Everything To Know About ReferralCandy Review- Best Referral Program for Customer

Everything About ReferralCandy Review- Best Referral Program for Customer

If you have your own business and you want to make it, spread to the entire world then only making it cannot get your business to the world. For that, you have to do some extra works o that your business can reach the goal.

And in this context, you need a strong affiliate partners of marketing who can help your business to promote and easily control your business over social media, blogs and some other platforms as well.

However, here the fact is you will not get this promotion in free of cost but in return they need some commission. This is one kind of surety that they are happy with you and in return, your business is reaching to every happy customer.

Now you know how to make your customers happy but do you have any idea how to start it and what to select?

If no then don’t worry. Here you have to make use of ReferralCandy tool that is marketing strategy for many businesses.

This is a customer referral program, also known as referral marketing tool, helps you to achieve more customers to your business by inviting referrals.

This allows users to monitor their referral program with automated customizable tools and that helps to boost customer loyalty and also achieve new customers.

It brings customers from several marketing strategies and by several techniques. Very easy to operate and anything you need help can be easily achieved from support team. It also provides access to unlimited advocates.

In this, the main attraction part is the referral incentives. This is one kind of guarantee you get that when any customers visit to your website via referral code then you will make sale. So this kind of software is beneficial for online stores who are just beginners, and also for online shops.

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Features of ReferralCandy

Easy social media integration

Now its easy to connect with all popular ecommerce platforms or can easily select custom API

  • Automatic integration– Immediately connect with big ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Amazon Webstore, Zencard and Shopify
  • Custom integration– It has advanced options like API and JS integration so that you can have more flexibility
  • Email integration– Now its easy to paste tracking code on checkout page and run it in 20 minutes

Easy to monitor referral engagement

Now its easy to monitor your customers share, new sales or referrals by sitting on one place.

Now its easy to know how customers love your brand. You can know about your customers, how they love your brand, how they share to their friends and how they convert it. You can also track the growth of your referral program in competition to your own records and other industries.

Automatically share rewards

ReferralCandy automatically distribute rewards to their customers. Now its on your hand to give them coupon, custom gift or cash

  • Detect successful referrals– The tool automatically detects referrals and then send rewards to both referrers and their friends
  • Several kind of rewards– Now it’s a choice between several rewards like cash reward, discount coupon and custom gift.
  • Protect against fraud and misuse– The tool protects every program from unwanted referrals and also report if there is any misuse of the case

Beautiful and attractive templates

Easy to use templates that are easily customized and best for referral result. You can easily experience it on your Smartphone as emails and pages works excellent in every device. The templates are set to use and if you wish then you can easily add your brand by following few simple steps.

It means that if you are the owner of your business and if you are using ReferralCandy then you have full control on all your templates through CSS and HTML editing.

Easy to engage across all channels

Now it has becomes easy for customers to join the referral program. You can send email blast to all your customers and make a list of members for your referral program. It automatically invites customers for referral programs after they buy something from your store. This tool allows you to build a standalone page from where customers can get referral links of their own.

Get good support

You don’t have to worry about anything as there are support team with best guiders to create referral program. The support team can easily answer whatever problem you face as they can solve the issues immediately without any need to send email. In addition, you can get best tips or ideas on how to create best referral programs so that you can get success as soon as possible.

How ReferralCandy works?

Now its easy for a new business to start with ReferralCandy. Let see how it works:

You can easily reward your customers with store credits, free products or with cash. Using this tool gives you amazing theme that looks great, very easy to upload your brand logo and banner and after that it does everything for you.

After that, every advocate gets their own link, which can be easily shared with friends. It also comes with several widgets and email templates and this helps to increase number of advocates. Not only this but the software avoid all self-referrals and give rewards to only those who are verified referral sales.

It works effectively after advocates friend hit on the link after which they are taken to the landing page. Here the program handles the referral rewards automatically and this way, advocates feel special after they refer a friend.


ReferralCandy program gives you 30 days free trial. If you want to cancel the program then you have to do it before 30 days period is over.


$49 Monthly Base Fee + Monthly Commission


$3999 Monthly Fee + billed annually

Both pricing plans include the following features:

  • Unlimited Advocates
  • Fraud Protection
  • Responsive Support
  • Rapid DIY Setup

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Now its time to conclude everything that you have gone through ReferralCandy. No matter you have large online shop or small one, using the tool will help you to gain positive customer response and also attract many other customers as well.

This tool consists of automated referral tracking system, which helps to track referrals and reward them properly on time. Those customers who use the software will get extreme pleasure after using it. Its prices are also reasonable and the best part is that it provides 30 days free trial.

So there is no harm in using this tool as if you don’t like it then you can easily cancel it before 30 days are over. Also you can see other similar software like LeadDyno which provides similar features with some extra benefits