9 Live Chat Mistakes You Should Avoid Right Now To Increase Your Sales in 2018

live chat mistakes to avoid

In this competitive era, most businesses and consumers are familiar with the Live Chat. But, there is always a space for improvement and for this, you have to look back so that you can decide better the changes you need to make.

Live chat is online customer service software with live support, web analytics capabilities and help desk software. With Live chat, you can answer your customer’s question accurately and quickly.

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9 Skyrocket Tips To Increase Conversion Rate In Email Marketing

Tips To Increase Conversion Rate In Email Marketing


When it comes to conversion rate, email is the king of all marketing tactics. You should not be surprised to hear that email is the leading medium for communication in the business world. We all know that content marketing and social media is a great passage to engage the audience but have you ever heard of email marketing? Yes, do you know that the most engaging channel for the online audience is the email marketing?

Email lists are the most valuable part of Ecommerce business. Each and every email is a great reflection of the money, time and hours you spent turning hard earned traffic into sales. And for this, you have to follow some rules for email marketing. Well, when it comes to email marketing, there is nothing much important than conversion rates.

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