Freedcamp Review: Manage Project Like A Pro For Free


Freedcamp: Introduction

Freedcamp is a project management and collaboration tool that is made for individual and multiple users so that they can create projects, organize them and collaborate efficiently.

It is completely web-based project management software and it is completely a free platform for an unlimited number of projects and users. The system offers several sets of tools and capabilities to assign tasks to team members, scheduling events through the calendar, discussion boards, time tracking, etc.

Freedcamp is an ideal tool for project management solution for bigger organizations, businesses and people who want to start and complete projects and those who want to stay in control of their projects budgets, resources and time.

This project management and collaboration tool can be used in markets including manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, advertising, architecture, engineering, IT services, interior design and much more.

Freedcamp offers several useful features and tools that you need to improve your workflow, identify your goals and achieve your targets without ever investing in any expensive project management service or software.

Freedcamp: What it Offers?

  • Task Management
  • Sticky Notes (Kanban Board)
  • Task List
  • Calendar View
  • Time Tracking

Available as add-ons

  • Project Templates
  • Invoice Management
  • Issue Tracking
  • Wiki

Freedcamp: Key Features

Task Lists:

In task list, you can assign a task to the team members and as and when the task gets completed the team member will come to know about it through notification.


Permission System:

Freedcamp provide an easy to use permission system. It is particularly made to easily control team member work during the project. The system is completely customizable and it can be applied to individual as well as to whole team or group.

Sticky Notes:

Also known as Kanban system – it is a way to work on the set of task that is moved from left to right as and when the task gets completed. Similarly, Freedcamp offers the Kanban style sticky notes that offer a quick review on what you and your team are working on.


Project Templates:

This is one of the most important features of this tool. Past projects template can be easily used in a similar type of projects that saves precious times in order to deal with more problems within the issues.


If you make any changes to the projects then it is automatically sent to project managers as well as team members as instant SMS or email notification. Managers and team members can easily respond to your SMS or email even when they are away from work.

Calendar View:

Freedcamp offers calendar view that many of the project management tools do not offers. In calendar view, you can see the tasks, comments and events all in one place.


Communication System:

Freedcamp offers a “Group Wall” particularly for communicating. Here every team or group members and workers can communicate with each other and can share files and documents.


Freedcamp also provides the security. Every projects and discussion, files and documents, information and everything are protected with 256-bit encryption that offers the best security.


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Technical Specifications

  • Devices Supported: Windows, Mac, Web-based
  • Customer Types: Small Business, Large Enterprises, Medium Business
  • Language Support: USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, International, Australia


Freedcamp: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use and it is accessible anywhere
  • Entire activities are displayed at once via dashboard
  • Help you to determine your priorities and tasks
  • Calendar view that helps you to view activities daily, weekly, monthly
  • iOS App that allows you to access Freedcamp on your iOS devices
  • You can sync your project calendar with Google calendar as well as you can sync your documents


  • Gantt Charts is lacking
  • User permission cannot be set
  • Flexible customization is lacking


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Should I Use This Tool?

If anyone would ask me that using Freedcamp is really worthy, then I will answer them “Yes”. Because the services that this company offers are worth comparing with other project management and collaboration tool as it provides most of its services free of cost as compared to other similar services and application.

It also offers an easy user-interface and hence it is very simple to use. You can use and access it anywhere and it works well in most of the browsers. Moreover, it offers several other useful features that you may not find in other similar software that is enough for making this tool competitor application with the others in the market.


  YES, Im Impresed and Want to Use Freedcamp for Free !



Overall, we can say that Freedcamp is one of the best project management and collaboration software that helps to organize projects and tasks. It is free and one can use it for the unlimited number of users and projects and if you want to add some premium features, only then you need to upgrade it. In my opinion, I would like to recommend this software for freelancers, individuals like webmasters, bloggers and non-profits.

It also provides you with amazing budget management task, collaboration and project management and much more that is perfect for business and large organizations.