Complete Review of K-Meta – Learn How to Automate Keyword Searching Task!

K-Meta reviewKeyword’ a small word which contains lots of meaning in it, a perfect keyword selection and using them properly can rank your blog/website high.

But it is not only about picking a trendy keyword and writing blog, you need to do a complete and deep research about the keyword that comes to your website’s/blog’s/product’s niche.

There are lots of factors that you need to take care while selecting a keyword, some of them are: Keyword Difficulty, SERP Difficulty, Expected Visits, Trending Topics, On-site Search, Competitive Campaigns and more.

Searching a keyword while taking care of all those factors via manual process is very difficult, here comes Keyword Research Tool. These tools are designed for SEO and PPC campaigns, as they provide best keyword competition data.

In actually these tools allows you to SPY your competitors LEGALLY, as you can easily analyze the keywords on which your competitor is ranking.

There are lots Keyword Research Tools are available in the market, I’ve already reviewed many of them such as KWFinder, LinkBird, Linkody, BrightLocal, Majestic and more.

And, now in this review blog, you will read about another keyword analysis tool ‘K-meta’.

Actually, I came to this tool because of its reputation or we can say it’s popularity. I got impressed after using this tool for few weeks, and decided to write a review. But, don’t worry as this review contains both i.e. pros and cons which I faced while using it. So this review is completely unbiased.

K-meta is a keyword analysis tool that allows the user to search for perfect keywords and help them to rank their blog or website. It is packed with the lots of important features like content creation and optimization, competitor analysis, site audit, keyword planner etc.

This is an ideal way to search for topic ideas by keywords and picking a list of verified and visitors-catching keywords that your competitors use.


  Yes I’m Impressed, take me to the K-Meta’s Official Website


The K-meta has large databases with updated information, actual metrics: Avg. Monthly searches, CPC (by Adwords) and Competition.

With the help of this SEO tool, one can easily find appropriate key phrases and keywords for their websites, products, and applications. All of these tasks can be easily done without the need of any professional knowledge.

The attractive thing that I like about this app is its deep insight about the keyword. This tool provides complete reports on the phrases and keywords used by your competitors. So you can easily crack your competitor’s SEO strategies and tweak your own based on clever semantics.

Now you don’t need any professional skills or extra knowledge to search the ideal keywords and phrases for your on-page optimization as well as analyze the SEO strategies and performance of your competitors.

With the K-Meta, you only need to do is type in the name of the domain (URL) or the keyword you want to investigate and then hit the “Search” button. This tool will provide you complete insight about your search.

The report generated by this SEO friendly tool contains all the necessary information about the domain search by the user. After getting all the relevant data parsed from the report, you can easily export that information to a CSV file.

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K-Meta Features

  • Keyword Search and Analysis
  • Domain Search and Analysis
  • Competitor SEO Marketing Reports
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • You can generate a list of long-tail keywords
  • Organic Research
  • Advertising Research
  • Batch metrics analysis
  • API Access
  • In-Depth SEO Reports


Attractive Solutions Provided by K-Meta

  • It makes the competition very easy with a high-level competitive analysis (organic, paid, product ads).
  • One can easily design their SEO strategies and provide tons of great keyword ideas.
  • This app will offer less routine on working days and perfect solutions for most of SEO problems.


Available Support

  • Email support


K-Meta Pricing Plans:

Newbie – Free

  • 50 Results Per Report
  • 50 Reports Per Day
  • Export Data in CSV
  • Export Data in PDF

Lite – $29/month

  • All Newbie Features
  • 10,000 Results per Report
  • 200 Reports Per Day
  • 300,000 API Rows Per Day

Basic – $59/month

  • All Lite features
  • 30,000 Results per Report
  • 400 Reports Per Day
  • 600,000 API Rows Per Day

Plus – $97/month

  • All Basic Features
  • 50,000 Results per Report
  • 800 Reports Per Day
  • 1 Million API Rows Per Day
  • 5 Users


Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • International

Pricing Model

  • Free
  • Monthly payment

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business


  • Cloud Hosted


I’m Interested, Wants to use K-Meta’s Free Plan



That’s all, if you want to do competitor analysis and search for keywords but don’t have more experience and knowledge about these terms then this tool is perfect for you. As it is packed with, lots of professional characteristics and an easy to use interface.

With the help of this keyword analysis tool, you can easily track your competitors and know what keyword they are targeting.

According to me, it is impossible to take the decision to buy any SEO Software without using them personally. That’s why; it is suggested to first go with K-meta’s Newbie option. This is the completely free plan, which doesn’t need credit card information.  After using K-meta if you are satisfied with their services and features, then you can go with paid plans and unlock other features or use K-meta without any limitation.