Drip Email Marketing Automation Tool To Boost Your Sales

Drip review

When it comes to email marketing, we want nothing but the best. The best Open rate, the best Click rate, the best ROI, and DRIP proves to be BEST in this case. This is the most powerful lightweight marketing automation tool. As the name suggests, Drip was made for drip emails. You can set up a series of emails to go out to a list over a period of time. This email marketing tool allows crafting every interaction with leads, trial users, and customers. It is having killer marketing automation features.  Drip is the great email marketing tool to build incredible workflows and helps the user to create highly effective, dynamic email campaigns in a just couple of minute. With the Drip’s visual campaign builder, you can design email campaigns based on subscribers’ actions, decisions, goals, delay and exist.

There are tons of marketing automation tools out there, but Drip, is a combination of a solid backing (Leadpages), affordable pricing ($1 for 100 subscribers), and easy execution of Marketing Automation. This is a great product that allows taking next step in automating efforts and growing your membership base. Apart from that, this is having a super slick user interface and comes with beautifully designed pop-ups/forms. This is extremely easy to integrate with your website.

What it offers:

This quick and easy email marketing tool and provides great deals, some of them are:

  • This offers widget to promptly gather leads from user website
  • Blueprints to hastily make own drip campaign
  • User can make their own Blueprints with text placeholders
  • User can also connect to payment apps to import customers automatically
  • Visual workflow builder to quickly send automated emails
  • This allows the user to track open and click rates for emails

Detailed Features:

Here take a closer look at the awesome features of Drip.

1. Visual Workflow Builder

It let you craft your entire expedition in an elegant, visual workflow. Workflows manage their own appearance as well as steps and path placement. This allows you to remove the perspective for generating ugly, confusing and disorganized diagrams.  This easy to use interface is free of error-prone drag and drop operations and this considerably reduces user learning curve.

2. Automate Everything:

In automation rule builder there are 18 triggers and 16 actions. One can utilize this automation to move subscribers in and out of campaigns, apply tags, record the conversation, send them to an another application (like a CRM system) and much more.

3. Tag Subscribers Based On Their Actions

This is the awesome feature of drip; here one can utilize the automation engine for applying tags to the subscribers while performing particular actions like visiting a page on your website, clicking a link in an email, making a purchase, or any other custom event you send to Drip. This also maintains unlimited custom fields (like “name” and “phone”) on all the subscribers.

4. Identify Best Leads

This leading feature of Drip allows you to recognize best leads. The leads scoring algorithm tracks events for concluding which subscribers are most engaged with content and likely to become customers. Sort and filter by the lead score to focus efforts on most engaged subscribers.

5. Send targeted emails

With the help of this one can send targeted emails and find the right group of subscribers to receive message easily with the flexible segment builder

Drip Campaignsi: Drip Campaigns: This campaign is a series of emails, like an email course or user onboarding sequence.

Broadcastsii: Broadcasts: This is an email blast, like a well-timed promotional deal or notification of the latest blog post.

One-Offsiii: One-Offs: here the emails are generated by particular events, like making a purchase or applying a tag.

6. Track Performance

This is really superlative as this automatically tracks subscriber activity on your website or in your app along with a number of key performance metrics for the opt-in forms and campaigns.

7. Connect Favorite Apps

Here the user is allowed to connect various desired apps. Drip natively is combined with plenty of applications and platforms, together with: landing page providers, payment gateways, shopping carts, CRM systems, and much more.

8. Effortlessly Capture Email Addresses

Widget: One can instantaneously capture subscribers from any page of their website with the live chat-inspired widget.

Embedded: This allows copying HTML form markup and paste directly on the website or retrofits an existing form.

Exit Triggered: This allows to easily grabbing visitors’ attention with a well-timed pop up as they begin to exit the page.

Hosted: Each and every form comes with a public hosted version on the website. There is no coding required.

9. Keep list healthy

This feature help the user to remove subscriber who is no longer engaging with your email, as this will help you keep your cost down and list quality high.

10. Send Data In and Pull Data Out

Here the user has full-featured JavaScript and server-side (RESTful) APIs, outbound webhooks, and an integration with Segment.com. The user can check out the documents for full details.

Pros and Cons


  • Automation Capabilities
  • User can easily track goals or sales conversion by subscriber
  • Ability to track the number of subscribers is going through a specific automation at any given time.
  • Easily graph out Drip Campaigns using their visual designer
  • Drip offers basic support and a knowledge base.


  • This is quite complex for beginner bloggers or marketers.
  • A bit pricey

Should I Use this Tool?

Yes, you can absolutely use this tool, as this is not only good for email marketing but also for marketing automation and send behavior-based emails. Here we will describe the reasons why you should use this tool. Have a look:

1) Increase Your Contacts without Increasing the Time Investment

Lead nurturing is a marketing term for staying in touch with a potential client who is interested in what you’re offering but not ready to buy. This is extremely important when you want to build strong and long lasting relationships. For maximizing the marketing efficiency, contact leads at least once in 3 months. This helps in keeping your brand in the front position of the prospect’s mind and develops an awareness that leads trust.

While organizing an email drip campaign, this automated tools send content for the user for best results and works smart in the whole process. This will provide more time to focus on other portions of the business that will create revenue.

2) Drip Emails Are Opened More Often Than One-Offs

A researcher Silverpop initiated that the open rates for drip emails are 80% higher than the single sends.

The study evaluates that a large number of outgoing commercial email sends from various business sectors, compare single send campaigns to drip campaigns for concluding the differences in open and click-through rates.

It is stated that even a 5% increase in the open rates can significantly lead higher conversions, and these drip campaign results can have an essential impact on company’s success.

3) Keep up with the buying cycle.

Drip email marketing is particularly effective when you know where your customer or the vision will be in the buying cycle. Loyal customers who are kept in a circle about latest product and offers are more likely to buy from you again. If you are having a “lead that got away” for a yearly contract (for something like software or insurance), set up a campaign to aim them with series of messages leading up to the contract renewal date. If they’re not happy with their current service, they may be in the market to make a change.


I believe this review helped you to understand the features and capabilities of Drip.
There are many other tools available in the market but this is best among them. Drip helps to quickly create and edit email marketing campaigns. This makes the marketing automation simple, straightforward and affordable for the successful website.

So, if you combine your e-commerce platform or website/email collection method with Drip, this could be a great tool, even for the larger businesses also.