7 Top Strategies To Optimize Your Website’s UX That You Never Implemented Before

Top Strategies To Optimize Your Websites UX

Do you deliver the best user experience but not getting the possible site visitors? If so then there may be a lack of something very important that stops user to visit your website.

Well, it is very important to commit yourself to deliver the best user experience. This is because it is the basic part of organic search to get ranked and also to get more increase in conversion rate optimization.

However, you may assume that your website offers some effective information and it  deserves to rank better in Google results, but here the actual question arises is “what do users actually think?” So, first of all, let us first dog out what is UX optimization, so here it is –

User Experience Optimization is the actual process to improve website UX. However, it is a part of the design process; user experience is much more focused on the user satisfaction.

A user experience should design and plan an experience and should also create a workflow that users can easily follow on your app or website.


You will need to create a memorable UX so that they will definitely read the content and move ahead to take the best actions.

However, if you optimize your content for all users then it will increase the conversion rates and also boost the Google search rankings. Both these actions are quite vital to make your business successful.

As per the research, it has been found that “80% of marketers consider that increasing a complete conversion leads a priority for their programs for website optimization.”

Well, here in this blog, I will try my best to explain to you what is user experience and why it is so important for your website. Also, I will explain how user experience optimization can be done and help you convert more and more visitors to your website.

So, Let’s Get Started……

Why User Experience Is Important?

Nowadays marketers are facing some challenges to meet the needs of consumers in a highly digitalized world where technology is entering every aspect of users’ lives.

As for example, brands are supposed to accept and adopt the technology into their marketing mix if they really wish to get a higher position in this competitive marketing area.

Here, what works best to satisfy the need of the consumers is to focus on creating the valuable and enjoyable user experience. If your website has the best UX then it drives SEP and lead generation very effectively.

If you deliver an optimal user experience then it involves more than just a well-built website design. While developing new marketing technologies, brands and marketers have lots of resources and can employ to enhance the best UX.

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User Experience Design And Optimization

UX Design & Optimization

Have you ever wondered why no one turned up after you practiced enough regarding the new website redesign? However, if you still believe that old technology says that ‘build it and they will come’ maybe you need to step out of the digital land’s old age.

Believe me, it doesn’t work anymore. Nowadays, you must know how you can deliver the best engaging, responsive and personalized digital UX design to your preferred visitors. In simple language, UX design is all about keeping the users engaged.

Having real results, intuitive design and set jet experience make your visitors come back to you again and again.

Well, do you know that a success of website still depends on just a single thing – how users interact with the website. Some questions come to the visitor’s mind as they experience your website and then decide whether they will return or not or even cruise further are as follows:

  • Is this website simple to use?
  • Does it give value to the visitor?
  • Is this website pleasant to use?
  • Does this website navigate the visitor to the right place?
  • Is the visitor engaged?

If you are not aware of these questions then do not forget that UX design is everything about convincing your visitors to answer ‘YES’ to all the above-mentioned questions.

UX design, strategy and optimization is actually a kind of work for which a website honor hires specialized UX professionals. This is all about the execution of the plan which is to increase users’ engagement to your website.


Generally, the best UX focused companies overlook the UX design’s significance. Also, the common misconception is that it is not just about the visual appeal. But IS IT TRUE? Well, the answer is NO. This is because the user-centered designs are almost about problem-solving and it facilitates positive experience, interaction as well as ease of usability.

Fine, let’s take an example, suppose you are targeting a user whose name is David Merchant and his favorite color is BLUE, he likes BALLOONS and likes BIKING as well. So, you will give your best custom experience that will definitely make him feel very important. Also, he can then relate to what you have created within 3 seconds of his visit on your preferred website.

So, I hope, you can understand what I mean to say from the above example I have mentioned. But, apart from this conception, let us also know some rules or principles that will help you make a big move regarding UX designs.

Some Rules To Be Followed For Better UX Design

Here, I am going to mentioned rules or you can say principles that will definitely help you engage more and more visitors to your website and makes better UX design:

  • UX design is actually an idea to improve website UX and customer life-cycle.
  • It has to be completely intuitive and natural.
  • User experience optimization is a process of vision definition, discovery, execution, planning, iteration, measurement and strategy.
  • Operation on different criteria must be consistent throughout to make a perfect UX.
  • Planning for making a better UX design should never be stopped at any cost.
  • Always respect and empower your users.
  • Create rich experience for user for not just to design but to INFLUENCE.
  • Achieve UX results by creation of working prototype.

So, try to follow all these rules or principles when you want to offer your visitors a best User Experience Design.

Some UX Factors That Affects SEO

IT IS A FACT that your UX does not only affect the customers when they reach your website but it also affects how they often find you on Google. In actual, user experience is very closely tied to SEO and it clearly means that you could see less interest in people reaching the website if you make your website clunky, slow and is not provide easy to use option.

