Awario Review: Social Media Monitoring Tool to Track Your Audience!

Awario reviewIt is really very difficult to find out the most pertinent information on the web because most of them might be concealed somewhere deep on the web. Finding the relevant discussion and participating will help you to promote your product/service among the relevant peoples.

Today we will discuss about “How to track your primary keyword with ease?” So, let’s start,

Tracking the relevant keywords for your product or business become very simple, there are various keyword tracking tools are available to do this task.

Among them, Awario is one of the advanced tools that give you the notification when anyone mentions your keyword over the world of internet.

It is an extraordinary and trendy tool for keyword monitoring task, allowing you to find out your mentions over the wide world of social media. It doesn’t depend on any of the third-party support to get the data and search for the mentions. Awario’s own written algorithm crawls more than 13 billion WebPages per day including the APIs and finds the fresh mentions about your particular keyword/product.


More about the Awario

Awario is a platform that allows you to track your mentions from both social media and the Web. Simply, set your keyword to track and it will provide the feed of related conversations, figures on the types of mentions and more.

This tool is able to crawl almost every corner of the web which includes social media platforms and all other search engines. Hence, through this one can easily find the most relevant mentions and info. Awario works on the real-time, all of the info that is relevant to your keywords or phrases are collected in real time and sent to you. It ensures that you always get the updated and fresh information for your searches.


Why choose Awario?

It is not more difficult to select Awario from the available tools, as above discussed that Awario doesn’t depend on any third party tool to fetch the information from the web. Hence, all the info it provides is reliable.

This tool is suitable for all types of business and website owners because it will help them to instantaneously view the instant reactions on specific keywords.

All the latest social media connections and other relevant news relevant to your keyword will give as input is displayed by this tool.


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Below the complete list of sources crawled by Awario

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • News/Blogs
  • Web

Another point that gives another upvote to the Awario is “news/blog and Web mentions”. All the other keyword tracking tool crawls only the social media and provides mentions from social media only, but Awario is the only tool that able to crawl and show results from discussion sites, review platforms, forums, blogs, FAQ and all other sites.


Ultimate Features of Awario

Provides Real-Time Social insights with Continue Monitoring

Know who is usually talking about your products or keywords all around the world. Awario is the tool that will notify you in Real-time, whenever anyone discusses about your products/brands over the world in different languages. It crawls more than 13 billion WebPages per day and if found any mentions about your keywords then it will notify you in real time.

Check Important Discussions First

Awario allows you to check how many people are involved in the discussions. Sort-out the mentions by ‘Reach’ and this will provide you the most important discussion first. Hence, you can promote your product more efficiently and get more output from this tool.

Track Keywords without worrying about the language

You can simply track your keyword without worrying about the language issue, as this tool is able to track the keywords/products in any language across the world of internet. No matter whether you are running a small company or a big brand; Awario keyword monitoring tool supports both local market and a global reach.


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Get Only the Relevant Discussions

All the search result provided by this tool is relevant. If your search term is ambiguous then it can waste your time on searching the mentions for your business. To overcome this issue, you have to set up the negative keywords in order to exclude the posts containing those terms.


Powerful Analytics

It contains an inbuilt analytics through which you can track your growth in the number of mentions and their reach, compare different alerts, find out the top influencers, and examine your progress. If you want to share the report with your client then you can go with its shareable feature.


Mobile Friendly

Track your keyword from anywhere anytime, this tool can be accessed from your mobile. Awario is a mobile friendly and you don’t have to worry about any lag or missing data as it is fully compatible with any sizes of display devices. You can easily manage all of your marketing tasks directly from your mobile devices.


New Discussions in your Inbox

If you want to get email alerts then you can easily set up the email alerts on Awario. Once you set up your email then Awario will send daily or weekly summaries about the latest mention direct to your email’s inbox.


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That’s all about the Awario, according to me it is always difficult to know about the complete potential and features of any tool by reading its review. No matter how perfectly a tool is reviewed by a professional but without using the specific tool personally you will never know about the tool.

Hence, it is recommended to go with the Awario’s free 14 days trial and find out that it is perfect for you or not.

Simply, register with your email address; you don’t have to provide your credit card information.

After using this tool for 14 days, if you are satisfied then you can go for their paid subscription plans starting from just $19 per month and extends to $299 per month.