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If you are thinking to earn money through online process, then there are several ways to do that. But completely it’s up to you which path you select to work best. Everyone wants to do their business in unique style. Some select to create a website and after that add numerous content in it to attract visitors, whereas others may create a product and sell it online through sale pages.


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So when you make up your mind in developing some new way to earn online then it’s not easy to compete in this competitive world. For that, you need a way to move forward in this field. And to help you out, ClickFunnels will provide you the best option. It is a platform which provides many new features by generating leads for your website or your product. This is a website builder which allows creating everything starting from membership websites, lead generation system, sales funnel to product launch, landing pages etc with drag and drop method.

It completely depends on you of what type of page you want to create and Clickfunnels offers several pre-built templates to design. These templates are really awesome and whatever template it provides, there is no need to do any change on it. If required, then it is quite easy to make some changes on templates. Therefore ClickFunnels is one of the best tools which provides everything you need to make your business grow. Unlike competitor’s product which only allows creating standalone pages, ClickFunnels is everything about building different types of marketing funnels. All in whole, a funnel is a series of pages that visitors will go through to reach their goals. If you are facing any problem in designing and creating sales funnel then ClickFunnels can easily solve the problem. This software works excellent for newbies and can increase more leads and sales.

What it offers

  • Optin/lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnel
  • Webinar funnels
  • Launch funnel
  • Membership funnel
  • Auto Webinar funnel
  • Custom funnel

Features in Brief:

  • Optin/Lead capture funnels– It consists of one page where users sign up by using their email id just to get email updates. Due to this, it is known as lead capture funnel. Its back end page consists an auto responder which gathers all leads email addresses.


  • Sales page funnels– This page is best for products. It can gather all emails and after that immediately sell the products or can be done vice-versa.


  • Webinar funnel– First people sig up using lead capture funnels to get notification for upcoming webinar. Now webinar consists of following elements which includes landing page for webinar registration that leads a thank you page along with live webinar page which takes to the sales page.


  • Auto webinar funnel– Almost similar to the previous one, only includes webinars replay instead of live webinars. Easy for collecting opt-ins using replays instead of regular updating.


  • Membership funnel– This is for those users who want to generate recurring income of any niche. This can completely help to do that, only requires to create full membership site.


  • Launch funnel– If you have a product and want to sell it online then using Launch funnel, it can make it easy to sell. This funnel will help those people who are waiting to buy the product and affiliates who are ready to sponsor the product.


  • Custom funnel– This funnel system can be used as per your wish. This can be easily customized and can convert it into funnel system according to your wish.


Should I use this tool?

If you have a website and you want to earn money from it or have a product which you want to sell then it is really important to know what to do so that visitors or audience buy the product. Starting an internet based business is not so difficult when you have the right tools to perform the process. Simply you have to create a landing page where you have to advertise your products. Later on you can add a full store where all your products will be displayed. But if this work looks much then you can use ClikcFunnels. This is used to better expand your business. ClickFunnels is a platform which provides all such features to make the website or product reach higher audience.

This tool is very helpful as it contains professionally created themes which can easily configure and edit as per need. Nothing to worry about complicated code as everything is done already, it is a click based program which requires drag and drop option. This tool is easy to use and can be used by anyone who wants to expand their businesses and want to build a large audience.

ClickFunnels – Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to use software which helps to create awesome funnel system
  • Integrates with email and payment providers
  • Several professional templates on each funnel category available
  • Continuously new features are added
  • Excellent looking templates for each type of funnel
  • Offers good 2-tier affiliate program
  • Provides 14 days free trial


  • Expensive product for medium internet marketers
  • Have limits on funnel, pages and visitors with standard pages
  • Split testing is basic


Alternative Tools

  • Brightpearl
  • Vend
  • Autopilot
  • Fast Spring
  • LeadDyno


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Well, which way you want to go simply depends on your type of business. Using ClickFunnels will help you to optimize your website in a better way and it will work excellently to make things fast and easy to update, bringing all things together. This can be used to create a funnel system on your site just to improve site structure which can help you to get more leads. This is completely safe for medium and advanced marketers as it costs a substantial amount of money. Moreover, it provides 14 days free trial where users can know whether it is working or not.