5 Popular Types of Blog Posts to Convert Blog Visitors into Customers

Convert blog visitors into customers

Blogging is the most established way for enhancing the digital promotional strategies. It is the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy.  And for successful online businesses content marketing plays a vital role.

Content marketing publication can be done through multiple sources such as newsletters, videos, reviews, eBooks and many others.

But, despite all that as I said above blogging, is the cornerstone of any content marketing tactics.

And this is the one single aspect that makes your search engine traffic skyrocket and develops your personal brand notably.

So, it is fairly important to know the certain key aspects to get right to start a successful blog and grow your search traffic as well.

Here in this article, follow the successful blogging recipe to join the best blogging club. And know the anatomy of the popular blog posts and how they are successful in growing and sustaining the consistent audience

Here comes the number 1.

1. Shorties

Long form content is not always better.

Try to write short, brief blog posts – normally three sentence paragraphs.

This is a good idea to attract the audience in clear short brief content and convert blog visitors into customers.

Why the short posts work: As they are written exactly to-the-point and also on regular basis (commonly daily).

Often the customers expect to hear from the author as they know they will be delivered huge value in short amount of time. And this is the MAGIC formula highly acceptable these days.

But, if you are not always able to publish short posts as if you are the new comer in the industry.

Then the little attention to the keywords and SEO will not help you to establish your authority.

Well, content is like food and no one eats the same type of meal daily and remains healthy and smart.

Just like that, if you continuously write and publish the same type of content, your subscriber and readers might get bored and switch over to the other brand or blog.

So, try to create a variety of content. Sometimes short blog posts and when there is a possibility write long descriptive, informative posts.

2. Long-Form posts

Now, comes the long-form posts, this means an epic blog post having 2,000 words or more.

Here you need dive deeper on a topic and include the entire information regarding the popular posts such as screenshots, in-depth examples, subheading that works for you.

They dive deep on a topic, which means they take a little longer time. And are generally posted a little less frequently.

This kind of long-form blog posts increases the time limit readers spend on your websites (which is the success factor of the website considered by the Google Analytics) and as well it can do a lot more to express your authority on that particular subject!

Tip: While creating the long-form content, very first outline your goals of the article before starting to write. Such as who is the targeted audience? How can you measure the success of your blog post?

Why the Long-Form Posts work:  The long form content is inspired by the committed readers, as they are getting the entire valuable information at one place and can get big takeaways from the blog. And in this type of in-depth content a great way to convert blog visitors into customers.

So, putting effort while writing a long piece is well worth to get favorable result

In order to make your writing better you can make use of Grammarlythis is the best tool that instantly eliminates grammatical errors and enhances writing.

3. Listicles

You must be wondering what this LISTICLES is – it is an article that is written in form of list.

Now, this form of content is all over on the internet. Listicles are the superlative way to add highly shareable content to your blog or articles while offering value to the readers.

The trick behind using listicles is to be specific and put thought into the value of your list. Avoid putting the distinct points, images, and others in your content. Try to assemble your entire work with a purpose.

Why Listicles Posts work: Simple as they are easily readable, enjoyable to share and extremely popular on social medias as well.

Adding Listicles is the best way to attract the brand new readers onto your articles or blogs.

In this way, you can stumble them in with a quick examination and hook them with a growing collection of quality content

Adding Listicles is the best way to attract the brand new readers onto your articles or blogs – in this way you can stumble them in with a quick examination and hook them with a growing collection of quality content.

You can try the ProWritingAid – this improves the blog writing and enhances the readability of your content. This can make your writing the best it can be.

4. How-to Posts

Now after describing how the content structure should be, here know how to posts it.

How-to posts are referred to as explainers and this is important because it provides a clear, step by step information from first to the end.

Your posting style builds a bond between you and the reader.

The how-to post is the opportunity not only to communicate a lesson but to sprinkle your blog posts with your own ideas, experiments, success stories and well it was worth-a-shot attempts.

A very famous saying describes it best: Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal.”

Well, this doesn’t mean if anything is said multiple times in various formats.

It doesn’t make any sense that the audience will read your blog posts.

In fact, the reader doesn’t want to be given directions, but they like the content that delivers a well-packaged story that finally indicates what they need to do.

Readers want to listen to your voice, your personality shine that attracts the visitors why they visit your blog. And, the existence audience had already built an emotional relationship with you

Why this work: Well, this is simple, when you offer your reader a journey and create something interesting for them. Or delivers them a step-by-step guide, then why don’t they spend some time on your website.

And when the given process is going to work for them, they will simply spend more time on your site and as a result, you can convert blog visitors into customers.

The readers more likely want to know what products and services you are offering for them. And when you provide them a win with your how-to articles, they effortlessly like and even trust you.

5. Behind The Scenes

Well, behind the scenes is somehow like how-to posts. You can say that they are cousins.

This process will take the reader through a process and share the results.

Here, you don’t need to give instructions to your readers. In fact, you need to link your blog, doing this will provide entire information to the readers at one place.

And this can lead huge growth in your readers especially when what you reveal is particularly relevant to your readers.

Why these work: When you take your reader behind the scenes of your business, then you can strengthen the bond between you both.

This can develop a bond between you both. The better your readers know and understand you more they trust you when it’s time to become a customer.

The Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best examples as this allow the users to explore and allow glancing inside the lives of the people around us.

It is recommended to try Evernote. This is the ultimate way to get notes simplified and arranged so that everything is in a structured way. This enhances your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings as well.

Now it’s your Turn to Write

In this article, I have shared the five types of blog posts that are the cornerstone for building your brand identity.

Now it is the time to craft these in your content types and check how you convert blog visitors into customers.

So start writing NOW, and don’t forget to promote your blogs on social media platforms for the fruitful result.

And REMEMBER one thing – Start working Smarter not Harder in your blogs…

That’s it…