Ambassador Review- Best Referral And Affiliate Marketing Platform

Ambassador Review

There are many business marketers who just go on search for best referral and affiliate programs, which can help them to grow their business without any problem.

But they don’t seem to get much success in this field and finally they have to move forward without any such affiliate programs.

For those business marketers and others who are just looking for some best programs of affiliate marketing, for them Ambassador is one of the best choice.

Yes, you have heard right. Ambassador is one of the world’s best referral and relationship marketing platform. It works by automatically processing every task like rewarding, enrolling, tracking and also manage your customers, partners, influencers, affiliates along with other advocates.

This is now one of the fastest growing companies that is based on referral marketing technology. It can be used by any company size may be it is small or big. It works to boost customer brand and B2B companies to implement, optimize and scale referral-marketing programs.

Ambassador supports are excellent as it gives immediate response to customer’s problem. It solves every problem of the customers and its integration process is easy to use.

This referral program consists of many requirements, which includes ability to create and launch several campaigns because referral programs differs on customer types. This is a complete platform for affiliate program with several partners.

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Features of Ambassador

All-in-One Platform

Ambassador is called as all-in-one platform because it has flexible technology, which helps companies to run their affiliate programs, referral, influencer, partner and other advocate programs all in a single place. Some of the its effective features are;

  • User segmentation and enrollment
  • Consists of multi-program and multi-campaign functionality
  • Cross department user permission

Ready for marketers

Ambassador’s attractive interface attracts marketers as it solves the entire process starting from day-to-day management to communication and reporting. In addition, it is an easy solution to manage everything in a platform and offers like:

  • Automatic workflow
  • Flawless integrations
  • In-built templates and designs
  • Easy to use visual editor
  • Affiliate portals and strong customers

Checked for performance

All brands should have flawless experience and it should not bother whether it is a website, a mobile app, or a physical store. Even it should not bother wherever you are and Ambassador just does provide the same to their customers.

Ambassador provides flawless experience no matter where you are, you can directly manage everything as it has:

  • Multi-language function
  • Process of offline tracking
  • Mobile app experience

Have a brand experience

With Ambassador, you can feel a brand experience. You can call it a tailored, custom or personalized, the platform is completely built for customers like you. Now feel like your own brand and keep this consistency in every platform.

In addition, Ambassador allows you to:

  • Stay true to your brand and guides
  • Control on open REST API
  • Flawlessly you can fit accessible customer experience

Provides several referral marketing options

After using Ambassador, you don’t have to waste your time in searching how to boost your growth. This software provides everything as it has tool which recognize the data performance and also check the full referral program that can increase ROI.

Starting from split testing to conversion rates, Ambassador has all those tools, which are required and can:

  • Modify analytics and reporting
  • A/B test copy, on page replacement and rewards
  • Recognize and part the influencers, partners, affiliates, employees, customers and several other advocates

What is the main role of Ambassador that makes it unique?

Well there are few things, which make Ambassador unique from other affiliate software and referral programs. Some of them are:

Affiliate Marketing

Now you can create your custom campaigns just to make sure that only brand ambassadors and perfect affiliates can access your brand to promote. Now its time to give your affiliates a better experience that Ambassador provides to their customers with robust affiliate portal that consists content, statistics, links and payouts.

Influencer Marketing

The power of subject matters social media influencers, experts and bloggers those want to support their followers to use the product and services of yours. Ambassador has its one automated email, white labeling and custom share links that helps to easily engage and manage all the top influencers.

Referral Marketing

Ambassador’s referral marketing gives the power to your customers to share all your products along with their services on their networks, hence creating best customers more, more, and fast. This program provides a turnkey platform, which allows original tracking and sharing experience, and also automate rewards for biggest fan of yours.

Brand Promotion

Now join with your customers and team members just to make sure that content is promoted is right to several authentic channels. You can integrate promotion into all your popular brand experience, automate rewards, track management etc. use the turnkey portal of Ambassador that is for advocates and share your products or services, view their records, monitor their growth and also give feedback.

Partner Marketing

Ambassador has its own fully integrated partner portal, which helps you to generate more leads and customers. You can customize the partner application and if you want then you can let other reseller, agency or referral partner to enter leads directly into CRM. Now allow your partners to promote you on their sites and also in their emails and you can track every activity with automate commissions and revenue sharing.


Starter-Starting at $800/m (Billed Annually)

Perfect for startups and small businesses

  • API Access
  • Refer a Friend Widgets
  • 1 Campaign
  • Payment Integrations
  • Billing Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Ecommerce and Email Integrations
  • Mobile SDK
  • Up to 5000 Ambassadors
  • Email and on board Support

Professional- Starting at $1500/m (Billed Annually)

A must have for mid-to-large size companies

  • Salesforce Integration
  • Additional Campaigns
  • Single Sign On
  • Automated Payouts
  • Ambassador Portal
  • Multilingual
  • Phone Support
  • Up to 10,000 Ambassadors

Enterprise- Custom (Billed Annually)

The premier solution for global brands

  • All Professional Plan Features
  • Complete White Labelling
  • Custom Development Tools
  • Dedicated Success Coaching
  • Invoice Billing
  • Enterprise SLA and Security Settings

I Want to Visit the Ambassador’s Official Website


Now I think it is clear that what Ambassador gives you in return when you start using it. it provides all the automation tool that is required to attract customers and fans and work for you. Its marketing concept is great and it also manages several tasks like communication, ambassador on-boarding etc.

This is easy to use as this referral marketing program works effectively. Moreover its customer support is excellent, as you don’t have to worry about any issue or problems, they get you ASAP.

Its pricing can be a matter for many but if it works for you according to your wish then I think pride does not matter a lot. Well it has an option of demo so I would request you to see the demo first, analyze everything on how it works, and then go forward.

In fact, there are other affiliate software’s which you should look once. For that, visit the link: