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About Byword

Markdown editors help you to write in a more simple syntax with a view that your writing will eventually be translated to HTML. Of course, there will be intervention in doing so but there is an easier track nowadays to use other than using command line tools to help you parse your Markdown. If I’m guessing right that you already know about what a markdown editor is, if not simply it is a text-to-HTML conversion tool.

There is a plethora of option to choose Markdown editors and many of them are really fantastic with the built-up features they keep stashed under the hood.  Using Markdown for writing isn’t particularly difficult but a bit of assistance and help is always recommendable which further eases your work. With many out there being equally commendable and trustworthy, Byword stands distinct because of its simplicity and functionality.

Byword is a nice balance of distinct syntax which perfectly highlights without distracting. It highlights enough to make it noticeable that you catch errors if you make them yet not so intense making it bothersome for you. It offers the best writing environment, yet has enough features to make you surprise and help you to make a happier and a more productive writer.

What it Offers?

  • Preview and Export
  • Publishing out of Byword
  • For the Writer
  • Syncing

Features of Byword

Preview and Export

Rendering is what all worries about after finishing their document with the utmost perfection. Not to worry, Byword has a quick preview option which will help you to check your document and make your read and review process easier.

This can be either done either using a keyboard shortcut or navigating to the menu bar to use this option. Press Option + CMD + P  or select Preview Markdown from the file menu and you could have a quick display of the rendered Markdown.

In the preview menu you’ll see shortcuts to copy HTML, publish and export (including formats HTML, PDF, RTF and Latex) it to your desired format without much hassle. It can also export your file (which most editors doesn’t have it) in a word document which makes it handy to use it anytime. Escape option will close the preview. Simple and Easy to use. Isn’t it.

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Publishing out of Byword

Accomplishing your work is a tough task but more important is the platform on which you want to publish. Byword will let you publish your writing from Byword straight to Medium, WordPress, Tumbler, Blogger, and even on Evernote. People who publish any of their work on different platforms, this could be an incredibly useful feature for them.

Writers do a fair amount of their work and desire to publish on the web using an application and then copy and paste on whatever service available on the web. Byword allows cutting one step and lessening your effort. After configuring everything, go to File menu or Markdown preview and click on Publish option. All your processes remain in one place -isn’t amazing.

For the Writer

Byword proves itself for the writer as being distraction-free application and user interface friendly. It unavailability of clutter make it simple to use and a terrific writing tool. Providing the functionality that users need in an application, this app provides the perfect blend of all the requisites.

Though there isn’t an overwhelming number of features and customization options in Byword, neglecting unnecessary functions help the user to focus on limited functions available without fiddling with settings that really don’t matter. There may not be enough flexibility available options rightly fit into everyone’s requirement.  There’s plenty of options based on requirements and settings.

There are plenty of features like typewriter, write focus which helps writer use these tools effectively.  Essentially these options help users to the user to skills in a much more enhanced way so that your work output is much more focused without any glitches.


Byword is an amazing application for the Mac, but has been proving its ability to sync to its companion iOS applications as well. It has a very handy feature especially for Mac but also has the ability to sync with iOS applications as well.

Syncing is seamless and can happen through either iCloud or Dropbox and you can able to sync methods to your connected devices. The sync is very straightforward and easy. Creating, connecting and sharing is available on all your devices and working with documents wherever required and changes will be reflected across the board.

Moreover, Byword documents are simply awesome to create, syncing your writing in a drop and then allowing easy access wherever and whenever possible. An excellent solution for users to create and share with all their devices, Mac, Windows or iOS.

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Byword Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and user-friendly tools.
  • Publish options without any hassle
  • Clean text interface, iCloud and Dropbox syncing


  • Can’t open RTF files
  • Not many options for different users.


Should I use this Tool?

Byword is a simple and basic text editor available for both Mac and iOS that provides minimal text and Markdown editor. The iOS and Mac OS X versions work together via iCloud document syncing, and the iOS version supports Dropbox. So even if you don’t use Byword on your Mac devices, you can access documents all over your iOS devices viz.  iPhone,  iPad or iPod touch.

The app offers a number of ways to export text. You can export to HTML, converting Markdown formatting to the appropriate HTML. Byword for iOS offers some very useful features, notably the quick formatting options and arrow keys on its “swipe-able row.”  Byword becomes our favorite Markdown editor because it is wonderfully simple, delightfully useful that satisfies all your requirements for writing.

YES, I want to Use Byword

Last Few Words On ByWord

An exceptional writing app for Mac as well as iOS.  Its elegance, simple yet features of an unmatched polish level is the reason behind its popularity. Its distraction-free interface makes it a fabulous tool for writers across the globe.

At its core, Byword is a simple text editor enhances user credibility and satisfies user with all their requirements. There is a wide range of Markdown editors to choose from and a lot is good but the best one that helps you write in proper syntax, makes easy to publish and export and makes writing easier and more enjoyable.

Thus if you are seeking for an extremely thought application for writing using Markdown with a polished layer of simplicity, get Byword.