13 Marketing Tips for Facebook Group to Grow Your Business

Facebook Group marketing tips Are you looking for an easy way to connect with your audience on Facebook Group for your business? But fails to build a Perfect Marketing for your Business? Then this article is for you, here check out the best Marketing Tips for your Facebook Group to grow your business.

Marketing has become much easier if you had limited marketing audience. Isn’t it???

Whenever you want you can speak to them, and they must listen and respond to you no matter whatever they are doing. And not only this, they would even buy your product when you ask them to do so.

Ahhh! How SIMPLE the Life Would Be…!!!

But what if I say this is not just an IMAGINATION. This marketing dream can become your Reality.

You won’t believe ME but the reality is the well-created Facebook Group.

Facebook is undoubtedly a powerhouse for growing your social reach and is the first social media platform for launching ads.

And creating the Facebook group is the one way to connect with your audience on Facebook without increasing the budget.

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This is very beneficial to grow your business and connect with the audience, but only if you follow the RIGHT ways.

So, in this article, I’ll share with you how to leverage a Facebook group for your business.

Let’s Get Started…

Essential Tips to Use Facebook Group for Marketing

1. Set Goal

Setting Goal is very important, so before starting; set a goal for your group? Like how to maintain, what you want to get out of starting a Facebook Group? How your brand benefits you?

These are some important points that you need to consider while starting. And after setting your goals follow the SMART agenda.

S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Relevant, T – Timely

Follow this trick to set the goals and use the Facebook group to grow your business.

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2. Offer Real Value

This is another important trick that helps you to grow your business. Don’t forget to offer real value to the audience.

You must provide real, ongoing value to the Facebook group audiences. Think about how to offer the real value to the audience so that they get attracted to join the value Facebook Group.

Check out some example:

  • Provide video content
  • Offer Influencer Q&A’s
  • Offer limited deals and effective offers for the audiences.

This will help you to gain a lot of members, and it’s your duty to give them a reason to stay on your Facebook group. Avoid spamming your members with the self-serving brand content.

3. Make Selection – Public, Closed, or Secret?

Now, this is the time to select if you want Facebook Group to be public, closed or secret.

It is recommended to select either a Closed or Secret settings. If your goal is about increasing brand awareness and selecting any one of these settings provide uniqueness.

The admin level control makes your group more appealing to users and forces them to become members.

You can give a try to Sendible – this is able to manage different social media clients and is great for beginners as well as professionals.

4. Avoid Promoting Your Content

The Facebook Group is not sales forum, so avoid promoting your content. As you start focusing on promoting your content, you will start losing your Facebook group members.

The Facebook Group is a place where the members ask questions, share their queries and communicate with one another and with you as well.

But this doesn’t mean you should stop promoting yourself in Facebook Group. In fact try the smart tricks like:

  • Make it conversational
  • Provide the benefits visibly and in an informal way
  • Offer them like an address of need
  • Make sure not to force them to buy your product.

This is highly beneficial as it seems like original and builds a strong relationship with your audience. Also provides automatic benefits.

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5. Let Others Talk

Try to build engagement, let the other people talk about the topic. Avoid getting involved in every conversation in your group.

Allow the members to feel COMFORTABLE and become friendly. This builds a strong relation and bond with each other.

And when you find the conversation is going strong and feel like answering or asking questions than participate and stand back.

6. Discuss Current Events

Discussing current events is another trick that attracts others audiences to engage and make the conversation strong.

Commonly the Facebook groups are great places to keep up with current events in your business.

So, make sure to add current events, news etc that happening in the world of social media. These are the spices that allow all the audience to get engaged in the Facebook group.

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7. Begins with a Challenge

The beginning should be great, so start the Facebook group with a challenge. So don’t forget to do the publicity.

You can make an announcement through the email, social accounts, and other channels. This attracts the people and allows them to immediately join and participate.

And the chances of engagement increases if you have any special surprise, offers or personal achievement involved.

8. Show Limited Rewards

Offering prizes or rewards will undoubtedly attract the audience. This is really helpful for driving traffic to your website.

But despite driving engagement this also give people extra motivation to join and after that check back.

So make sure to show limited rewards like the monthly or special offer for the members of your Facebook group and increase the traffic.

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9. Build Online and Offline Events

Facebook Group is all about conversation, engagement, and debate etc.

So, at monthly or weekly intervals host conversations and start topics in your Facebook group for engagement.

You can also use your Facebook group to build attentiveness about the offline events and related topics.

You may opt for SMhack  – this is specially programmed to share content across different profiles, keep your audience engaged and many other valuable things. 

These simple tricks will make you stand as an authority and make you natural. Not only this the other audiences are also attracted to speak on your topics and this will adversely make you popular and improve the conversion.

To build more trust brands these with your name and crowd-sourced future topics to create more engagement.

10. Pin a Post

This is another Facebook group marketing tactic that you can try to make your group more reliable.

At the top of the Facebook Group pin a post to make your Old and new members aware of the guidelines, important links, about group admin and important rules & regulation etc.

This is a SIMPLE approach to make your Facebook group active and trustworthy.

Despite this, it is beneficial for several things:

  • Welcome new members
  • Provide correct information about what this group is all about and what to expect
  • Links external resources
  • Aware the members of the rules and regulations
  • Information about the admins and who they are
  • Thanks to the members for joining and participating.

11. Have Dedicated Admins

Building a group means the commitment of efforts and time. Building and growing a new group is not an easy task to make sure you are having dedicated admins for your Facebook group.

It is necessary to have a regular management to respond to the members’ queries and keep an eye on the regular activities.

So this is also important to have enthusiastic admins who make contributions and take action regularly.

If needed you can also upgrade the dedicated member to admin level and allow them to show their creativity.

Well managing a group will highly time-consuming and but stressful work, so don’t forget to offer them rewards and praise them on the group.

12. Share High-Quality Content

Try sharing the high-quality content; create local content particularly for the Facebook group.

Don’t just repost and share other contents try to do something new for engaging and attracting an audience.

One easy way to keep the content quality high is to make use of the visuals. Share images; videos, live Facebook videos, infographic, etc to drive more traffic and engagement.

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This is an effective facebook group marketing tip to grow your business as well.

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13. Don’t Forget to Sell

Well, this is the last Facebook group marketing tip to grow your business.

Here you need not to afraid of selling your product or service. This is your group so go ahead and do it from time to time.

Additionally, the main motive behind creating the Facebook group increasing conversion rates and driving more traffic.

So, when you are not overwhelming the groups with something valuable then go ahead and offer this to your members.


So, this is all about how to make your Facebook group successful and how to use your Facebook group for marketing.

The key to successful marketing is giving value. And if you start with pushing your products your members get alienated.

Remember one thing you need to grow the group, give value to that group, curate that group and try your best to grow that group. And undoubtedly drive ultimate success to your business.

Follow the rule of Give and Take, first focus on giving as much as value to your members, followers, friends and possibly you will win.

So what are you waiting for? Start following the Facebook Marketing tips right now…!