Flock Review- A Faster way for your Team to Communicate

Flock ReviewAre you unable to manage your projects or tasks due to the lack of team communication? If yes then you are at the right place, here we will discuss about a professional, secure and simple team messenger application for your business communication.

Let’s start, Flock is the tool through which you can establish a proper channel for communication among your team members. If you are planning a new project or just trying to find out the perfect solutions to resolve an issue then you have to talk with your team members instantly.

Flock is one of the advance team messenger space, this team chat app will help you to make the communication better with your team members via lots of built-in productivity tools. You can send the direct message and chat with your team members directly, along with the public and private group chats.


Who needs Flock?

Flock is a chat-based collaboration project management tool, which packed with a few add-on services including FlockOS. The main task of Flock is to offer a proper communication channel between teams through a simple, fast, reliable and safe channel.

If you are running a small company and using the free services like Whatsapp for instant communication then you should try this tool once. While communicating via Whatsapp could significantly influence the productivity of the employees.

There are several organizations that don’t allow Whatsapp in their work place, as this chatting application evolved into a social network and we know that social media can distract you.

No matter you are new or have experience, simply go with its free of cost and enjoy Flocks primary advantage to manage your work with ease.


Yes, Let Me Visit Flock’s Official Webpage 


Flocks Apps and Integrations

This tool is available for all types of platforms, you can directly access Flock on the web or download apps for your Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, machine OR install a plugin for your web browser (Chrome).

If you want a broad integration with other third party applications then Flock is the best for you, as it offers various types of integrations. It supports Google Drive, Trello, Asana, JIRA, MailChimp, Zendesk, and Airbrake.

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Flock’s Features

1. Easy to Create Multiple Teams:

If you want to create more than one chatting area for different teams then this tool will help you to do this. No matter you are associated with multiple teams or departments, this tool will allows you to create a separate “Team” within your Flock space and manage all of your data, conversations and start the discussions.

2. Make Separate Channels for Every Project:

Flock organizes each of the created projects in your business as Channels. You can include all or selected members for each channel separately. Via its channel feature you can organize all of your resources related to your project within a workspace.

3. One-to-one and group chats:

It offers both one to one and group chatting at the same time. Private channels will help you to create small limited groups for any projects whereas via creating public channel you can create channels and add your team members.

4. File sharing:

This is one of the advance feature of Flock, via file sharing feature you can easily organize all of your assets related to your project and also share them with your members. Via this sharing option, one can efficiently organize and share files.

5. Audio & Video calling:

It also contains built-in audio/video calling features, via this option you can communicate with your team members via audio/video channel.


Flock’s Supported Platforms

Flock supports three types of platforms- first is Mobile app for your Android and iOS versions, second is the Desktop app for your Windows/Mac and the last platform supported by Flock is Web version.

All of the versions of Flock have the same interface, so you can swap from one platform to another place without facing any issue.

Flock supported platforms:

  1. Windows 7, 8, 10
  2. Mac
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Chrome
  6. Web Clients (Chrome & Safari)


Flock Pricing Options


For small teams getting started

  • Search upto 10K messages
  • 5GB file storage for your team
  • Limited admin controls
  •  Standard Support

PRO PLAN ($149)

For midsize teams & companies

  • Search unlimited messages
  • 10GB file storage per licensed user
  • Enhanced admin controls
  • Priority support


For large enterprises & organizations

  • Search unlimited messages
  • 20GB file storage per licensed user
  • Enhanced admin controls
  • Dedicated support


Yes, I Want to Use Flock for Free !




According to me, Flock is perfect for all types and sizes of business. Choose the platform on which you want to use the Flock app (the web, desktop or mobile versions) and establish a proper communication channel among your team members.

This tool also offers a free plan, so you can start using Flock without paying a single sent. Simply enter your email ID and signup for Flock. If you are impressed with this tool and want to unlock Flock’s other features then you can choose other of its pricing plan which suits to your budget.