Want to Know Why Your Blogs Don’t Convert? Top 5 Reasons To Consider


Want to Know Why Your Blogs Don't Convert? Top 5 Reasons To Consider

I think there is no need to mention much about blog. Everyone is aware of the word “blog” but do you know about “blog conversion”. Well, a blog is a general discussion of the site published on the internet. You must be thinking why I am sharing my thoughts regarding blog conversion. Well guys, I just want you to let know the reasons why your blog will never convert, what would be the main reasons behind them.

Let’s start talking about this issue. Writing blog in a particular and descriptive way is very important for you to let the users know everything about what you want to describe in the blog and what important points you want to show to the users. When you are writing a blog, you should write in such a way as if you are directly talking to the users and not promoting your blog only.

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Sometimes, users come across many problems and because of few reasons your blog will not convert. So, please hold down because here, I am going to discuss top five reasons why your blog will never convert.

These are the top five reasons why your blog will never convert. Now, it’s time to discuss the reasons in brief so that it will make clear to you why there is lack of blog conversions.

Five Reasons Why Your Blog Will Never Convert


Reason #1: Your blog does not have clear objectives

Your blog does not have clear objectives

When you are going to start any blog without having clear objectives, prepared plan and a specific direction are just like starting out on a road trip with no idea where you are going or how to get to your destination.

It is nothing but only a waste of time and effort. Likewise, writing a blog for the users without having any clear objective is a waste of time and effort. If you cannot clear the beginning and the ending objectives then it would not be possible that blog conversion will take place. So, you have to be very clear to the users what you actually want to describe them and what your main agenda is so that they can easily get the points and can take further steps for the blog conversion.

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Reason #2: You Don’t Have a Blogging Strategy

You Don’t Have a Blogging Strategy

If you consider in blogging only, it is not going to get the customers. There is a need to have a broader strategy and use blogging as a key component of that strategy. Without strategy, you can’t do anything perfectly.

Your strategy should include the type of content you are going to create for your target market as well as a comprehensive plan in order to promote your content so that it can reach the users at the right time.

Each of the components such as social media, content promotion, and blogging are connected with each other in marketing strategy. So, you need to develop a sequence in your content and also connect it with the greater strategy.

Reason #3: Unrelated Keyword

Unrelated Keyword

Your website traffic comes from other sources such as Google, Bing or other search engines. So, the most important thing you have to take care about is the specific keyword you mention in your blog. If you mention unrelated keyword and the content within the blog is completely different from the mentioned keyword then it is quite possible that it will surely affect the blog conversion.

As we all know that we always look for the content what we need and by typing any keyword in the search bar we always get the information related to the keyword. But what, if we do not the required content that must be related to our keyword? Look, when you are working for a blog, you have to mention everything very clearly from a single keyword to the entire content because when a user visits your site, he/she is expecting to get the complete information from your blog so that he/she can take further steps for the blog conversion.

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This can only be done if you provide them the relevant keywords in your blog. The landing pages should reassure the reader that they have come to the right place and relevance is the key to conversion. It would be very disappointing for the users who do not get what they want even after specifying the correct keyword. So, it is very important for you to provide users a relevant keyword so that they can get the blogs related to their requirements and then only the conversion may take place.

Reason #4: Anti-Social


This can be another major reason behind the blog conversion not taking place. Being social is very important for the blog conversion. Social media such as Facebook has now become the most common social platforms with over 400 million users. Twitter is not as popular as Facebook but it is also growing fast.

These social media has become the most common platforms for promoting your blog so that the conversion can take place. If you are anti-social, then you cannot even imagine that the blog will convert even when you have fulfilled all the requirements in the blogs for the users. If you decline to share your blog in the social media then may be you can take away your blogs of all kinds of opportunities for building relationships, earning referrals and increasing your reach.

be social

Social media is rapidly increasing a new standard of interacting more person to person. If you update your blog on these social media on a regular basis then it would be not much difficult to make users believe that they will fulfill your requirement as these will look very genuine to the users and this will make users to convert the blog.

Reason #5: Layout of Blog

Layout of Blog

Well here comes another reason, which is the layout of the blog which is quite important for you to interact with the users. Your blog should look very genuine to the users. If you want to know how your blog site should look like so that it looks very genuine to the users then you have to be very careful while designing each and every section of the blog. When it comes to the blog designing, you have to take care for the section where your content will be placed and whether your blog will have a side bar on the right side or the left.

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The perfect blog design should look like – the title of the blog should be situated in the top of the page and should be in center with capital bold letters. And below the title, there should be your content of the blog with some images in between the content and must be related to your keyword or content only. Below the content there should be something like ‘call-to-action’.

After this, you have to look for the footer. Your footer should look very genuine and it should not have any unrelated link that is not redirecting to your blog site. Now let’s talk about the side bar, you side bar should be situated on either the right side or the left of the content section where you must have some links related to your blog and all the social media plug-ins so that users can also follow your blogs through social media like Facebook, GPlus, Linked in, Twitter, etc.

These are some of the common things you have to take care of while designing any blog site because of the conversion of a blog, sometimes, mainly based on the design quality of your website. While the blog conversion takes place, users also notice the layout of the blog whether it is looking genuine or not. You can also take help of some landing pages and funnel builder tools to check the conversion of your blog. Some of the tools are InfusionsoftLeadPages, Pagewiz, and more


As you can see that the significance of blogging for businesses is only going to increase in the coming days. Nowadays blogging is much more about long term planning than short term gains. So, there is a great need to get your strategies very clear and you have to develop a plan for your blog site so that no one can miss to convert the blog. You should have clear objectives, the layout of the blog should look genuine to the users, must provide relevant keyword and also you have to be attached with the social media.