Crisp Chat Review: #1 Live Chat Software for Your Website, Web App & Mobile App

Crisp Chat ReviewAre you looking for a market’s leading live chat support for your website? If your answer is YES then you should have to read this review till the end, as in this review we have discussed about a professional Live Chat Support service ‘Crisp Chat’.

There are various factors that we should take care while selecting any live chat tool for our business, some of the core feature and metrics we have to look for: Amount of contacts to deal with, Chat history, Number of agents, Trigger events/messages, Integrations, Able to send campaign emails or not and the most important Pricing.

So let’s start the topic, Crisp is an online chatting service that provides businesses chat platform to your visitors in multiple ways. This tool allows you to set up a website chat box through which your visitors or customers can automatically with your chat agents.

Your visitors can also communicate via Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and other famous messaging platforms.

Along with the chat service, it also offers a complete CRM and CRO solution. All the visitors’ messages are stored in a single team inbox, where chat agents can right away respond to customer requests.

Via Crisp Chat Service you can directly connect with your customers or visitors and help them to solve their problem or makes things simple. Few useful features are:

  • The unlimited chatbox
  • Chat with unlimited visitors.
  • Access Crisp from all of your devices.
  • Reply to your chats instantly.
  • Continue your chat via email even if your visitor goes offline.
  • See what your visitor is typing before sending.
  • For a specific feature, Crisp has plugins for that.

It is very simple to setup Crisp on your site, it takes few minutes to add this chat service on your website. Because of its advanced feature and compatibility, Crisp Chat is used by more than 30,000 brands. Crisp is not only famous for its chatbox feature as it also includes a complete customer relationship management (CRM) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution.


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How Does Crisp Chat Work?

Once you integrate Crisp into your website or a specific page of your website you will see a small chat box on your website.

Whenever your visitors ask any query through that chatbox will be directly delivered to the Crisp Team Inbox. Here, your chat agents can easily reply to all inbound queries.

The best part of this tool is, your customers aren’t limited to the online chatboxes: they can also connect to your chat agents via email, messenger, Twitter, and SMS.

Crisp is packed with all of the basic and advanced chat features which are necessary to generate leads and convert them into a customer. This chat service includes bots, mentions, video and audio chat, notes, canned responses, emojis file sharing, and more.


Features of the Crisp Chat Platform

Messaging: Crisp Chat platform offers “Advanced Messaging”. Users can do audio and video chat according to their convenience. And the most important Crisp Team Inbox, which allows your chat agents to reply to all queries from a single inbox.

MagicMap: Crisp includes a feature through which you can see a real-time overview of your business, this feature is called MagicMap. With the help of MagicMap you get an accurate number of users active on your website. This feature is considered as an important feature for running a press release, a blog, or a new email campaign and measuring the response.

MagicBrowse: This advanced feature of Crisp allows you to access your visitor’s screen, through this you can close more deals and deal with more support tickets. It’s “Live Assist” feature allows your agents to temporary control several issues directly.

CRM: With the help of Crisp user management system one can easily manage, edit, and export all of their users and leads information, which includes conversations, social networks, company information, phone numbers, and more. Through this feature you can access contextual information while talking to your customers, and retarget them via “Crisp Drip Campaigns”.

Marketing: It is very simple to retarget your customers, via Crisp campaigns and Drip campaigns you can onboard, engage, and retarget your customers. The Crisp campaigns system is well-suited with email, chat, SMS, and others.

Integrations: This tool is integrated with Slack, Telegram, Zendesk, Bitbucket, or Jira. This chatting option is not limited; your visitors can contact you via other messaging apps like messenger, mail, twitter, SMS, telegram and more. All the messages or queries are received to your team inbox and notify your agents.


Crisp’s Pricing Option

Crisp offers free as well as paid subscription options for their customers:


  • 2 agents included
  • 30 day chat history
  • Livechat
  • Mobile apps

Pro ($25/Month/Team)

  • 4 agents included
  • Unlimited history
  • Automated triggers
  • Integrations
  • Team inbox features

Unlimited ($95/Month/Team)

  • Unlimited agents
  • MagicBrowse
  • Campaigns
  • Auto-Replies
  • Knowledge Base


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Hence it is clear that the Crisp Chat service is very advanced and you should try this once for your online/offline business. It offers Free Subscription, that’s why it is suggested to try it once. If it suits to your business and you want to unlock all of its features then you can subscribe any of its pricing options. Or, if you are running a small business and the Free Plan is enough to handle your business then enjoy it for free.

If you are not interested in this chatting tool and want to explore few more online chatting services for your business then visit (