. You need to simplify your goals for the post you are writing.

You need to be sure that your writing provides readers with the prospects that support your goals.

For instance:

  • You can invite the readers to share their experience, queries at the end of the post.
  • Also, incorporate an exercise that helps the readers utilize the information shared by you in the post.
  • You can invite readers of the post to a free introductory webinar.
  • Or use can use the “Tweet This” app if you want the readers to share without finishing the entire post.

You can opt for ProwritingAid. This provides a flexible interface to improve the blog writing and enhance the readability of your content, as it applies the most advanced readability scoring systems.

Tip 2: Make Use Of the Definite Verbs

Using the specific verbs shows the action and nuance whenever possible. You should avoid overusing the verbs like “was,” “is,” “are,” “has,” “had,” etc.

It is easy to write by making use of the boring verbs. But this can make your reader turn back or other might fall asleep.

Active Voice in Action

The action-oriented and specific verbs provide accuracy and paint a picture. This raised the curiosity of the reader and also adds energy to the writing. The action-oriented verbs are key to the great writing try to make use of them rather than the boring verbs.

Tip 3: Make it Real

Well, this is last but not the least tip in my list and it is highly essential for writing good content.

Try to make your content Real, rather than just providing the information to the reader in a fixed way.

Try to make it more real, by adding examples, illustrations with the statistics, sharing information as this helps the readers to create an image in their minds or draw their own conclusions.

The list of do’s and don’ts can be quite boring so add some real-life examples to engage your readers. Adding metaphors, quirky and stories details can all prove to be great to attract the readers.

Remember if you have more than one metaphor, it’s important that they go together and also related to each other.

Now it’s Your Turn:

Hope that the post has given you few ideas about how to create a better content as well as avoid the common grammar mistakes yourself.

Remember one thing to keep yourself motivated in your field and this is fairly simple, all it needs is a bit thought.

And this is the key towards perfection. So implement them and achieve your goal to become an excellent blogger.

If you think I have missed out something or what do you feel about the article is it helpful? Then please let us know in the comment section below.

Good Luck!!!