9 Ways To Create An Effective Call To Action For Improved Conversion


Having a strong Call to Action is the essential elements of every landing page, but many businesses never use them EFFICIENTLY.

Unluckily, there are Majority of Businesses that still don’t identify the importance of this strategy.

In a survey, it is stated that 70% of small businesses don’t contain a CTA or make strong appeals to drive the conversion goals.

Well, your CTA is the main factor responsible to improve your conversion rates. This is the final point of communication and last chance to convert your visitors.

So, it is very imperative to create an effective call to action to increase your conversion rates.

And, if you are looking forward to boost the conversion rates, then this article is for you.

Here learn the effective ways to create a killer CTA that boost your conversions and establish you as an authority.  

Boost Call to Action Effectiveness for Improved Conversion 

#1: Focus on the Value

While Creating Call to Action, bear in mind the users value the time.

So you need to be very careful while conveying the message to your audience.

Just writing the common, call to action triggers like Sign up, Buy Now/ Download, Submit and Learn More will not get you the desired result.

You need to be more Enthusiastic while writing the perfect call-to-action message because the customers have become more knowledgeable than before.

Try writing the words that fascinate the targeted audience, educate them what they actually receive.

Well, in a survey it is confirmed that 84 % of the audience bounce back, in the first encounter when you ask them to buy.

However, if you offer then FREE TRIAL, this can boost your conversions by 328%.

So, this is the KEY, where you need to focus some energy for the high-quality lead generation.

#2: Create a Sense of Urgency

A Sense of Urgency is the key to achieve the desired result and will raise your conversion as well.

This is the reason why many marketing materials motivate the users to take action immediately.

Offering a timeline, that shows the offer is limited, encourage the customers to act fast.

You can create a sense of urgency by providing a discount for a limited period. And this will adversely allow your targeted audience to act fast and convert.

However, if there is no limited time for your deal, then you can add the adverbs like Today, Now, Grab the Offer for the urgency.

This is the best way to create an effective call to action for raise the conversion instantly.

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# 3: Offer a Bonus

The human beings have a great Craving for Rewards. There is nothing like FREE!!!

One successful way to attract more and more audiences is offering them BONUS.

So start offering a bonus like a free eBook, or some discount, guides etc. to allow the customers to click on the button where you want.

Offering bonus has become a Trend, you can see this on many online shopping websites. They usually offer sale, discounts and much more for engaging more and more customers.

This is a trick to convince the users to click the call-to-action button and give them an opportunity to save money.

#4: Emphasize the Design

Design plays a very important role in attracting the customers.

So apart from just writing the CTA text and headline, create attractive visuals to grab the attention of the visitors at first sight.

Include the bigger call to action buttons and graphic designs to deliver a message and as well different from the rest of the page.

Contrast the colours to make the button different from the page. So select the colour that makes it stand out from the others.

Apart from the colour, SIZE also matters. Try to make your button clear and on the page to improve conversion.

You may opt for Instapage, this is a popular landing page builders that allow creating landing pages with best customisations. With the help of this users can also build forms, carry out A/B testing, and display visitor statistics

#5: Call to action Placement:


Placing the Call to Action on the page is another essential factor.

It should be placed higher on the page or in the central columns to improve the conversion.

Well, this is not a guaranteed formula but helped many users.

So it is important to consider the CTA position to grab visitor’s attention and improve conversion.

#6:  Evoke Curiosity

Curiosity is the desire to recognize something. So, using the curiosity EFFICIENTLY will lead to increased sales.

Try to increase the customer’s curiosity by triggering the emotional words like Trust, delight, fun, surprise and more significantly Satisfaction.  

Craft the call to action message is a way to evoke the visitor’s curiosity to know what on the other side of the CTA. This is the best technique to create an effective call to action to generate leads.

And the visitor’s willingness to hit the action button on the CTA will provide you improved conversion.

Your Higher CTR will make more sales.

In a survey, it is found that usually, the users buy products emotionally and after that validate the purchase with logic.

So, this is the reason why it is recommended to use curiosity. This will evoke emotions and convince the visitors to buy the product.

In the B2B marketing, Emotions works more than Logic.

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#7: Instant Gratification

Nobody likes waiting, and to grow your CTA conversion, you need to make sure the entire Call to action journey is as effective as the CTA is itself.

Make sure what has happened when the users respond to the call to action. The whole process should be SMOOTH & EASY.

When the users click the CTA button there might be a sign-up process, email verification and other steps.

Make sure to simplify them, for avoiding the distraction of the customers.

As distraction will stop the user to finish the whole process and switch to the other one.

You may try Infusionsoft, it is a known CRM tool and is packed with several tools to provide the users all-in-one sales and marketing system. This allows you to records everything about your leads and customers in one place.

#8: Leverage Social Proof

Have you heard that almost 70% of the Americans read the product reviews before buying a product?

And this is the reason why social proof has become NECESSARY on every piece digital marketing strategy and the CTA as well.

This will influence the users to subscribe your website and also build a chance for the potential customers to do the same.

You can also include the statistic in the CTA like “why 9 out of 10 customers rate our services”.

This will not only show your audience, that they are becoming a part of a huge community and also make you stand as an Authority.

 #9: Test Your CTA Effectiveness Regularly

This is the last thing that you need to consider to create an effective call to action that improves conversion of your business – Test CTA Effectiveness.

 It a recent study it is confirmed that CTA testing is very beneficial for each and every marketer.

For boosting the conversion rates and revenue, it is important to measure your call to action effectiveness and try adapting them to the results you get.

You can test the CTA design, colour, size, message, length and the position as well to optimize it for the audiences.

Well, there are plenty of ways to testing your call to action efficiency such as A/B testing, observing the clicks count, tracking the peoples why clicked your CTA after seeing it, CTA view and lastly by determining the people that actually completed the form after clicking the CTA.

So select the testing method that fulfils your requirements and helps you conduct a deep analysis of every call to action you pay attention and check its performance for improving conversion.


So, this is all about how to make your call to action more effective for improving conversion.

The high-click through rate results in high conversion rate only if the CTA button is well optimized for the targeted customers.

Well, there is no any thumb up a rule to write a convincing CTA. This can only be achieved by testing variants, which surely works for you.

Start implementing the 9 killer ways to create an effective call to action for boosting the conversion rates.