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SEO clients are always in search of a better system that will cater their need of search engine, rankings and search optimization. It will matter the most if you are into a local business or have clients who have to do, and now it requires something to satisfy the need for boatloads of local search engine traffic. So if you are in a pursuit of an SEO service with all your desired features then you search ends here – BrightLocal.

BrightLocal focuses specifically to local online search that is centric towards you improving your local ranking and optimizes it. So if you want to get your business or your client’s enterprise to get better rankings then it will require a search engine optimization to achieve that traffic.

With BrightLocal, a wide array of local search services is made possible to be conducted making BrightLocal the best choice for almost any query that is localized and provides you an optimized keyword search results locally.

SEO agencies don’t give enough importance to localized searches. This fact is overlooked and it results in drastic changes in the results. Suppose one of the clients is in Hampshire and another one in Manhattan, they both will have huge differences in their search results.

BrightLocal has uniqueness in the search results that it allows you to change your location dynamically so that one can get better results based on any location that is specified.

BrightLocal allows keyword search ranking kept in an organized manner in a beautiful interface that will easy to understand for both the organization and its clients. So monitoring all of your organic search metrics in one tidy location across different platforms such as Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, and others become so much easy and hassle-free.

What it Offers?

  • Massive Keyword Analysis
  • Easy NAP Data
  • Citation Submission And Cleaning
  • Fast Google Local Optimization
  • Review Monitoring
  • Fast SEO Audits
  • Capture Your Best Customer’s Reviews
  • Monitor SEO Rankings By Location
  • Multi-Location Search Rankings
  • Mobile Optimization Checker

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Features of BrightLocal

Massive Keyword Analysis

An effortless Syndicating keyword for better search rankings is what BrighLocal boasts of using the massive list of keywords. By using BrightLocal, one can check out their web properties match up by keyword, search engine and even comparing against competitors.

Citation Submission And Cleaning

BrightLocal automatically corrects any incorrect listings that are strewn with grammatical errors or false information throughout the internet.

Fast Google Local Optimization

BrightLocal makes it simple to ensure optimization for your Google pages so that your clients get more calls, clicks, and visits. It also helps in spying competitors by getting notifies or new reviews updating.


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Easy NAP Data

Search within a massive database of popular NAP directories to ensure that the business get all the important backlinks and traffic juice it can handle.

Review Monitoring

With BrightLocal, one can easily defend against critics while getting praises from most loyal customers.

Fast SEO Audits

BrighLocal SEO audits include Off-site score, on-site local SEO score, search ranking average, local search ranking average, Google+ Local Listing Score, and Local Directory Listing Score.

Capture Your Best Customer’s Reviews

Quick addition of review badges on sites can be done using BrightLocal. Leave reviews for you using Yelp, Foursquare, Google+, Facebook, and Yahoo Local proactively adding this badge to your site, or your client’s site in just a few minutes with zero coding required.

Monitor SEO Rankings By Location

BrightLocal makes it easy to spy on keywords results by location ensuring client business not only in a specified location but also the nearby ones.

Multi-Location Search Rankings

BrightLocal makes it simple to track rankings with multiple locations so that it gets easier with every site for clients to showcase the data with better rankings and at every location.

Mobile Optimization Checker

BrightLocal makes it simple to spot sites that are underperforming drastically on mobile devices. So quickly capturing invaluable mobile traffic that clients may be losing on gets easier with BrightLocal.

Tool’s Pros and Cons


  • Superior Local Search Data
  • Review Monitoring
  • Comparative Local Search Analysis


  • Limited Coverage
  • Limited Free Plan
  • Citation Burst Costs Money


Should I use this tool?


BrightLocal is a perfect SEO service for SEO agencies. SEO consultants and for small businesses. It provides a varied array of services that include your need and suitability, accommodating a wide range of end users that could benefit local businesses tremendously by all local search features. Even if a business has multiple locations, BrightLocal helps to manage keyword optimization perfectly and also NAP listings (Name, Address, Phone Numbers) from a massive list of directories.

BrightLocal really shines at helping almost any business with SEO strategies and game plan from one front with white-labeled reporting on the other end. It will be the best class choice in providing local businesses with SEO services and provides all the proof and statistics to back up your organization. So Brightlocal is the perfect choice for a marketing agency or a freelance SEO consultant.

Tool’s Alternatives/Competitors

  • Moz Local
  • SEMrush
  • Raven Tools
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu


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BrightLocal suites best for those SEO agencies or consultancy that is lacking the local side of search. Its ability to offer local search results in getting more clients with increased productivity. It would enhance to actively track reviews in near real-time helps clients getting boosted results that invariably help your site to get improved results.

BrightLocal helps in implementing local SEO tactics and appreciate a friend, supportive, knowledgeable company with productive tools available at a bottom-barrel price point; BrightLocal might be the best solution.