[Extensive Guide] How To Add Live Chat Support On Your Website Easily


As we all know that nowadays it is very important to keep in touch with your visitors or customers, so the best way you can use is to add live chat services.  Live chat is a popular term for online talk applications to give your customers online support.

Live chat support tools give your visitors or customers an instant support on a website. This tool is a remarkable dynamic feature that offers you to connect with your online audience in real time.

With the help of this type of tool, you can customize your communication and know the visitors better. Also, it helps your customers to know everything about your brand, learn about your products and also clarify their queries and doubts about their desired range of selections.

Live chat option helps visitors to select the best tool as per their requirements. Also, you can promote your brand and maintain a direct relationship with your customers and prospects. But, do you have any idea why live chat is important for your business? If you don’t know then go through the below section of this blog.

Why Is Live Chat Important?


why live chat is important

When you are getting any new product, even it is a pencil, you have a purpose to buy this. It is obvious that you buy a pencil for writing. Likewise, while getting a new live chat tool, it is also very important to know why live chat is important to buy for your website.

Well, there are some reasons you should know why live chat is important for your website. So, if you also want to know why it is important for your business, then look below:

accessibleEasily Access From Anywhere In the World: If your customers are spread in different countries and you strive hard to provide excellent support then you should go for live chat support. This has made so easier for businesses to interact with your customers from anywhere in the world.

money-buyersTurn Visitors Into Buyers: It is good if you have well-planned marketing campaigns and proper sales funnel as it can help you achieve the sales targets. But do you know that you miss some visitors who don’t purchase just because of the absence of chat support option? Yes, this is true…..So, live chat is a great option that allows you to monitor your website as well as integrate with a third-party service like Google Analytics.

spend less get moreSpend Less And Get More: Live chat helps you decrease the customer service costs significantly by just lowering the demand for phone support. It increases efficiency with the allowance of live chat agents handles multiple chats at the same time. So, you don’t need to hire more agents.

business-credibilityIncrease Your Business Credibility: Live chat allows your customers to interact with humans easily and instantly. Also, live chat increases customer satisfaction and so it makes your business more credible. If you have live chat services on your website is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

What To Look In Any Live Chat Support Tool

features of live chat services

While buying any tool, you should know the qualities or features you need in that specific tool. If you want to get a new live chat tool and don’t have any idea what to look for any live chat support then you should definitely look below to get some ideas:

file-transferEasy File Transfer: Your live chat tool should have the facility to easily transfer the files. It should have a feature to receive a file up to 5MB. With this, a user can send files to the site visitors or can also receive files from them with an ease.

multiple live chat optionMultiple Live Chat Sessions: A live chat service should have a feature that allows an operator to handle multiple queries or live sessions at the same time. A live chat service should pop-up a message in the chat windows when a new message is received.

customizationLive Chat Customization Option: If you want your product to become a brand then you should buy a chat service tool that allows you to customize its look and feel. With this, you can have better brand connect your audience and so you can easily convince them to buy your products via your chats.

free servicesOffers Free Service: Before selecting any live chat option, do not forget to check if it is free. Always try to first use a free live chat support because if you will not get complete satisfaction then it will be wastage of penny for you. However, some services offer some days trial option, you can also go with such live chat tools. First, you can test them completely and if you like all the features it provides then you can buy the tool for your business.

updateFrequently Updated Chat Plugin: Always look for live chat plugin that is updated in a regular interval of time. Do not select a tool that was last updated before a year. Always check that the live chat tool you select for your business sends update notifications frequently. Due to this, you can keep yourself updated with the tool you are using for your business.

chat with visitorsLive Chat With Visitors: With the help of live help sessions, your business can get extremely valuable customer feedback. The input received from every live chat help talk will allow you to keep on enhancing and upgrade the website for future customers. With live chat services, you can perform on-site as well as off-site chat that proves to be very highly beneficial for your website.

livechat-animationHow to Install Live Chat Service On a Website

If you are willing to get a live chat tool for your business then it is important to know how you can install the live chat tool in your website. So, if you are want to know then you can proceed reading the below section of this blog.

Here, I am taking an example of LiveChat tool to show you the installation process. You can follow the steps mentioned here for any other live chat tool as all the live chat tools have almost the same installation process.

Step 1: You can try a 30 days LiveChat trial. For this, you do not need any credit card, so you are free to test it out without any commitments.

Step 2: After you finish setting up a trial, you will be taken to a page that will guide you a complete installation process. Also, in this step, you can choose to implement LiveChat on your own…..

live-chat step 2

…….Or you can also send the installation instructions to your website developer for further process to be done.

live-chat step 3

Step 3: If you want to install LiveChat on your own then you just have to copy the code to the clipboard. After this, paste the code just before the closing </body> tag of your website source code.

live-chat step 4

If everything went fine, you will find that chat at the bottom right side of the website.


