Grab The Benefits of 10 Minute Funnels For Professional Websites

10 minute fuunels

10 Minutes Funnels is an easy marketing and website funnel builders with the help of which one can easily and affordably create professional websites and effective marketing systems. Funnel builders used to come with several prebuilt templates for landing pages, sales funnel structures as well. This tool can help you to get new sales funnel campaigns that are built with a push of a button. This tool also comes with its own top-notch, lighting fast and premium securing hosting package.

If you are in search of something that can help you to build sales funnel proven that has to be effective then I think 10 Minute Funnels would be the best option you can try. For an experienced as well as newbie, 10 Minute Funnels are great for both of them. Anyone can have proven sales funnel that will easily convert in just 10 minutes.

What it Offers?

It offers several beneficial features and options that can help you a lot in planning or building a different sales funnel. It offers proven marketing campaign within 10 minutes. Not only this, this tool also provides proven pre-built marketing funnels. So what you need to do is, simply select a proven campaign and then modify it according to your business niche and then simply launch it.

You can also have a look at the below section to know what more it offers to their customers:

  • Opt-in Lead-Gen Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • Order Forms
  • Traditional Home Pages
  • Live Event Pages
  • Membership Pages
  • Thank You Pages

How Does 10 Minute Funnels work?

It is so easy to use 10 Minute Funnels. Do you want to know the procedure? If yes, then follow the below paragraphs:

First of all, you can simply choose a template from a listing. You can then launch opt-in funnel, downsell funnel, upsell funnel, sales funnels and much more. After choosing a template, you can then simply drag and drop custom funnel builder will get opened. After this, you can simply drag and drop items and then draw lines in between them so that you can easily determine the path that you wish your customers to be followed.

Once you get complete satisfaction with your funnel then you can move on and then you can focus on steps of customization. For this, you have to double-click on any steps to customize it and then simply choose a template that you like for your steps. Or you can also make your own template from a scratch.

After choosing the template, you can simply double-click on any step so that you can customize your page. There, you just have to type what you want and there is also a checklist so that you can take help from there also.  After these steps, you can add videos and pictures to the page you want. Once you are satisfied, you can then simply publish your funnel by simply clicking on publish.

In this way, 10 Minute Funnels works!!!

Features of 10 Minute Funnels

10 Minutes Funnels offers you several features with the help of which you can easily create your professional website. Below you can have a look at the features it offers one after another:

  • Exit Pop-Up Window/Exit Splash Feature

The Exit-Pop-Up Window feature is also known as Exit Splash. Generally, this feature is used when you wish your visitors to continue or stay on the webpage by just promoting and exit pop-up windows or exit splash when they generally hover the mouse to exit the window.

You can follow the below steps to turn on this option:

  • Open the page to edit
  • Now from the slider, click on preferred Page Setting
  • Now select Exit Pop-Up Windows Settings
  • After this, enable the Exit Pop-up
  • Start editing the Exit Pop-Up template
  • Now simply publish the page

Exit Splash Setting


  • Countdown Timer

This is another feature added in 10 Minute Funnels. If you want to take benefits of this feature, then follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open the page you want to edit
  • Now click on Add New at the sidebar
  • After this, select Countdowns
  • Now simply drag Countdown Timer template to the preferred page

Countdown Timer

  • Upsell

Two options are available in which you can push an upsell. While in the order page, customers may select an upsell. Or customers will be simply redirected to an upsell page after they confirm the purchase.

To know how to use this feature manually, you can follow the below steps:

Upsell on Order Form

  • At first, you are required to drag an Order Form to the funnel and then select a template

Upsell on Order Form

  • Now open the Order Form to edit
  • Click on Add New on the sidebar
  • Now select Form
  • After this, simply drag a checkbox form to the page

Drag a checkbox form to the page

  • Now add or delete check boxes by clicking More or Less
  • Tick Enable Check Bump under Check Bump
  • Now input the field values under the Option Values
  • After this, simply click on Save

Click on Save

  • Now confirm that your Order Page is connected to a Thank You Page
  • Social Widget for Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments can be added by simply adding a Social Widget to your funnel page. Follow the below steps to do so:

  • First of all, click on the page to edit
  • Then click on Add New
  • After this, click on the Social Widget
  • Now simply drag the type of Social Media form you want

Social Widget for Facebook Comments

  • Again, from the sidebar, click on Advanced
  • Now simply input your Facebook App ID and Comments URL
  • Last but not the least, click on Save and then Publish it
  • List Segment

With the help of list segment feature, you will be allowed to subscribe an existing lead to another list without insisting them to re-opt in. As it is clear that leads often represent prospects at different stages of the process if it represents then it is a good idea to organize your leads into behavior-based segments. And due to this, your email communication can be more personal and much more targeted.

To make this happen, you can try the below steps:

On your 10 Minute Funnels Account:

  • At first, drag a List Segment node
  • Then click on Get my segmentation link, a URL will be generated here
  • Now you are required to connect the List Segment node to a Destination Page
  • After this, simply connect the List Segment node to an Email Sequence node

connect the List Segment node to an Email Sequence node

  • Now, after this, try to set up and then simply select your Autoresponder in the Email Sequence node
  • Now simply choose the list that you have created in your Autoresponder where you want the filtered lead email to be saved
  • After this, on page viewers see next, and then select Next Page in Funnel
  • Now just Publish the Funnel


  • Learn the basics of Funnel Building
  • Earn limitless money via this Program


  • Not beneficial for Newbies
  • There is no guarantee of earnings

Should I Use this?

Well, I think that 10 Minute Funnels is a perfect way to build limitless funnels and professional webpages. If you are looking a tool to earn money online then this is the perfect one. You can get several benefits from this tool. The Etision package of this tool provides sales and landing page builders, Autoresponder along with the customer behavioral analytic, several funnel structure creator and lot more. Yet, I didn’t find any other tool better than this.


  • Clickfunnel
  • Instabuilder
  • Thrive Content Builder


After going through the above review of 10 Minute Funnels, it is concluded that there are several features that can be very beneficial for you. This can help you a lot in making your website the best in all aspects. If you grab the opportunity of using this tool then you will be so lucky. So, it completely depends on you whether you want to grab this opportunity or just leave it. This tool would be more beneficial for the experienced one than the newbie.