BoxOfAds- Best Tracking Tool to Analyze your Site

BoxofAds is one of the tracking tool which works by monitoring your ad campaigns via providing with lots of data from the competition. It helps to monitor what your competitors are doing without any pressure of having pop-ups and landers spreading your personal space. This is one of the best ways for beginners while staring a new campaign to get inspiration and design ideas and also help to make creative juices.

Even it is helpful for those people who are already running a campaign and want some changes to do better. It has two options which allow looking several ad copies and its landing pages being used to encourage sites within a wide range of networks. This is a great tool which are working nowadays and develops new ideas. With the use of this tool, users can make a unique and awesome campaign.

What does it offer?

  • See what landers your competitors are using
  • What keywords they are targeting
  • Other products they may be promoting
  • The duration and when their ads went live
  • What PPV network is being used

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Features of BoxofAd

Know the process of advertisements

This tool will help you to stay connected with competitors ads strategy, allows to see which banner and text ads they are using and how the landing pages looks. It lets you to learn what is doing best for them.

Search new traffic sources

It searches for some new traffic from where your competitors are buying. You can know about the publishers and networks they use to advertise and even help you to grow an audience by applying your competitor’s approach.

Get the latest news

It helps to cover the metrics through which you will get a complete view on ads which are the winners. You just have to keep an eye to know what is going on in current about your competition along with publisher’s networks.

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BoxOfAds Pros and Cons


  • Only software on the market with advanced search
  • Listens to their users and understands that their success is our success.
  • Understanding point of view of our users


  • Have much lower data when you compare to the competition

Why Should I use BoxOfAds?

Well, when the time comes to apply this tool for your own purpose then almost everyone thinks once whether to use this tool or not, whether it will provide the benefits it ensures or just a fake.

So those user who are thinking to use this tool or not, for them it is highly recommended because this tool is very useful which do complete research in every field and will provide the best results you wanted.

This can help at that time when you have not expected results and when you never been engaged in PPV marketing as many things are there which you can learn from here.

Here you can know about how they promote niche products. From here, beginners can get lots of information and ideas but some own changes should be done to see the effect. If you are more concerned about your business then this tool can really help you to keep ahead.

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Well, using BoxofAds is a key to success as this can help you to spread your business in the wide range and also let you know your competitors who are running forward.

It just builds roads to generate money you want. It tracks what your competitors are doing to generate more traffic and how the landing page is full of visitors. This tool is one type of getting inspiration especially for new campaigns as you can get new ideas every day and also know the current new going on.

For those guys who are already running campaigns and want some changes, for them also this tool is helpful. Therefore all in whole, I think everyone who is interested should have this tool because trying out some extra technique to get into the field of generating money is not a harmful action.

This is because everyone wants better in their life and every marketer want to know what is going around them. So better to use a tool which provides you the entire information you want.