How To Install Live Chat Plugins in WordPress

If you want to know how to install live chat plugins in WordPress then you should know the steps to install the plugins. Let us take an example of Comm100 Live Chat plugin that you can install on your WordPress platform.

With the help of below steps, you can easily know the steps to install live chat plugin. Almost all the live chat plugins have the same installation process. So, you can take an idea even if you want to install any other live chat plugin to your WordPress platform.

Step 1: First of all, you have to log into your Comm100 live chat system after creating the free trial account. After logging in, you will see a dashboard interface. Now click the Get Code button beneath the Step ½ icon on the dashboard.



Step 2: After clicking on the Get Code button, a new pop-up window will appear. You can then click inside the code box so that you can select and copy the live chat code.


Step 3: Now, you need to launch a Web file manager or editing utility. Now, you need to open the page you want to place the live chat button to display the HTML code.

Step 4: After this, you need to paste the live chat code to the line just before the </body> tag. You will now see that Comm100 live chat code is installed on your website. Now, when you see the webpage in a browser, you will see the Comm100 live chat button in the bottom-right corner of the window.


Step 5: You can repeat the above steps to add live chat plugins buttons to other webpages as required.

Common Live Chat Issue & How To Troubleshoot It

Sometimes what happens is – even after installing a live chat service t your website, you get an error message stated as “Cannot connect to the Live Chat Server”. Yes, this is the common message most of the time a customer gets even after installing any live chat tool to their website. But, do you have any idea why does it happen? Well, if no, then do not worry, go through the below paragraph and know the reasons and also know you can troubleshoot this error without a need for a technical expert.

Well, let me one thing very clear that you may get this error due to your security system like firewall, antivirus, router, web filter, etc. The default setup of all these security systems creates a block for the operator console and prevents it from connecting to our servers.

Sometimes, the console behavior may differ from “not able to log in”. You may be able to log in but instead, notice disconnects delayed or intermittent connection in chat.

All these signals testify to the problem with a security system which is scanning or blocking the traffic from the servers. But do not worry because you can follow these below steps to troubleshoot and fix the error with an ease.

Steps to Troubleshoot & Fix The Issue:

Try these simple guidelines to troubleshoot and fix this common error that people generally get after installing any live chat services to their website. Let us take an example that you are getting this error after installing Provide Support tool. All other tools may also have almost the same steps, so do not worry if you have any other tool.

Step 1: First of all, you need to check your internet connection.

Step 2: If you find that the internet connection is ok then try to log in to the web console at: https://operator.providesupport.com

Step 3: Now if you are logged in to the web console but the client still does not get connected then try to find out which security system is not installed on your computer.

However, if you are not sure that which security system is missing then you can send this error report to the tool admin using Help -> Send Error to Provide Support menu item from the menu bar of the standalone console.

This report will actually reveal the security systems that are already installed on your computer. You will get this information through email.

Step 4: Now after all these, you have to go your security application settings, add to trusted our domain; *.providesupport.com or the console application ProvideSupportConsole.exe, depending on which option is available with the security client.

Some Frequently Asked Questions You Should Go Through


Q1: Do live chat services provide demo feature?

Ans: Well, yes, you can access it on the live demo page. If you want to try its demo features then you have to sign up for a free trial account. You can do this using the Sign-Up box shown in the different places in different live chat tools.

Q2: What kind of HTML tags can be used in the System Messages?

Ans: Well, you can use all the basic content formatting tags like DOCTYPE, HEAD, BODY, TITLE, META, BASE, SCRIPT, NOSCRIPT, FRAME, FRAMESET, IFRAME, XML, OBJECT, EMBED. It can be extended at any moment if we notice that some HTML tags are used in an inappropriate way.

Q3: Is it possible to change the chat buttons to make it similar to one’s website?

Ans: Well, do not worry at all because almost all the live chat services offer button images so you can easily upload them as per your need to make your website’s appearance better.

Q4: Is there a need to install anything else on PC or server?

Ans: Almost all the live chat services are safe from bugs, cloud hosted and keep you updated automatically. So, you will never have to install anything else on your PC as well as on your server. You just have to sign up, then customize the app and then paste the code on the website.

Q5: How long does the setup process take? Is there need any technical or coding knowledge?

Ans: Well, it does not take so long for installation or setup process. It only takes 3 minutes to complete the procedure. And, to perform the installation process, you do not need any technical or coding knowledge. You can easily do it is very easy after you sign up for a free plan.

Final Words

After going through the complete blog, you must have learned how live chat helps your business to grow. Live chat services is very important nowadays to make your website or brand the best one.

You may also learn why it is important and what should you look in any live chat service or tool before you buy.

Also, complete steps of installation are mentioned above that will be very helpful for you. You can try some live chat services like Olark, Jivochat, Crisp Chat and more. These all are very beneficial live chat tools that will make your website even more popular. Hope you found this blog very helpful.