[Review] KWFinder – A Perfect Long Tail Keywords Research Tool for All!

KWFinder features

‘Keyword’ a single word contains very deep sense, it is one of the important factor of SEO (Search Engine optimization) world. Finding an accurate keyword according to your site niche and target them in your blog or webpage is the first step of making an SEO friendly website.


Doing keyword research is one of the important but difficult tasks for beginners. While doing keyword research we have to take care about various things such as keyword competition, search volume, trending, and more.


If you’re serious about finding a perfect keyword and boost your online presence then you must know about KWFinder. In this review we will discuss all the facts about KWFinder, so read till end.



What is KWFinder?


KWFinder is a professionally programmed online keyword finder tool for both beginners and processionals. You can either go with its free account or select a paid account (if you want more than its basic features).


With the help of this tool one can search for long tail keywords with a low competition. It is a fresh tool but giving a tough competition to its competitors by providing advance features in low plans.


Well, KWFinder is a perfect alternative of Google’s keyword planner, this tool is more reliable and effective than Google’s product.


If you are picking Google AdWords only for it’s free of cost plan then think twice as if a tool provides accurate data and boost online marketing, then there is no problem in investing money.


Kwfinder is executed by Mangools SEO tools which also possess SERP checker tool as well. According to reviews or comment posted over different discussion sites Mangools tools are perfect and very reliable.


Yes, I Want to Try KWFinder for Free


Some common features provides by this tool are,

  • Very easy to search long tail keywords without need of any adwords account.
  • Provide search volume for local keywords such as city, state, and country levels
  • It also show SEO difficulty to rank a keyword
  • One can check the search volume on any keyword
  • Use any other languages for keyword research


For complete features of KWFinder read below.


Advance Features of KWFinder Tool


Free Membership: One can use this tool without paying a penny, as it offers absolutely free membership to use. Free account holders can do 3 searches per day and 50 keywords per search which is enough for beginners.


Advanced Filters: With the help of this tool you can apply advance filters, this option will give perfect and profitable keywords.


Google SERP Results: While searching for keywords this tool will also provide the top competitors list on how they ranked, what are their Domain Authority and Page Authority, how many social shares they got and more.


Keyword & Graph Perfection: Every keyword appears along with the SEO difficulty score, PPC, CPC, and a real-time graph. This will help you to find the trending and popularity of that particular keyword.


Offers a Wide Collection Of Long Tail Keywords: It also provides hundreds of long tail keywords with low SEO competition, it will become helpful for blogger and website analysts.


City & Country based location Keyword Research: User can do country based as well as city based research on every keyword. This option is beneficiary for those who are doing local online marketing.



Pros of KWFinder


  • Most spontaneous user interface
  • There is not any compatibility issue as it is a Web-based application
  • Very effective and strong data aggregation for keyword analysis
  • Offers multiple research options for exclusive keyword opportunities
  • Very consistent, and one can know the difficulty score for any keyword with a single click
  • Provide quick support
  • Free with some limitations and known as the cheapest keyword research tools



Cons of KWFinder


  • Results shown by this tool are capped
  • You can’t modify the SERP Checker preview
  • Doesn’t offers multi-tabbed keyword research
  • It doesn’t provide any model for competitor research



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How to use the KWFinder?


Using this web based application is very simple.

First of all you need to open its home page’s link: www.kwfinder.com

At the homepage you will get a search box, you can directly start doing research for your keyword without need to open an account or signing up.

In the search box you will find 3 input parameters. Simply enter the phrase of the keyword and the location, i.e, the country and then the language. That’s it, after it you will get the list of keywords.


KWFinder Metrics


Below SEO Rank and review about the rank is given,

  • 00 – 09: go for it
  • 10 – 19: super easy
  • 20 – 29: easy
  • 30 – 39: not hard
  • 40 – 54: possible
  • 55 – 74: hard
  • 75 – 89: super hard
  • 90 – 100: don’t do it


Some other data analysts that the site offers are:

  • Average monthly search volume (exact match, based on last 12 months of data)
  • CPC (average cost per click, based on AdWords data)
  • PPC (level of competition in PPC advertising (score is from 0 to 100)
  • SERP results (which pages are currently ranking in Google)
  • Domain authority (pulled from MOZ database)
  • Page authority (MOZ database)
  • MOZ rank of URL
  • MOZ trust of URL
  • Number of external authority-passing links to URL
  • Facebook likes and G+
  • SEO competitiveness rank (score 0 to 100, 100 being the hardest)
  • Estimated visits per month based on SERP position


Alternatives of KWFinder


  • SEMrush
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • FindMyNiche
  • Twinword Ideas


Yes, I Want to Try KWFinder for Free





In this review it is already discussed that, KwFinder tool is very helpful for the beginners. It offers both free and premium account so you don’t need to invest a single penny.

If you are a beginner and want to grow your online business then you must try this tool once. Another thing that I liked about this tool is, support for it’s customers. Its chat facility is very effective and you will get answer of your asked question within very small time of interval.

So, first go with its free plan and use it. If it suits to you and your business then you can jump to its paid plans in future. Free plan comes with limitations but it perfect for beginners. It is hope that this tool will perform like other available keyword researching tools.