7 Content Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Small Business Fast

content-marketing-ideas for small business

Are you looking for a way to generate more sales for your business? Do you also struggle with lead generation?

Content marketing is the all-in-one solution to Drive More Traffic and Grow Business.  This is a Holy Grail for the businesses to grow by Leaps and Bounds.

And in a survey, it is revealed that now 92% of the B2B marketers use Content Marketing for generating more leads.

Additionally, for a successful business, you have to seriously consider your Content Marketing.

But if you are a small business owner then implementing a proper Content Marketing can be very brutal. As a small business, you don’t have the same budget as the big brands.

And it is very difficult for you to spread your small marketing budget wide to give every marketing opportunity a Go.

But, this doesn’t mean that small business doesn’t get benefit from Content marketing.


I am here only to provide content marketing ideas with a limited budget, time and resources for small business.

Let’s get started.

Content Marketing Ideas For Small Business to Drive Traffic :

Check out the fresh and valuable Content marketing ideas to grow your small business effectively.

#IDEA 1: Define Content Marketing Objectives

Always remember Content is the King!!!

Good content is the key to perfect content marketing. Creating good content is a part of successful content marketing tactic.

But for, small businesses content marketing creating content is not enough.

It is essential for you to know what you are creating to achieve the business goal with the content.

In small business content marketing, you need to be CLEAR and SUMMARIZE your content marketing objectives before starting to work on your content.

For a successful small business content marketing, it is important to Produce Quality Content that meets the user’s requirements.

And most importantly you need to CONSISTENT for long-term content marketing success.

# IDEA 2: Know Your Targeted Audience

Whether you are a small business owner or have a huge business it is very important to understand your targeted audience and their desire.

This is one of the best content marketing idea, you need to take for growing your business.

So to grow your small business very first thing you need to do is – target your audience.

  1. Focus Best Customer First

The very first aspect of targeting your audience is to focus on the best customers.

If your content marketing is focused on the wrong direction than it is very difficult for you to see the valuable results.

So, it is important to select Single Customer Segment with a proper customer and focus on it.

Doing this will help you to get maximum benefit from content marketing.

  1. Know What Customers Want

To target the audience it is important to know what your customers really need.

Try your best to look into their problems and provide a reliable solution to fix it.

When your customers get the proper content on your website, they get captivated to visit again.

This is the best content marketing idea to grow your small business.

#IDEA 3: Create Evergreen Content

To get most out of the content marketing strategy it is important to create content that delivers value for time and time.

Create an Evergreen Content to achieve your business goal. The evergreen content stays fresh and valuable to the reader for a long time period.

A well optimized evergreen content has the perspective to drive targeted traffic to the website for years and years.

The evergreen content is a Long Term Investment for your site but remembers it should be sustainable to provide long-term results.

Opt for Ginger, this helps you to analyze all of the content of punctuation, grammar, and spelling errors and provides instant suggestions to correct the errors in your content.

# IDEA 4: Leverage User-Generated Content

As the name states, user-generated content is the content created by the contributors or the users.

From forum content to the comments, users leave on the blog is a user-generated content.

The socially generated content like on the Facebook page and even the product or services testimonials received from the users is also a UGC.

But the question arises here is why users generated is BETTER than that of the branded content.

The answer is SIMPLE because it is more Reliable & Trustworthy and easily recognized by others.

This is more authentic in the customer’s eyes and also builds a Strong and Faithful relationship with the customers.

So, the user’s generated content is High in Quality and Free as well.

Various small businesses have started integrating user-generated content into their digital content marketing campaign.

Below check out some the direct and indirect advantages of leveraging UGC content:

  • First of all gaining high level of the customer trust
  • Increased sales numbers
  • Build strong customers relationship
  • Also, increase social media followers
  • Better reach in social media.

So make sure to implement this Content marketing idea and add value to an overall content marketing campaign.

Additionally, one more thing that you need to assure is to maintain the credibility by including both the positive and negative reviews, comments about your product and services.

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#IDEA 5: Teach Don’t Sell

Avoid being a SELF-CENTERED, you should write the content for your users.

Your customers only care about themselves.  They visit your site to Get Answer to their question not to BUY your product.

So, here the content marketing idea is to focus on your customers and their requirements.

Every piece of content you produce should fulfil their requirements one way to other.

Doing this will create an emotional relationship with your audience. And as result, they trust your brand and do business with you.

However, this doesn’t mean you should Stop promoting your brand. You should be but at the Right time to avoid growing your BOUNCE rate.

Generally, the users search for anything to gain knowledge and by teaching them you are using the power of educational marketing.

Creating the educational based content work for you presently and in future also.

And try your best create and distribute the relevant content to your users. For beneficial results create a buyer personas and craft content around them.

However there is no doubt that educational content is best but at the same time, it should be entertaining enough to make the content engaging as well.

And making the content unique, educational and entertaining will increase the overall value of the content.

#IDEA 5: Acquire Show-and-Tell Approach

Well, a high-quality, unique content has its own place, but the visual content is also now in trend.

In a report it is stated, that human brain processes visuals posts 60 times fast than the words.

So, this is the time to become CREATIVE, make infographics and step in front of the camera for video content.

The video content is the RAGE (on the snapchat, Instagram, Facebook live and twitter as well.)

You may try 99 Dollar Social, is a magic tool and help the users to promote their website by managing  their social media accounts effectively

And also this is an Easy & Effective way to engage your audience and double your conversion.

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#IDEA 6: Follow an Editorial Calendar

Now, another great content marketing idea is to create a plan for effective content marketing.

Being a small business you need to make a proper editorial calendar and focus on it.

Implementing it will provide the clarity that you need to take care of the task, you need to do.

This is very helpful in the content market strategy and allows you to take care of the shortcoming beforehand.

Here check out some essential points you need to take in the editorial calendar.

  1. Know the Target Audience

As I said above the customer’s requirements should be at the top of the list.

Create the relevant content for your targeted audience to build trust and engagement.

  1. Decide Your Publishing Schedule

Consistency is the main aspect of successful content marketing. So you need to plan on your editorial calendar when you are working and other questions.

So here it is important to answers some of the questions such as:

  • How much content should you publish?
  • What type of content would you publish?
  • How frequently should you publish the content?

Answering questions will make the editorial calendar more effective.

Apart from that, you should also make multiple editorial calendars. First to present a quick overview of all the content you planned. And the other to focus on tasks for particular project likes blog or newsletter.

Having many calendars will help you to analyze each project in on the track in an organized and clear way.

# IDEA 7: Don’t Be Afraid of Marketing Automation

Well, the entire given content marketing ideas are helpful for growing your small business.

But, it is also important to implement the marketing automation to make your work easy. This will save your precious time and money as well.

The marketing automation will help you to get on the Top and boost your referral leads and customer retention.

So, implement the last content marketing idea, to make most out of every customer interaction, recognize warms leads and improve your conversion rates automatically.

Try ClickFunnels, it allows the users to expand their businesses in a new way and provides users with a different approach from their competitors.

Wrap –up

Here we are…

Having a perfect content marketing is very important to grow the business and drive insane traffic.  And when you are looking to grow your small business then this becomes more prominent to follow the best content marketing strategy as your budget is limited.

So here I tried my best to put together the best content marketing ideas to grow your small business.

Follow the 7 ideal content marketing ideas to grow your small business fast. Try them one by one to drive more traffic and improve your conversion rates quickly.