Buffer Review: The Best Social Media Management Tool!

Best Social Media Management Sharing content over several social media networks is such a lengthy task. But social media management platforms are available to make these tasks easy. Buffer is a popular social media management platform that allows content sharing on various social media sites automatically.

It contains an algorithm that suggests specific times to publishers throughout the day when the content will get the most views and engagement. Users can also schedule the times they want posts to be published for each profile.

Users can post their content on social media via different ways: Buffer website, with the browser extensions (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), and via Buffer social sharing button embedded on websites. Or you can use this service on your mobile, as buffer app is also available for the users. Buffer app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

This application allows posting content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and App.net. Along with the help of button you can share contents over a number of other social platforms such as Feedly, Instapaper, Bottlenose, Twitter, and WordPress.

Buffer is packed with an advanced analytics component, with this feature user can see the Likes, shares, and re-tweets of their shared content. It acts as an easy to use Social media management application which is packed with lots of features, some main features are: ease of use, time-saving and convenience.

What Buffer Offers?

BufferApp is a service, that allows its users to manage lots of social media accounts, share updates in the future across over a range of social networks. It offers lots of advanced features to promote content or brand over social media, with this app or web platform you can share your things over all the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

This tool allows it’s users to set a specific date and time for posting their content, and the post will be shared automatically according to their entered date/time. It also suggests date and time that can fetch more engagement to the post you shared.

Add and share easily with all your Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook profiles and Linkedin accounts. Now you don’t need to irritate and confuse with lots of sharing content, you can add up to 100 posts and tweets to your buffers. It also allows your colleague to help manage your Buffer profiles. It is perfect for both small and big organization.

You can connect accounts to Buffer:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Group
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Page
  • net account
  • Google+ Page

  Yes, Let me to the Buffer’s Official Webpage

Features of Buffer


It is very user-friendly, and you don’t need any learning curve to understand its feature. Simply sign up, connect your social profiles, change posting schedule and that’s it. Its dashboard is very cleanly organized, here you can see the available social profiles on the left and analytics, schedule and other settings are available at the top navigation.


It is packed with an integrated URL shorteners, so you don’t have to first short the url and place it to share. Simply enter your URL to share and it will short the URL through Bit.ly URL shorteners. This advanced feature can make your task easier, as you don’t have to manually copy and paste your URL into the shortener. It is something buffer does automatically.


You can simply access this tool from your web browser, add buffer web extensions and start scheduling your content for sharing. Buffer web extensions are available for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This add-on makes the scheduling posts as easy as clicking on the social share button present on the blogs’. Click on the share and wait for the green buffer button to appear and clicking “Add to Buffer.”

Teamwork and Security

If you want to manage social networks accounts with multiple people or a team then Buffer is suitable for you. It is a great feature, you can easily work on a social account with multiple people without having to reveal any credential. So it provides both teamwork and security.

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Other Key Features of Buffer

  • You can add RSS feeds to your Buffer
  • Provide Social Analytics in detail
  • You can add up to 100 posts and tweets
  • Access or add multiple Social Networks
  • Easily sharing across 10 Social Profiles
  • You can share any type of Media Formats
  • Available for free
  • Application available for both iPhone and Android devices
  • High security with 2-Step Login
  • Custom Scheduling
  • Standard Buffering

Buffer Pros and Cons

Buffer Pros

  • A single click is needed to share content and schedule posts.
  • You can also share and schedule content on Pinterest.
  • It is integrated with a free image creation tool known as Pablo, through this you can create attractive social media images for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.
  • You can choose your default URL shortener form bit.ly, buff.ly, and j.mp.
  • The buffer extension available for Chrome and other web browsers.
  • It’ll provide the best times to post to get maximum engagement.
  • Very clean and simple user interface.
  • Add your blog feeds to give you sources of content to post out.
  • It is very cheap, paid plans starting from only USD$10/month

Buffer Cons

  • You cannot share anything on Instagram via this platform
  • Monitoring tools for mentions, searches and hashtags is not available, so you need another tool to monitor these.
  • It is more difficult to schedule a post at a specific time.

Should I use Buffer

I’m using Buffer app for very long time, it is a perfect tool for my business. It allows me to easily bookmark and schedule Tweets or Facebook updates from my mobile (iOS). This always helps me to find the best time to share my content and get more engagement, I don’t know how it finds the perfect time for me but it really works. You can also preset the time, but I prefer the time suggested by the buffer. I have a pretty good experience with this tool.

Alternative tools

  • Hootsuite
  • Jarvis
  • Stacker
  • it
  • PromoRepublic
  • Kontentino
  • inboundli
  • Circular
  • HubSpot
  • mybucketz
  • Swift Social
  • GoCinchy Social
  • Socialteria

  I’m Intreseted and Want to use Buffer for Free


At last, Buffer is an advanced tool that provides a high quality of service that is very instinctive to use. If you have a small business and want to fetch customer from social media platforms then this tool is perfect for you.

But it also has some limitations, like you can’t add your instagram account, in order to get complete features you need to purchase its paid plan. You can also use it for free but along with some limitations. It is suggested to first use its free account and if it suits you then go with any paid one.