AdSpy Review – An Advanced Ad Spying Tool to Make your Ads More Fruitful!

AdSpy review

The PPC industry is very competitive all the time, especially when you are a small fish of this deep sea of advertising.

If you are searching for an easy and efficient way to track and identify money-making ads then you should read this review until its conclusion.

Today we will discuss on a professional Advertisement Spy Tool known as AdSpy.

This is the tool that will allow the advertisers become more innovating, if you are one of them and want growth in the advertisement then you need a professional ad spy tool.

There are various advertisement Spying tools are available in the market but it is tough to find one that suits your needs. In order to opt one from the available range of tools, you have to compare their features, prices and many other hidden facts.

AdSpy is one of the advanced ad spying tool packed with the several unique features but doesn’t worry as it charges is less than other spying tools. Hence, we can call it a powerful and super affordable tool. In order to make your PPC campaign more effective, you have to track your keywords more than 7 times every day.

Before subscribing to its paid plan you can take a trial of their service for with the free ad credits.

You can use Ad credits by scrolling and showing ads. In order to get the relevant ads you have to modify your search term instead of continually scrolling.

I like its search box feature, as it allows me to do pretty much search for anything you can imagine. Search by precise tags such as age range, countries, gender, daily likes, total likes and created date.

If you want to search via advertisers’ text, the name of the advertiser, URL, and text on the landing page then you can only do this using AdsSpy.

This tool also contains search criteria to find an affiliate offer that being promoted by the ad sellers.

The AdSpy platform will provide you the actual ad along with their likes, comments, the range of the ad and countries.

For example, You can see the ads that are targeting Males 30-70 in the UK.


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After it, click on the ad to see the actual ad or get the complete insights such as likes over time, landing page screenshots, technologies used on the landing page, affiliate tracking insights and more.

As you can see that their search results are never-ending however if you’re still unable to find a specific range of ads based on your need then you should check out their ‘examples’ page which contains how to do so without contacting their support team.

The possibilities of AdSpy are infinite; find out the new ads and then copy their success or modify them according to your requirements. No matter, you are running a digital marketing agency, drop ship store or lead gen business as you can easily reimburse your invested money (monthly charge of AdSpy).


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ADSPY Advanced Features are:

Enhanced Basic Search

This is one of the necessary features having broad functionality. Via this, you can search using text in the ad, name of the advertiser, total number of likes, type of the media it uses, etc. After it, sort the appeared results using the clever filters such as

  • When was the ad last seen?
  • How do users react?
  • Which ad is the longest running?

Search through Comments

Using the comment search option you can search for the ad using their comments. Search via ad comments using your important keywords, track competitors’ brands or your own products, or verify the ad’s positive or negative feedback.

Accurate Demographics

With the help of its unrivaled network of providers, AdSpy can exactly review an ad that is trying to aim depending on their location, sexual category, and age range. All of your competitors that are targeting a specific region and across markets will never imagine that AdSpy can revile all of them.

Calling Affiliates

With the help of this tool, one can easily find ads by an affiliate network, or search for precise affiliates and offers. In order to see how others are promoting ads you can search via the Offer ID. AdSpy will also help you to bypasses the cloakers, hence all the insights provided by this software are flawless and straight from the landing pages.

Have a look at the demo of what features offered by the AdSpy

Pricing of AdSpy

So, it is clear that AdSpy is one of the unique ways to do AdSpy. It is packed with more search features and more data than any other rivals. But it is not the end, as AdSpy is cheaper too. It offers almost unlimited usage for just $149/Month.


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At last, you should also learn few of its demerits as no one is perfect in this world. Sometimes I found that the site would timeout searching for ads. Some of the ads shown by this tool are being spammed on Facebook. I’ve also faced another issue; ads would come into view and then disappeared from the search when I tried to search for them again. I fixed this issue by resetting the search page.

Overall, this tool is perfect for Ads Spying. If you are interested in AdSpy and want to test it then you can do it without subscribing to its paid plan. Go with free ad credits and see the ads by scrolling. To see only the relevant ads you have to adjust your search term instead of continually scrolling.

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