Cognitive SEO: An Advanced Link Analysis Tool Review

cognetive seo review

About Cognitive SEO

SEO has gone beyond just site look-about. It takes into account everything that needs to be done so that your site ranks better to a query as compared to others.

How does this happen? It takes further strategies and steps so as to make your site search friendly. It’s not so easy; it uses techniques that give your site the required responsiveness with the help of a search engine that provides you relevant and useful information.

There are various tools which would provide you the better results. Let’s discuss one such crucially important tool that helps in a rank building for your website.

Cognitive SEO is an online SEO tool that is designed to prosper small businesses by managing their SEO programs. The online SEO tool helps you keep control on the requirements for an optimal streamline in an SEO process tracking each and every minute details of SEO campaign.

The user interface is well-designed and easy to use. It contains the full set of SEO management tools that help in tracking your campaign.

Up to 500 keywords tracking per account is available with this toolkit, though that’s not best one but indeed a good one. Cognitive SEO doesn’t provide useful keyword tools like keyword suggestions, local keyword research or keyword difficulty rankings but the main area where it focuses is creating powerful backlinks and analyzing them, which can provide you the detailed information that helps you in optimizing your site’s performance.

The backlinks include tools weekly site crawls and analysis, as well as backlink filtering that allows you to filter backlinks based on where they are coming from, so you can easily identify which links are providing you the most benefit.

Cognitive SEO allows you to track your competition throughout the duration of your SEO campaign and gives you information of your competitor’s backlinks and shows areas where you can use what they have done to improve your own campaign. With project management Cognitive SEO you can mechanize report and maintain an SEO task journal.

What it Offers?

  • Backlink Analysis
  • Penalty Recovery
  • Rank Tracker
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Content Visibility
  • Marketing Reports

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Features of Cognitive SEO

1. Backlink Analysis:

Backlink Analysis

Cognitive SEO provides backlink data from the most trusted link databases by aggregating data all over its link sources.  Through crawling and analyzing links it provides the most comprehensive audit. The following are worth it point about backlink analysis provided by this tool.

  • Cutting-Edge Link Audits which are easy to understand.
  • Identify & prevent unnatural Link Penalties
  • Instant Backlink Checker and Site Explorer
  • Assess your Competitors’ Link Strategy
  • Identify Valuable Link Opportunities
  • New/Lost Links Email Alerts Delivered directly to your Inbox.

2. Penalty Recovery:

Penalty Recovery

An on-going link is mandatory with latest Real Time Google Penguin 4.0.  This link detection tool helps to identify problematic links which may have been affected by penalty. This tool recovers your links as soon as possible.

  • Cutting-Edge Automatic Unnatural Link Detection
  • Fastest Deny Using the Cognitive SEO Link Navigator
  • Successful Penguin Recovery Stories
  • Real-time Penguin Monitoring

3. Rank Tracker:

rank tracker

Cognitive SEO has the ability to accurately track its rankings and its SERP checker provides one of the most in-depth keyword analyses. This tool gives a complete view of real rankings based on tracks at universal or local level helping you to make the correct strategic decisions.

  • Desktop, Mobile & Local Tracking on All International Markets
  • Uncover The SEO Visibility of Any Site
  • Get Instant E-Mail Alerts for SERP Changes
  • Benchmark Your Competitors’ Rankings to Outrank Them Easier
  • White label the Entire Toolset and Schedule Customized PDF Reports

4. SEO Dashboard:

SEO Dashboard

A fully customizable dashboard that meets a digital marketer’s requirements. With over 35 metrics, Cognitive SEO dashboard provides the essential real-time data that can be shared with your team members and even your clients.

  • Get Essential Data for Your Business at a Glance
  • Instantly Share Your Dashboard with Clients and Team Members
  • Make on the Spot Business Decisions Based on Real-Time Metrics
  • Take Advantage of a Fully Customizable Digital Marketing Dashboard

5. Content Visibility:

Content Visibility

Cognitive SEO enables to take an in-depth look at market social media activity, effortlessly revealing competitors market strategy. It provides you unique ways to create both B2C and B2B marketing strategies.

  • Spot Content Marketing Strategies that Work in Your Niche
  • Audit Your Content and Identify Its Efficiency
  • Spot Your Site’s Strengths and Weaknesses Using the Side-by-Side Comparison. 

6. Marketing Reports:

Marketing Reports

Digital Marketing Reports brings to you a meaningful, fully customizable overview to your ongoing online strategy. It gives you market reports that help you stay focused on relevant outputs providing you cutting edge content marketing reports.

  • Schedule Reports to Be Sent Automatically to Your Clients
  • From Google Analytics to SEO and Marketing KPIs. All in One Place!
  • White label Your Marketing Reports
  • Amaze Clients with Fully Customizable Reports
  • Share Reports with Clients and Team Members



Digital marketing agencies, webmasters, and developers use data Cognitive SEO processes in order to integrate them within application or business flows.

  • Example Use Cases of the cognitive SEO API
  • API Developer Documentation
  • Campaign API Credits & Cost
  • Public Integrations (Commercial or Free)
  • Private Integrations

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Cognitive SEO Tool’s Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use and understand interface
  • Real-time updates
  • Lots of data
  • Emails you whenever there is a change in your link status for the day
  • Cognitive SEO offers a wide range of backlink analysis tools to assist your link building efforts


  • Weak keyword research feature
  • Some data like the sub-domains are not yet as accurate as it should be
  • This online tool is not strong in keyword research.
  • Slow while adding competitors to campaigns.

Should I use this Tool?

Cognitive SEO core module is the inbound link analysis. What this means is that you will get in-depth analysis for the sites you are searching for and compare these profiles with your competitors, identify link building opportunities and possible issues in your backlink profile.

The tool gives you a clear view on your backlinks with powerful visualizations and empowers you to understand things. This tool shows analytics in seconds that would take weeks to comprehend.

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Cognitive SEO provides a strong campaign management and offers much in terms of backlink tracking, analyze and assists organizations to make site search engine friendly.

The Cognitive SEO gives you access to help and support through different provisions.   Managing the finer details of an SEO campaign, from keywords to links, can be difficult and time-consuming.

One area Cognitive SEO helps with these tasks is with its project management features that allow you to automate reports and keep an SEO task journal. Cognitive SEO is designed to help you build links and find links that will enhance the quality of your site. While it doesn’t offer a lot in the way of keyword research, it can help you find and build backlinks as well as other top SEO tools can.