Zenkit Review- Perfect Project Management Tool To Organize Your Ideas

Zenkit Review- Perfect Project Management Tool To Organize Your Ideas

There are many people around the world who want to organize every task in a proper manner but they don’t get the perfect idea on how to manage them. This can really depress the person, as he/she is unable to manage their important tasks according to their wish.

However, today you have many ideas on your mind, a motivation and perspiration, which can help you to finish a project. But you don’t how to spread your ideas, how to list all your works or tasks, don’t know how t schedule them properly and also unable to manage them in a workflow.

All these ideas need a way to manage them and you have to make use of some useful apps for it. Finding such apps can be risky and stressful before starting any project according your wish.

But, in this prospect, Zenkit can helps a person for everything he/she wants. Zenkit is a platform for project management, database building and many more. It provides you the idea on how to organize those things, which you care about, and the way it suits you. In fact you can find many other project management tools like Freedcamp, Asana, Toggl etc and Zenkit is also one of them.

You can use it for your office work as it helps to manage everything with your team members, timesheets, and ideas, can track projects and some issues. It can work, as you want means it helps you to save recipes, can plan your holidays including parties and important thing, it help to monitor fitness goals.

This tool consists of custom fields, which helps to manage all the details, which really matters you a lot. It has features like Kanban boards, calendars, lists, tables and mind maps to give you help in working with your data. For you own tasks, you can allot your friends or can join in a comment and also get some reminders and notifications that you want. Now you should know that Zenkit helps you to keep up to date always without any fail.

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Zenkit features

It is a perfect start- To do different tasks you need different tool. And obviously different people have different choice but with the help of Zenkit, you can easily do different tasks in single platform and you don’t have to bother of anything.

Helps to grow step by step- This is a complete database system, which can help you to do any task easily. Therefore, you can take it as powerful as you wish.

It is the symbol of simplicity- This tool is easy to use and after using it, you can understand it as you get started with it. Zenkit allows you to easily administer any project you want.

You have the power of choice- It allows you to change according to your wish and also let you know where to take your next step. It allows user to work with table, Kanban board, calendar etc in a click of button.

Helps to grow accordingly- Everything grows on time and it should work same with the tools. If you want to switch from anything then it can cost you a lot and also risky. But with Zenkit, you can get unlimited support in whatever changes you want to make.

The power connect database- Whatever information you have, you store in different places but all are linked with each other. Due to this there is chance to lose your knowledge. But Zenkit lets you to connect all such data in single place with a powerful database.

The control of freedom- Zenkit allows you to access your data whenever you want and no matter where the data is kept. You should always keep your data in sync with this tool web and mobile apps.

It has power to work together- When you are free to do anything of your wish then you can achieve a single goal with amazing extra things. Therefore, Zenkit also allows you to share data with your colleagues, friends, and that too in real time.

Gives the power of safety- If your work is secured without any difficulty then nothing can help you to achieve that you want. Same with Zenkit that uses state-of-the-art security technology just to give you assurance that your data is safe and can be easily recoverable.

The Power of search and replace- Zenkit has a powerful search and replace ability, which can help you to keep your data appropriate and also useful that is combined with powerful actions.

Zenkit can really help you boost your work as it helps to organize all your tasks easily just the way you wish. One thing that can help you to grow your ideas I by using mind map. After that, you can easily program them on calendar or even can arrange into a workflow in kanbann board. Alternatively, you can also ensure that everything will fits on your project timing by the help of gantt chart view.

In the spreadsheet grid you can find the task details and after everything is over or when your work is completed then you can move to task list view and there you can easily check your tasks one by one. This is the best way to keep all your work in an organized way and in the same place.

Here you can easily view a list of items as it has many of them. It is easy to navigate and it is flexible. Its U is clean, the calendar sync is fast and its free templates are just amazing way to get started with. The view option helps you to loot at weekly or monthly view according to your need.

Its custom fields are one of the useful features that allow you to use the task template and you will not get such option in other platform. It also helps to set deadlines for some useful and as it has sync feature with Google calendar so it gives the ultimatum for any task scheduled without any miss.


Personal- Free Forever

  • Unlimited collections
  • 2 000 items per collection
  • 1 GB attachment space
  • 1-5 users

Plus- $9 Per user and month

For stress free projects

  • Unlimited collections
  • 5 000 items per collection
  • 5 GB attachment space
  • 6-20 users
  • Customization (Custom backgrounds, icons etc.)
  • Early access to new features

Business- $29 Per user and month

For great teams who are going places

  • Unlimited collections
  • 100 000 items per collection
  • 20 GB attachment space
  • Unlimited users
  • Customization (Custom backgrounds, icons etc.)
  • Priority support
  • Early access to new features

Enterprise- The infrastructure for your organization

  • Custom volume limits
  • Custom API limits
  • Unlimited members
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated success management
  • Advanced identification management
  • Optional On-premise installation
  • Additional payment options
  • Early access to new features

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Now its clear about Zenkit project management platform. This is known as one of the best and flexible ways to administer every tasks. It has many exciting features, which helps you to customize list or kanbann board.

Zenkit helps you to view all your data in that way which you want. In addition, it is one of the ways to keep everything in a well-organized way and at one place. It has exciting features and free templates that give your work a boost in more amazing way.

You have a option to start it free so you can easily use and try it to check how it works. In fact this is also the best project management platform and apart from Zenkit, you can also try several other platforms like Wrike, Podio, ClickUp etc.