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Evernote is a cross-platform, free/premium app designed for note taking, organizing and archiving your files and making it available, accessible and searchable virtually on any mobile devices, on the web, or laptop. Developed by Evernote Corporation, Redwood, California in 2007, today is world’s leading repository of unstructured data serving 200 million users around the world.  

This app allows you to capture a note or memo in any format which may or may not have an attachment file of a product or service review for reference, the photo of a business receipt, audio file, or text meeting or handwritten notes. Compilation of notes are added to a stack while notes can be sorted into a notebook, annotated, edited, commented, searched and exported as a part of a notebook.

Evernote serves many purposes as a note taking tool, daily journal, digital file cabinet, project/task management system, recipe keeper and many more the way you want it to use. Just because it has so many uses and a plethora of features it can appeal the mass out there and overkill others who aren’t aware of its capabilities.

Evernote integrates with just about anything and everything. It is loaded with browser extensions that give you the opportunity to save web pages in its entirety just in one click for future reference.

A dedicated Evernote email address lets you forward emails, tweets or other content in a jiffy. Also, IFTTT (If This Then That) supportable i.e. you can automatically send content from other services to your Evernote account. Evernote – the easiest and simplest way to archive your digital life.

What it Offers?

  • Web clipping support
  • Mobile and Web interface
  • Store notes, web clips, files and images
  • Web clipper browser extensions
  • Edit rich text and sketches
  • Geolocation
  • Content available on any device
  • Save online resources in one place
  • Snap photos, record audio, save documents
  • Evernote Food for collecting food moments
  • Store all itineraries, confirmations, travel documents
  • Skitch and Penultimate
  • Give feedback and share ideas

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Features of Evernote

Web clipping support:

Clip your bookmarks from the web and have an arranged notebook of bookmarks so that you could use it wherever you require on the go.

Mobile and Web interface:

It’s user-friendly interface available all devices helps you to synchronize your files across all devices so that you can become independent of the platform you use.

Store notes, web clips, files, and images:

This feature helps you to keep notes, bookmarks, your important files and many altogether in the same notebook. Well you can also separate ones to distinguish them.

Web clipper browser extensions:

Need not to copy paste your bookmarks. Directly save from browsers. Web Clipper allows you to collect and curate the best of the web.

Edit rich text and sketches:

Edit your texts with rich visuals and sketches. If you want your handwriting then well you get it on the go.


you could give keep your text along with geolocation so that you would be recognized later and will be associate your files in a much better way.

Content available on any device:

Being cross- \platform application Evernote gives you the opportunity to access over all devices making it much easier and convenient to use.

Save online resources in one place:

With your Evernote account keep all resources together in one place and access them whenever you feel like.

Snap photos, record audio, save documents:

A plenty of options to keep the type of files with your Evernote account Whether it be text files, images, web files or anything you say, everything in one place.

Evernote Food for collecting food moments:

Evernote Food will take your cooking adventures to another level with a vast collection of delicious recipes from different publishers and blogs.

Shapes, arrows and quick sketches:

Different shapes arrows and quick sketches help you to develop your document in a more enhanced and appealing way.

Store all itineraries, confirmations, travel documents:

Evernote allows to browse through articles, blogs, email recommendations, maps and confirmation before you land at your favorite destination.

Skitch and Penultimate:

Skitch gets you point with fewer words using annotation, shapes, sketches so that your idea turn into reality faster. Penultimate for ipad is a handwriting app with the flexibility and syncing of Evernote.

Feedback and share ideas:

Share your note or notebook in a chat with others to exchange your ideas and get feedback on it.

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Evernote Pros and Cons


  • The things that I love about Evernote are the sync. I can access my notes from any phone on any platform. You can also access your note from desktop app or the versatile web browser app.
  • Sync is very handy and easy to use, keeping it versatile to use on any device.
  • Automator scripts help to integrate tools which helps the user to use it effectively.
  • Evernote has subscription fees. But the free account is enough to use most of it.


  • To make notes available for offline use (on the mobile phone), you need the premium account.
  • Multilevel notebooks and stacks are not possible. One can have just one level of notebooks and one level of stacks.

Should I Use Evernote?

With Evernote, you can keep everything in sync. All your notes, files, web clips, or images are available on any device and computer you are using. From short notes to lengthy research, no matter your writing form, Evernote can you focused on turning these ideas from inspiration to actual completion.

You can save every file you file cool and exciting online or in the actual world. Take photos, record audio, and save it. You can also save entire web pages to Evernote with its nifty browser extensions. You can get the whole webpage: text, images, and links.

Yes, definitely Evernote should be involved in your day-to-day life which makes your work easy and makes your managing tools easier than ever.

  Yes I Want to Use Evernote for Free !

Last Thoughts: Evernote

Evernote is the ultimate way to get your notes simplified and arranged. It can store innumerable thing and you can share anywhere and everywhere.

I think Evernote will make up for your need and perform the way you always required. Evernote serves many purposes as a note taking a tool, daily journal, digital file cabinet, project/task management system, recipe keeper and much more the way you want it to use. Thus use it the best way you can and help yourself in better management of your notes.