UX affects SEO

Search engines are essentially able to look at some metrics for determining the usability factors and complete users’ satisfaction with the website. When the usability factors are worse than the competition then your website is going to struggle badly just to rank very well in Google.

It means that all the keywords, content and linking; internal or outbound linking efforts will fail because Google will not highlight a poor website in the search results. AND trust me THIS IS A BIG LOSS FOR YOU if you are a website honor.

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Strategies To Optimize UX For Visitors

If your metrics show that your website needs some great improvements whether via a higher number of errors or low conversion rate, then all you can do is – IMPROVE WEBSITE’S USABILITY.

In this blog, I have tried my best to touch on some high-level ways to improve website UX with these following steps. So, you can follow all these helpful steps or guide you can say to just get the best way to know the UX design, strategy and optimization techniques.

#1: Increase Load Speed

#2: Create A Memorable Content Experience For Users

#3: Build Functional Links To Your Web Pages

#4: Set Up Clear Calls To Action

#5: Keep Your Content Scannable

#6: Target For Seamless Keyword Integration

#7: Stay True To Your Target Audience

#1: Increase Load Speed

increase load speed

The first and the most important thing here is to increase the load speed. Several reasons are there due to which your website takes too long to load which is obviously not good for your website.

As for example; Suppose if your website loads at 3.55 seconds then it is not a good loading speed. Generally, people expect a website to load in just two or fewer seconds.

So, to increase your website loading speed, just do some easy tasks and notice the changes made. Here, you can see what you can do to boost the website’s loading speed and make the users happy.

  • Optimize Code, images & Video: It is very important to make sure that you optimize each and every image, code, videos, etc in your website. Images and videos make your website look more attractive.

So, do not ever forget to compress images before you upload them in your website. The larger size of images will definitely take more time to load and it is very bad for your website.

  • Clear Out Bulky Cookies, Plugins, Widgets & Apps: Try to clear out the bulky cookies, plugins, widgets and apps that slow the website loading speed. If all these add-ons trigger first then it may be possible that it can prevent the users from viewing the content you have published.

So, after every six months, try to conduct a “code purge” just to remove the obsolete additions. This will really help you load the website faster.

  • Tease Content: Yes, another way you can try to boost the website loading speed is to tease content. Go through the website that loads just a few paragraphs of the content and asks the users to click to continue.

This option not only just helps the website load faster but also it allows them to track number of visitors who clicked to read the complete content.

#2: Create A Memorable Content Experience For Users

create memorable content

IT IS A FACT that CONTENT MARKETING drives engagement of users. However, if you want to engage users then it is quite vital to focus on the website’s design and content.

When you wish to optimize UX design as well as content then here you can go through the deatils of the things you can do:

Online users generally believe in content to inform the decisions. Every content is not created equal but some content increases traffic and other content is designed to increase the leads.

The headlines you decide to post should be very catchy. But this is not enough, because who read your headline but will also read the CTA copy.

Being a smart business marketer, you need to create a memorable content for target users so that users will engage with the content willingly.

The words you have used in your content should be emotionally driven just to attract the target users you want.

You have drafted the content, formatted in a better way and crafted each and every phrase carefully and hit the button “PUBLISH”.

What happens then……No one reads it.

No Comments, No Facebook sharing, No tweets…..Nothing

So, if you don’t want to experience this, you have to understand that the average attention span of reader is declining.

You need to increase the search rankings if you really want to engage users with the content. Here, in the below image, you will find some ways to let people read your content more.





So, try these ways and get more users to read the content. Believe me, these ways will definitely help you improve website user experience and get more visitors to your blog.

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#3: Build Functional Links To Your Web Pages

Wanting a successful UX design for a successful online business, then you have to consider search engines. However, you have to rank highly in Google and drive organic traffic, you have to get the right links to improve the search engines.

But, do you know what link building is? If no, then let me tell you that link building is one of the major internet marketing options pursuing by the business owners.


A survey done by Moz has revealed that about 37% of business owners used to spend between $10,000 and $50,000/month just on link building only.

But why website owners are so concerned about the links? ….Well, it is just due to the relationship between then Google ranking and the links.

Some website likes BBC, CNN, Facebook, Unbounce, Moz and other sites are trustworthy and authoritative because several people visit them, link to them, share their content and also refer others to them.

It is a fact that the popularity of any website brings authority. And when a website becomes more popular, people will automatically love to link to it.

build interlinking

Sometimes for a better User experience, you want some functional links as well. All these links will remain active on referring webpages and also affects the search ranking because people are clicking them.

When you do email marketing, functional links can help you generate more than 30% of revenue of email campaigns. Google now gauges the usefulness and relevancy of the website in a large part which is based on the number of authorized and functional links pointing to it.

#4: Set Up Clear Calls To Action


For a better UX design, there is a great need to highlight strong calls to action, so that users can move closer to your goals.

