A Complete Subiz Review- Effective Communication, Revenue Breakthrough

Subiz reviewWant to add a customer communication platform to your website in order to improve your business quality and make it convenient for your users? If yes then you should read this review till conclusion, in this section, we will discuss about an efficient Live Chat Service ‘Subiz’ and know how ‘Subiz’ will help you to upgrade your online business.   

Subiz is specially designed for all types of online business, this online chatting tool will help you to deal with your existing as well as potential customers. It is also very simple to add this tool to your website and customize according to your requirement.

This advance tool is designed to improve customer interaction with your online store or business. Once you add this live chat widget into the website, you will start engaging more visitors than previous, your visitors can ask anything and you respond directly to them, provide them professional support and turn your visitors into your customers.

Subiz powerful Live Chat software contains lots of features through which you can directly communicate with your visitor and help them to complete their purchase or clear their doubt about your product/service. Subiz chat box is very simple to customize, so you don’t need to hire any professional in order to integrate this tool into your website.

You can easily customize this live chat software according to the theme of your website to avoid any kind of odd things and attract more users. This live chat solution will understand that offering human engagement with in-person customer service can easily improve the customer satisfaction as well as conversions and sales.

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Its features are very simple to apply, hence your sales and customer support agents don’t need any special training to operate Subiz. They can access the dashboard in order to see who is currently browsing your website and what activities they are doing. After analyzing the mood of your visitors, then your agents can start the conversation with visitors. You can completely customize the text, themes, and colors of this app to make it an integrated part of your website and brand image.

This tool will also help you to improve the operational management- this task can be done with the help of instant feedback from customers and storing the entire conversation transcripts in secure servers.

Via Subiz you can offer an excellent customer-communication platform to your visitors and solve a wide set of customer issues and answer to their queries. 

This direct chatting technology will provide direct assistance to your customers/visitors and get feedback in real-time. Subiz is packed with all of the most advanced but simplest to use features in order to boost the customer service.


Yes, Let Me to Subiz‘s Official Webpage 


Why should you go with Subiz?

There are several live chat solutions are available, but it is important to find that why should I go with a particular tool like Subiz.

There are many reasons that will help you to clarify that why this tool is perfect for your online business.

Before discussing this, make it clear that without using any tool personally, you can’t decide that it is perfect or not.

So, my point is, the vendor offers a 30-day free trial- through this offer you can use Subiz for 30 days without paying a single penny and analyze all of its features. Using this tool personally, you can easily take decisions that you should go for it or not.

More, Subiz contains real-time messaging feature, a customizable chat system and pre-generated conversation bubble designs. It will also provide an engaging and visually attractive experience to your customers along with an advanced option to gather information about your customers and save the conversations for future use.

This live chat service will offer an advanced task management system through which you can create several department and agent accounts according to your business or brand or service. After creating department you can easily redirect customer queries to a relevant department.

Track the user accounts and departments to monitor performance and statistics. Use these insights to create specific reports based on the user engagement, user’s satisfaction and more.


Features of Subiz

Effective Communication

Multi-Channel: Subiz chat, Subiz email, Facebook messenger, Zalo

Optimization: Conversation rules, Users segment, Personalization and Group chat

Automation: Automatic welcome message, Auto behavior based engagement, automatically approach on multi-channel, auto connect for first-time visitors

Smart Dashboard: Visitor list, User Active list, Timeline, Reports, and analytics

Revenue Breakthrough

Marketing Optimization: Customer segment, Automation, Notification, View content and Media button

Increase conversions: Reach customers effectively, Deeply understand your customers, Optimize the purchase journey, Know the ideal time to increase sales

Improve service quality: Customer satisfaction, Professional Agent, Loyalty customer, Customer service management


Subiz Pricing Plans

Standard Plan ($11.99/agent/month)

  • Up to 100 concurrent chats
  • 3 triggers
  • 3-month chat history and analytics report
  • 24/7 support

Advanced Plan ($21/agent/month)

  • Up to 200 concurrent chats
  • Unlimited triggers
  • 6-month chat history and analytics report
  • 24/7 support


Technical details

Devices Supported: Windows, Linux, Mac and Web-based

Language Support: English, Ireland, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East, France, Sweden, and Finland

Customer Types: Small Business, Large Enterprises, and Medium Business

Deployment: SaaS and Cloud Hosted


Yes, I Want to Go with the Subiz‘s 30 Days Trial!



Subiz is a perfect live chat tool compatible with all types and sizes of business. It offers 30 days free trial, so you are impressed after using this tool and want to check it personally then go for its trial period and make a decision according to your experience.

You don’t need to pay a single cent for its 30 days trial version. Sign up for Subiz 30 days free trial and verify this tool by yourself.

If you are not interested in this Live Chat Tool and want to browse few others advance Customer Support Chatting system for your online business then visit: http://www.toolsinsight.com/category/livechat-services/uszNgoE=