9 Ways to Generate Endless Content Ideas for Regular Blog Posts

fresh content writing ideas

Creating regular blog post is a key part of a successful online marketing strategy.

But, a fresh content writing is not an easy task, as you need to struggle a lot to come up with new ideas for blog posts.

This is a challenge where you not only need to generate fresh content writing ideas but as well win the battle to get in front of your targeted readers.

This is really a BATTLE that needed to be WIN.

Thus, to win the battle you need to generate blog content ideas, because Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.”

So, out of pure necessity, here I am discussing the best ways that help you in generating infinite content ideas for regular blogging.

Here we go…

Idea 1: Search the Web

Searching web is the first thing that you need to do for getting fresh content ideas.

The web is a brainstorming technique, which will definitely help you to CONQUER.

Well, the process is fairly simple, you need to start with one or two main ideas and connect those ideas to related sub-ideas.

After that branch out from those sub ideas, and continue the process following your interests until you find a detailed, relevant topic,

…that you can turn into a full-length blog post

So, the best blog topic idea is to search the web, with the related sub-topics and implement them to generate attracting, engaging and acquiring blog post.

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Idea 2: Track your Competitors

Tracking your competitors is really helpful to generate blog content ideas and get blog traffic.

You might have the list of competitors, so this is the time to check out their blogs and social accounts and see what they have been posting.

In this way, you get the fresh blog topic idea in a regular blog posting.

However, if you want to get in-depth, you can cross-reference their topics with yours and as well in Google to track competition in the particular keyword.

Apart from that after getting the fresh content writing idea, do more in-depth searches to make your post far better than your competitions ones.

Always remember it about getting a blog topic idea, not necessarily to copy your competition.

Rather as I said to take inspiration from what they have done and try inputting more and make is better than your competition and rank high in searches.

Idea 3: Inspire From Others

This is one of the best ways to generate blog content ideas.

Follow others on the web, and feel free to lift ideas which are clearly working for others.

Content marketing is all about implementing new things, ideas in your blogs. So don’t feel afraid to implement them.

To get engaging, attractive and acquiring customers you always need to learn new things. And the web is full of the plenty of ideas that can be learned from the success of others.

There are endless results to keep yourself motivated, such as blog post series, using images, subject areas and many others.

And this is what makes your blog post unique and get a successful result.

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Idea 4: Keyword Research

This is another way to generate content ideas for regular blogging.

And the key for successful website content strategy is to create content that appeals your particular marketplace.

So, it is highly essential to create content for your prospective customers those are actively looking for.

Doing some keyword research is the best idea to find out what information your niche are looking for online and searching in Google.

And now the simple trick is to create content to help them out and as well optimize it to maximize search engine visibility.

Well, in this case, you can make use of the Google Keyword Planner. This provides you with the number of searches, competition for keywords and as well phrases, which you can use to generate new keyword ideas.

And now transform the keywords in clickable, appealing blog post titles to Rank First in Google.

Try Grammarly to avoid mistakes in your blog content like grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes quickly and most importantly accurately.

Idea 5: Update your Blockbuster Content

This is another Great Idea, here you need to look out your analytics history and figure out your popular posts of all time.

And update your blockbuster content, that still brings a steady stream of new visitors.

The best part about updating the content is you know this works.

Now, it ups to you how you expand it.

Whether you break one of your existing posts into steps or else do a follow-up. You can also refresh the content in the post with a new and improved version.

No matter what you decide make sure you edit the old post and include a link at the end:

[POST UPDATE Sep/2017: I put strategies to test in a new way this year and the results were incredible]


What say, isn’t it a GREAT IDEA, I personally like this and must include it to generate fresh blog content.

Idea 6: Watch Trends

There are plenty of ways to track what “Going Hot Right Now”.

The best way to generate blog content ideas is to write the piece of content that will be read by many people.

But the question arises here is HOW…??

Simply by knowing what many people are looking for and reading.

Here check some of the best searching platforms:

  • Google Trends –Helps you in searching what people have been searching for online recently.
  • Twitter.com/Search – Provides you with the worldwide trends in what people are tweeting.
  • Reddit.com – Provides the people’s news (TM) stream

These entire platforms are highly popular and show you the type of content that is highly popular in recent times.

So, Grab the Opportunity, for content ideas for regular blogging.

Idea 7: Listen for FAQs

Another fresh content writing idea is to deliver exactly the content that your audience is looking for.

The best and simple trick of doing this is – watching the frequently asked questions or the forums in everyday interaction, meetings, emails and etc.

When a question comes up frequently then this is a clear sign that there is a demand for widespread information on that topic.

And, writing a blog related to that topic will undoubtedly bring engaging traffic to your blog post.

This is a great content idea for regular blogging and as well get relevant traffic to your website.

Idea 8: Write a Guide

You must be thinking how a guide can be a blog topic idea.

Well, the answer is Fairly Simple.

Writing a guidepost is very effective in generating traffic to your posts and convert blog visitors into customers.

This is the best kind of blog post that makes people read other of your blog posts. Just by linking other posts together appropriately and take benefit from it.

So, this is another fresh content writing idea. All you need to do is to group related posts together and check if you can order them into a way that makes sense like a mini-guide.

You can add introduction, conclusion and some light descriptions + links to each post.  And this can send people off on a click-quest around your blog.

You can opt for the  ProwritingAid – this provides a flexible interface to improve the blog writing. And also enhance the readability of your content.

Idea 9: The News (and trending stuff)

This is the last idea that I am going to discuss with you. Here, you need to check out news and trending topics.

Check out the relevant sources and start browsing this will provide the best result in less than a minute.

This is a onetime investment – create lists on social media, or use a content discovery app like ContentStudio this help you to discover attractive content for your audience and share them on several social networks and boost your content marketing.

So, use this idea to generate blog content and get the fruitful results.

Wrapping Things Up

Hopefully, I guess now you have plenty of content ideas for regular blogging.

So, next time if you are not sure what to write about, give some of these ideas a Go.

And, with all these endless blog topic ideas, you don’t need to worry about writing fresh content for regular blog posts.

So, just go for it….