Asana Review: The Team’s Work Tracking & Project Management Tool


Asana: Introduction

Asana is a project and task management solution that provides team collaboration and communication. One can use Asana to create projects and within the projects, you can create the tasks. It allows you to add the team member to projects and tasks and assign the task to them, share projects with them or tag them in task comments and keep everyone informed about the work progress from start to finish.

In Asana you do not require to email for communications. You can share notes or upload files and attachments to tasks, arrange tasks by priority, set-up your workflow receives notification of any changes made or updates and task completion.

There is Asana inbox in which you will receive all types of tasks and project-related work such as when a task is updated by someone, if anyone adds comments or attachments, when the task is assigned to you, if a task is due today, anyone has added you as a follower or when task gets completed.

With Asana you can plan, share, organize and keep track of the work progress of the task that each member has been assigned and working on. You can view, organize and manage the tasks and priorities for all of your projects and the team member from one place.

Since Asana is completely web-based it can be accessed from anywhere on any web browsers. You can also access it on your mobile devices. The mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows is also available.

Asana: What It Offers?

  • Create projects and tasks
  • Make teams and assign tasks
  • Activity feed
  • Get automatic notifications to your Asana inbox
  • Offer email bridge
  • Real-time updates
  • Make your own custom calendars and views
  • My Tasks list and Focus Mode
  • Multiple workspaces is available
  • Set priorities, goals and due dates
  • Check team member’s tasks and priorities
  • Search views and project sections
  • Set project permissions
  • Add attachments and comment on tasks
  • Android, iOS support, HTML5 mobile site

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Asana: Key Features

  • Task and Project Management – Asana allows you to create a project from starting to implementation to completion. Users can create tasks and assign it to different members of the team. Hence, the whole team knows that which member is responsible for which tasks. Users can organize and see the tasks in lists or boards. You can assign due dates for specific work along with the option to see them in the calendar view.  You can also add file attachments that are related to your work from the computer or from online storage.



  • Real-Time Updates – Online shared workspace allows users to ask questions, suggestion or clarifications related to a task by adding comments. Real-time updates reduce the need of time-consuming meetings, however, it helps in providing to get an instant response. All members of the projects can participate in the discussion, regardless of geographical locations. Beside this, team members can collaborate with external partners, contractors, vendors, etc within the platform.
  • Multiple Views, Customizations, Integrations, etc – With Asana, the user can see the information as they want with different available views. Users can set priorities, assign task to a specific member, check work progress with a customizable dashboard and get updates and notifications alert via smarter inbox. With the availability of gallery view, users can also see the file attachment. Overall, users can search easily and filter what they want from all the information available. Premium features also support admin controls, custom fields, and priority support. Additionally, several third-party applications integration is also available as well as mobile device support.
  • Project History & Permissions: In the Activity Feed, you will going to find each project, task and their subtasks, in which you can mention users, teams or groups with whom the information is needed to be shared. For permissions, the system’s admin has the control and he can enable to handle them separately for each project.


  • Customizable Dashboards: Asana offer its users with customizable dashboards where you can see the work progress of each project and task separately. One can also use the dashboard for group or team conversations as well, because this is the first place where changes notifications appear. Things like tracking leads, members or customer queries and job applicants can also be accessed through the dashboard.


  • Security: Asana offer higher standards security system and it protects your work and sensitive information from others who are not related to your projects and works.

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Technical Specifications

  • Target Users: It can be used by almost everyone such as freelancers, large organizations, mid-size business, small business, and non-profits organizations.
  • Devices Supported: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Web-based, Mobile Web App
  • Supported Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Europe
  • Supported Languages: English
  • Support Options: FAQs, Forum, Knowledge Base, Online Support, Video Tutorials

Asana: Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use Quick to learn Makes task more collaborative and fun
  • Well designed for managing task management and team workflows
  • Free versions supports up to 15 team members
  • Great dashboard for quick overview of task history/completion
  • Drag and drop features
  • Best template feature to copy task to new task
  • Ability to assign tasks to multiple projects


  • No offline capabilities
  • Not best for graphics-intensive projects

Should I Use this Tool?

Yes, you can use Asana Project and task management tool as it is good for all small-big enterprises and business and non-profit organizations. But I would not suggest this tool for graphics-intensive projects.

Asana is a productivity tool that allows team members or groups to see information related to projects and tasks quickly and in different views. Its design is well designed and it’s very easy to use, customizable and integrated with third-party applications.

With in-built organization and communication tools, users are given transparency, clarity, and focus that assist them to collaborate effectively and produce a great result.

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Asana aim in helping teams/groups manage workflows and it is one of the prominent tools among several projects and task management tools.  Its thoughtful design and fluid interactive elements and its liberal team-member allotment in its free version make it a powerful and effective task management tool for completing projects works and teamwork.

However, the paid version offers you with the additional features that you may want for more complex workflow management. If you ask me “shall I go for this tool?”, then I would highly recommend “Yes” you can use it.