Enhance Your Social Media Influence With Right Scheduling Technique With Postplanner…!

Post Planner complete review
Post Planner
is a social media publishing and scheduling tool that helps to figure out what kinds of posts and content you must need to post. This tool will guide you on posting up your content at the right time and on the right network. It is also a content creation engine that helps you in finding the top tier content in your industry, so that you can share excellent and engaging content in between your marketing messages.


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Post Planner provides information on the top performing content for nay social account or topics that you can use in your social media marketing campaign, all ranked by vitality so that you can easily judge that it is useful too or not. All such content can be put in one location, adding at the same time accounts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and your favorite hashtags, keywords, and blogs. You can also choose the best content to enhance interaction with your audience.

What it offers?

  • Planned posts
  • Top articles
  • Status ideas
  • Bulk Uploads
  • Sharebar
  • Custom Domain
  • Email Opt-in
  • Post targeting


Features of Post Planner:

Built in analytics

Another great advantage of using this tool is that it provides some basic real time analytics as to how many likes/comments your posts are getting. Although this data is pretty basic, it can be useful to see which posts and which times are performing the best.

Easy graphic design with Canva

In the recent update of this tool there is an added integration with the graphic design service of Canva, so now you can use Canava from within Post Planner to design some innovative images with no graphic design skills necessary.

Get the best content for your users

As we all know that best quality content is that, which is right. Browse though the recommended feeds based on your industry and interests. You can also discover new content by keyword, hastag, Facebook or twitter page. Gather your favorite content in just one place.

This will save and combine your feeds into a powerful stream. Along with that you can also create a personal library organized the way you want.

Take the guesswork out of post performance

Though Social media has the vast collection of data but tool’s custom algorithm measures this data for every content source in your streams. This tool will review past performance and predict future engagement specific to your audience. All content is pre-validated, star-ranked and 100% scientifically guarantees to perform.

Don’t spend hours per day planning posts

Post planner create plan for your pages and account and then plug-in your content streams. Automatically recycle popular posts. This tool uses algorithm to create your perfect posting times and add them to your plan to get you started.

Control of your social media strategy

This tool is built both for Organize planned and posted content in one screen. View by vital stats to make better decisions or sit back while Post planner does the work, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Easy to use scheduler

You can schedule out future posts with videos link and pictures, you can even set them to repeat as many times as you would like.  You can go back in and edit them which is great because we all tend to make typos from time to time.

This tool allows you to automatically post to profiles, pages or groups and you can set up a different custom posting schedule for each of them if you so desire.

Pros of Post Planner

  • Valuable for any small business who plans to incorporate Facebook as a huge part of their marketing plan
  • Cheap and Easy to use. Saves you a lot of time and frustration. Especially useful for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Cons of Post Planner

  • Apps that work across multiple platforms will probably be more in demand in spite of the fact that this is a very useful and advanced app
  • Certain categories can have limited available content to choose from.


Why Should You Use Post Planner?

As the name suggest, the main purpose of this tool is to plan or schedule your Facebook posts.  If you are on Facebook past planner is a fantastic tool! Post planner finds pictures that go viral pictures that are shared an awful lot. Post planner viral photo features has generated popular posts on my Facebook page and of course I am fan of the Canva button integration to create an image and schedule it out at the optimal time.


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Alternative tools:

  • Social Content Planner
  • Around.io
  • The Huffington Post
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  • Attendify
  • iTeacherBook
  • Planogr.am