Byword – Little Wonder For Your Writings


About Byword

Markdown editors help you to write in a more simple syntax with a view that your writing will eventually be translated to HTML. Of course, there will be intervention in doing so but there is an easier track nowadays to use other than using command line tools to help you parse your Markdown. If I’m guessing right that you already know about what a markdown editor is, if not simply it is a text-to-HTML conversion tool.

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Evernote – All Your Notes At One Place


Evernote is a cross-platform, free/premium app designed for note taking, organizing and archiving your files and making it available, accessible and searchable virtually on any mobile devices, on the web, or laptop. Developed by Evernote Corporation, Redwood, California in 2007, today is world’s leading repository of unstructured data serving 200 million users around the world.  

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Quabel – Your Distraction Free Writing App


Writing with peace of mind is the best and hard to attain the goal of any writer. Avoiding Distractions and working from home about a matter is the most difficult challenge in writing and can steal away hours from your craft and your tranquillity. It can be quite frustrating spending days devoted to writing, accomplishing little. Complications while writing and unavailability of tools make it more annoying while writing.

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