Barvas Review – Simple and Powerful Project Management Tool to Manage Difficult Project

Barvas ReviewManaging projects have become difficult if you don’t have any professional project management tool. Managing a project manually is the worst thing to do; it will kill your creativeness, need more manpower and time taking as well.

So, it is good to pick any project management tool suitable for your project needs. There are various tools and platforms are available that specially designed to manage your projects with ease. Few of them are paid and few are free, today we will discuss about a project manager that offers both free (limited project) and paid subscription.

Barvas is an advanced project management platform that packed with complete features through which one can easily manage their projects efficiently. It not only focuses on the task manager but along with different task it will help you to manage the overall activities of a project.

Workspace offered by Barvas is different for different stages of project management. It depends on the several stages such as task creation, requirement gathering, task management, and more. The workspace includes timelines, dashboards, and several other features for social communication.

This tool is designed to help the users via its 6-step process, this process may include objectives of the project, requirements, the scope of the project, formulating the plan, delivering the project, project monitoring, and reviewing.

With the help of Barvas your team can easily meet the challenges of the projects and also search for the effective solutions. Go with Barvas’ mind mapping and collaboration tools to systematize your ideas, tasks, and also find out how to boost the efficiency and productivity.

Barvas will help you to analyze your project status in detailed, so you can determine a clear idea of the project requirements and how to fulfill them. Along with, you can easily manage all of your team members and resources, the scheduled task for every person based on their efficiency, as well as also make sure that all of your budget and projects are on track or not.

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If you need any kind of support or want the answer of any query then you can contact barvas Support team via Email support or Phone or Live support and more.

This advanced application will help you to streamline and boost the collaboration as well as you can communicate from anywhere. Barvas is a cloud-based project management platform, so you can access your project data from anywhere, see the progress of the project, add new tasks, modify the work schedules, and also chat with any of your team members.

If your project is in the critical situation and you want the latest updates on your projects instantly then Barvas will give you real-time notifications. So we can say that Barvas project manager makes project management easy and effective.


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Barvas Attractive Features

Understand and Analyze Objectives

This tool will provide an unambiguous target of your project, so you can easily create and set the milestones to accomplish your project. Make your team members aware of the project by highlighting the key goals of your project.

Gather Requirements

You can easily collect the requirements by engaging your team members. Simple, ask questions to them and collect inputs from everybody. Via this tool one can add notes and insert links to make your requirement gathering process more efficient.

Project Scope

It is a little tricky and difficult to decide the project scope because you have to agree with everyone on the scope of the project. First, you need to make an estimation of the budget and related risks, find out the different resources, and make statements about the constraints. By getting everyone on the same page will need an effective communication.


Planning is always an important part of a project, as you have to create the list of deliverables, interdependencies between your different tasks, their progression, creating different functions and identify their pending dates and status.

Deliver the project

In order to deal with the project delivery phase you need a mix of skills such as managing tasks, assigning resources, progress tracking, manage changes, solve problems and manage risks and stakeholders. Barvas is packed with the different view options like map view or category view, so you can get the better visibility into the project.

Monitor and Review

This is one of the important feature, that allows you to review or monitor your project progress and make sure that your team member is working properly. You can easily monitor the progress report and share it with executives and stakeholders. Via Barvas you can differentiate the tasks properly via color coding to improve the review process.

Barvas Pricing Plans:


  • 1 Project

Single User – $12/month

  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Projects

Teams – $6/user/month

  • Multiple Users
  • Unlimited Projects

Technical details of Barvas

Supported Devices: Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based

Language Support: USA, UK, Canada, and International

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business, and Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted


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As I already said, this tool is completely free, so you can use this tool without paying a single penny.

But the free plan is limited and if you want to access all of its features then you have to subscribe its paid plan starting from $6.

According to me, you have to test this tool first to check its functionality, compatibility, features, effectiveness and more. So, go with its freemium plan and make sure that this tool is effective for your business or not. If all ok, then in future you can subscribe to its paid plan.