  • For Lead Generation Pages: It means driving users to complete interest forms with the placement of items strategically on the webpage.
  • For Ecommerce Sites: This involves making it very easier to add, select and view items in the cart.
  • For Brick And Mortar Businesses: It means showcasing the phone number and address along with the other calls to actions like making an appointment or ordering them online.

If you think that your calls to actions are not prominent enough then you can look at your metrics. However, if users jump from one webpage to another just to find what they are looking for, then it may be possible that are you are not guiding them in a correct manner into the funnel.

However, for this, you can try A/B testing tools to configure how users respond to changes in the web design. Here, for improving landing pages and funnel builder, you can try some tools like InstaPage, LeadPages, Inbound Now, Infusionsoft, MailMunch and more.

#5: Keep Your Content Scannable

Keep Your Content Scannable

Always try to design your webpage in such a way that your users will automatically love to show their interest in reading your content or visiting your webpage. If you are already doing so then it is well and good and if not then here I am going to discuss some points you should definitely consider for.

  • A/B Test Your Content: Yes, do this across multiple webpages or even create a long page that loads as the audience scrolls down. You can see who reads the complete articles and then fill out the interest forms after going through your content.
  • Break Up Content: Try to break up content with images, subheadings as well as block quotes so that your audience can get the idea and skip unnecessary parts of the content.
  • Place Vital Information At The Front: Try to place the very important information at the front and so the audience knows right away what the objective of the content is and what they will learn from the content.
  • Include Sharing Icons: Always include some sharing icons where visitors can highlight the products or parts and share them with the friends on social media.

If you improve website user experience for customers then it is a difficult task. For this, you should always look for different ways so that you can make your website better. If you always put your all efforts to improve your website then you will never fall behind.

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#6: Target For Seamless Keyword Integration

Seamless Keyword Integration

Everybody knows – target keywords play a very important role in the content and SEO techniques and their outputs. If the target keywords are integrated properly then you will definitely see the improvement in the organic search results.

Visibility of keyword in Google results is actually a sign that shows that you have given importance to your users. Also, it shows that you have created a useful content without manipulating Google.

In the year 2013, Google ranking was based on the keywords arranged in the content’s meta description, title and anchor texts. But IT HAS CHANGED.

It is true that you should target keywords as per Google, but not just with the major motive of ranking in the Google. As I already said that IT HAS CHANGED, Google now wants you to publish the correct answers to user intent questions and to improve website UX.

Nowadays when you type any keyword or phrase in Google search, you get some surprising results because the top Google results may not have the keywords in their content’s titles. Let’s have a look at the example here:


Are these Google results are related to the types keyword? Definitely…They are useful and relevant

So, what is going on? Since last few years, Google has examined user behavior data. However, the major motive has always been to provide the outstanding results, depending on the user intent.

Why do users search for “best practices to get pregnant?

Here, the motive of the users is to know the tips to help them get pregnant.

Users do not care about whether you provide them tips or best practices or share any success stories. However, If your content helps them to conceive, then you will likely convert from readers to customers.

In this way, when users search “best practices to get pregnant”, results were keen to know “trying to get pregnant”. This is because of the major user intent behind the main keyword. So, you should first focus on long tail keywords. If you do so, it will become very easy to rank in Google.

#7: Stay True To Your Target Audience

stay true

This is simple and easy to follow trick to optimize UX strategy; try to give your audience what they actually want and they will definitely stick around.

Users get frustrated when they do not find something useful form what they are looking for. If you fail to deliver the best relevant information to your users then only they will stick to you and as a result, you will provide them with a good user experience.

But, here the question arises is that how many marketers or writers will understand what their audience actually wants.

However, if you are posting a relevant content then it is obvious that you will get better engagement on the webpage. And, as a result, this will then result in higher search rankings. Also, it is then very clear that you will get a better CTR.

Most of the time every website owner make a mistake to convert website visitors into customers when they even don’t know what their customers actually want.

So, for this, you should start conducting keyword research. With keyword research, you can know what is going on in your user’s mind and get to know what they what information they actually want.

target keywords

There is no need to target those keywords in your content but it will give you some idea while creating a content for your users.

So, from now onwards, start creating a content while answering them in the best possible way your ideal users are asking.

Wrap Up

It is so easy to survive in online business if and only if you do not provide the best user experience. Offering a good user experience can help you make your website visit again and again by the user.

Well, I hope, all these UX strategy and optimization tips will give you some ideas to make your website user-friendly.

Try to create the best browsing experience so that users will come back to your website by focusing on their needs.

However, with the above tips, you can also make the website loading speed time. Keep in mind that the users should focus on the content, blog including all the efforts to promote the blog posts.

Do not ever lose focus, stick to it.  Even if Google throws a new algorithm update tomorrow, your content will still succeed.

So all I want to say is, use all these tips or ways to optimize UX strategy and get more and more visitors to your evergreen content like never before.

That’s All…..Hope you are satisfied with my thoughts and views.