Crazy Egg – Best Site Mapping Tool You Can Get in Touch With!!!

crazy egg tool

Crazy egg is a site mapping software that works in combination with your landing page to show you how many visitors visited, clicked or scrolled via your website or the landing webpage.

This is an invisible script that your visitors will not be able to view. However, it will pick up on everything that they do on your website right from clicks to scrolls and everything in between. Crazy egg is a wonderful tool that will generally allow you to become more and more successful with your landing webpage.

What it Offers?

Crazy egg used to take a screenshot from specified URL and then it collects all clicks on that particular webpage and projects it as a heat map on top of the screenshot. The valuable data such as device type, referrer, country, etc are added to that single click with every measured mouse click. They also offer maps other than a heat map such as scroll, the overlay, and the confetti map.

Features of Crazy Egg:

Some of the most common features of crazy egg are as follows:

Heat Maps:

Once you click on the view results link for a specific snapshot then you will take to a webpage. You will see the heat map by default. As per the Crazy Egg, the heatmap is a visualization of where your visitors are clicking. The popular area is the brighter one and the lighter is the less popular one. As a specific area of your website gets more clicks, then the color on the heatmap will change.

crazy-egg heatmap

Heatmap also used to show the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ areas but unfortunately, it will not show you the number of clicks each link received. You have to open the Overlay report if you want to know the number of clicks.

Scroll Maps:

Scroll maps used to show you the pattern of scrolling that happens on your specific website. Visitors used to spend more time in a certain section of the website and less time in other sections when visitors scroll your webpage. The scrollmap allows you to see the number of times each part of the webpage was visible via a browser window. The bright area received a greater number of impressions and the dark areas were viewed less often.

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Confetti Maps:

Confetti maps will show you the clicks from different referral sources. Each of the referral sources is marked by a different color and this used to help you gauge the performance of different traffic sources.

Confetti map


Heatmap will show you the intensity of clicks in a particular area of the website. However, it does not show you the number of clicks received on each link. Overlay maps will show you the number of clicks that each link has received. This map does not show where the visitors clicked on but it clearly shows which link was clicked on.

Should I Use this tool?

I highly recommend this tool to instantly measure user interactions with static content on the website. If you want a quick prototyping and tracking how users interact with your website at almost no cost then you should surely go for it. The heatmap report of the Crazy Egg gives users quick clues on how to make the static webpages more engaging in Google Analytics or other advanced tools like Kissmetrics. 

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Crazy Egg Pros And Cons


  • Tracks page scroll
  • Tracks mouse clicks
  • Click tracking with visual heat


  • It tracks few webpages at free of cost
  • Gathering statistical significance takes 30 days
  • It slows down page load time
  • Data doesn’t always contain context
  • No integrations with A/B testing tools

Crazy Egg Alternatives

  • Clicktale
  • Reinvigorate
  • Lucky Orange
  • Clicky
  • ClickHeat

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Crazy Egg is one of the useful tools that actually allow you to get a better understanding of how your users are engaging with your website that offers much more than a standard Analytics package. One can easily find out where your users are clicking on your webpages using heatmaps along with several designs in order to give you a great visual. With the use of this data, you will be able to make informed decisions on where to pace buttons or links so that you can attract the most attention of the visitors.