Editorr Review – Editing by Real People, Not Software

Editorr plans Content creation is actually an artist’s task as it is not only about punctuation, capitalization, and vocabulary. In order to create attractive and understandable content, you need to deal with several factors.

If you are not a professional writer then it is common that your created content may include several grammatical and reading issues which can make you embarrassed.

If you are a content marketer without having much knowledge about grammar as well as unable to hire a professional editor, then it will become a challenging task to ensure that your content is clear and efficient to your visitors/readers.

The quality of your content and style of your written material can say everything about you. There are many greatest entrepreneurs in the world, who are struggles with content writing issues, some of them prefer proofreading tools but some are in the favor of human editors for getting the perfect result.

And if you think that after detecting and fixing grammatical mistakes in the text content will make your content perfect then you are wrong, as you also need to take care of your content flow. An Article with a rhythm makes reading a comfortable exercise.

In this review section, we will discuss about a human-based service Editorr. It is an editing service through which you can boost the quality of your written output within 10 minutes. It is a group of pre-qualified writing experts to improve the quality of any content, short or long.


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What is Editorr?


Editorr is a proofreading cum content boosting services based on San Diego. This service provides on-demand access to a network of professional writers and editors. It is very fast and reliable service, generally, it will take 5 to 10 minutes. This service is perfect for the social media posts, blog posts, newsletters and so on.


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But, currently the Editorr is only available for English language writing but it is expected that this service will expand to other popular languages in the future.

So, you can call Editorr as an English language online editing service that you can access at any time. It is not like the other online content editors that take days or weeks to complete a job.

According to the Editorr:

“You can connect with the REAL editors without worrying about timing. They available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week to edit your writing and ensures you that it is free of embarrassing spelling and grammatical mistakes.”

I personally used this too and experienced that, Editorr provides a revised, well- written draft very quickly than other “traditional” online editors ever will.  According to me, this service is perfect for short messages like emails, social media posts, and blogs. As it reviews and returned corrected contents in a few minutes so you can quickly-response to your readers.


How Does Editorr Work?


As we know that the Editorr is a group of professional editors, these qualified writers will take your assignments at a moment when you submit. You can assign your material to an on-demand professional editor.

Once the content is submitted for the proofreading & correction, the editor works on the content and returns a draft to you with future amendments for your endorsement. And the main point is, you can do the entire task without the need to worry about the device, as this service is a device independent service and hence you can access this service from your Smartphone, tablet or computer.


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Step by Step Guide to use Editorr


Sign Up: First of all you need to create a user account on Editorr.

Select a Word Package: Buy the word package according to your requirement.

Submit the Written Content for Review: After selecting your word package now you need to submit your content.

Receive Redline Changes: Editorr’s editor will highlight your content and make any necessary or suggested modifications.

Review Your Fixed Content: Now, it is recommended to review the editor’s suggested redline modifications. You can also chat with the editor of your project and discuss your content or the editor’s recommended alterations.

Approve the Edit: After reviewing the suggested changes, approve the edit and rate the editor of your project if you like the performance.


[Video Tutorial] How Editorr Works?


How much time Editorr take to deal with 277 words?

  • Length of content = 277 words
  • Estimated Pick-Up Time = 1.5 minutes
  • Times taken to Fix and Return = 10.3 minutes
  • Total Average Time from Content Correction = 11.8 minutes!


Word Packages or Pricing

Note: There are no Monthly Subscription is available. You need to Pay As You Go.


  • $ 5
  • 150 Words
  • 3.3 cents per word


  • $ 13
  • 500 Words
  • 2.6 cents per word
  • Save 20%


  • $ 59
  • 2,500 Words
  • 2.4 cents per word
  • Save 25%


  • $ 499
  • 25,000 Words
  • 2 cents per word
  • Save 40%


I’m Impressed, and Want to use Editorr 


That’s all about Editorr so now after reading this review, you can decide whether this service is suitable for your business or not. According to my conclusion, this perfect to interact with Personal & Professional Emails, Social Media Content, Online Marketing, Blog Posts & Newsletters, Resumes & Cover Letters, Real Estate / Sales Listings etc…

If you want to test this service more deeply then you should go with the Bronz plan as it is the cheapest plan offered by the Editorr. Use this once and the output will help you to take your decision.