Freshdesk Review – Pricing, Features, Alternatives and More!

Freshdesk Review

Want to centralize all your conversation in one place? Want to get rid of repetitive work to save precious time? Want to work together with the other teams to improve efficiency and lot more?

If YES then you are at the right place, there are lots of software/services are available that allows a user to manage their tasks and projects effectively. I’ve already discussed about them, Wrike, Toggl, Basecamp, Freedcamp and more.

Here, in this blog, I’ll discuss another professional Project Management Tool – “Freshdesk” and try to know its pros, cons, features, pricing options and some other hidden information.

Freshdesk is one of the known task manager tool, it offers a multi-channel customer support in order to deal with your customer easily. It allows the user to bring all of their customers’ conversation into a single interface, so your agents speak to and provide solutions to the trouble tickets.

No matter what is the way of interaction, it can be over the phone, through email, via web chat or comes in through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Freshdesk will allow a customer support issues and get to the correct customer agent.Freshdesk is completely cloud-based, and one can effectively manage numerous groups, workflows, and boom of procedures.

This tool is very advanced as it supports several products and brands and has the ability to deal with multi-language and multi-timezone. Now, coming to the pricing, it is very affordable and offers several pricing model for most any types of industries like IT, insurance, hospitality, retail, utilities etc… Distinct from the other of its competitors nothing is hidden (Specially Pricing) in Freshdesk. It also offers a free forever options for the first three agents.


Features of Freshdesk


Via this tool you can allow all of your team members to provide support. Simply add all your agents on a single panel along with the status updates of every customer email. This feature ensures that the no email is left unaddressed by collaborating and helping each other.

This tool is designed with the proactive agent-collision detection method that avoids two agents from dealing the same response to a single customer.



It’s fast and accurate ticketing option allows route them as soon as possible to the right agent in order to quick response and fix. With the help of ticklers you can also modify your tickets and fields.


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This tool automate your support by sending off tickets to resolution, it also take care that everything is categorized, allocated and prioritized correctly.



It contains a feature that tracks down customer’s social media posts about your product and finds issues that can boost, or build chances to endorse your product/service. So it helps your support team to gets social media visibility.



Knowledgebase helps your new agents to provide the correct answers. Freshdesk automatically suggests solutions from your knowledge base based on customer queries.

With the help of Freshdesk’s self-service portal, you can engage your customers by offering them the option to sort the answers by themselves. This will also help yo to reduce the support workload



Its community feature allows your user to build a community of adoring customers with Freshdesk by making a section on tips, tutorials, shared working practices, and share ideas among them.



You can keep track of your agents’ turnaround time to dealing each customer and find patterns, trends, bottlenecks, and occurrences to additional development in your support



As it supports multi-product, so one can set up an excellent support system across your services or products. One solution for different brands


Global support

You don’t need to worry about the customers of different time zones and languages as Freshdesk’s language and global time features allow you conversation with any type of user.


Pricing of Freshdesk


Sprout – This pricing option is free for first 4 agents

  • Access to App Gallery
  • Email Channel
  • Knowledge Base
  • Standard Phone Channel
  • Basic Social Channe

Blossom – $19 per agent/month (yearly) or $25 (monthly)

  • Sprout inclusions
  • Advanced Social Channel
  • Custom Domain Mapping
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Time Tracking
  • Custom Apps

Garden – $35 per agent/month (yearly) or $44 (monthly)

  • Blossom inclusions
  • Multilingual Helpdesk
  • Live Chat Channel
  • Ticket Templates
  • Community Forums
  • Scheduled Reports

Estate – $49 per agent/month (yearly) or $59 (monthly)

  • Multiple Products
  • Garden inclusions
  • Portal Customization
  • Custom Agent Roles
  • Shared Ownership
  • Enterprise Reports

Forest – $89 per agent/month (yearly) or $99 (monthly)

  • Estate inclusions
  • Advanced Phone Channel
  • Custom Email Servers
  • EU Data Center
  • IP Whitelisting


Technical details of Freshdesk

Supported Devices – Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, Windows Mobile

Supported Languages – USA, UK, Canada, International, China, Germany, India, Japan, Spain, France, Russia, Italy, Dutch, Portugal, Polish, Turkish, Swedish

Supported Customer Types – Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business, Freelancers

Deployment – Cloud Hosted


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So it is clear that Freshdesk is simple to use, it offers lots of advanced features which are not available in other expensive help desk solutions.

If you are impressed and want to use this tool then it is recommended to first go with its free membership plan, as investing money at first glance is not good in case f any tool/services.

After using its trial version if it suits to your business then you can buy it without any doubt.